Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pickled Link

Ageing pickle
swirled into batter
Its oil crisping this crepe.

I’ve been whetting Srivalli's curiosity about my entry for her Dosa Mela. Well, this is it!

The batter is plain, good old dosa batter, bought from a store, in my case. The pickle is home-made mango pickle, brought from home last year. Considering that most of my recipes of late have been entries for various events, this follows in that new tradition.

Method: Take a ladleful of batter, place it on the tawa/griddle. Put a spoonful of pickle in the centre and now begin spreading the dosa.

Once you’ve spread it to the extent you like, take a spoonful of oil from the pickle (most traditional pickles are steeped in oil, as photo linked above will show) and drizzle it around the circumference.

Wait till the underside gets crisp and the upper is spongy and cooked. If you like, you can turn over and crisp the other side too! And I didn't find the need to eat it with any accompaniments like chutney or sambar - if I eat a dosa, it's with mango or lime pickle anyway. This is ... uh ... an integrated solution, have I got the jargon right?

For a tutorial on dosa making, see Asha's post here


  1. Sra, that is a great solution indeed!! :-DD

  2. I love the integrated solution... :) This gives me a ton of ideas to spice up the dosa...

  3. Oh yum! That is clever sra, great idea, I will try.
    I just came back from Indian store, bought some Sakthi Lime pickle. I am jumping with joy 'cause it tastes exactly as I remember mom used to buy from City market, B'lore. Uausally it's Priya or Swad, Sakthi is new here. It's SPICY! ;D
    My dosa mela is coming tomorrow.

  4. Integrated solution, for sure :). Lovely achaari dosa, Sra, hot dosa and hot pickle rolled into one :).

  5. I love the mix you've done, it is an interesting idea indeed and also using up the oil floating atop old pickles, with all the concentrated flavours...i'm surely trying this, next time I make dosai!

  6. smart solution!

    a lovely verse there!

  7. Sunita, events do that to you! :D:D
    Sig, will look out for the ton! :)
    Asha, will look out for your dosas. All the commercial pickles use preservatives, don't they? I find that strange.
    Musical, :) I had to challenge myself
    Nags, thanks. :)
    Nandita, thanks. In my home, we rarely eat dosas, so my pickles will continue to age, and sit on the shelf.
    Rachel, thanks, and for noticing the verse :)

  8. hahahha...Sra you are just so smart...gosh even if you had given me hundred clues, I would never have guessed it right...great one...and yes that dosa looks fit for any time...thanks for the unique dosa variety!..I think yours will be the top on innovative smart & integrated solutions!

  9. May be I'll come across a dosa made from a mixture of batter and sambhar! :D Oh Srivalli what have you done to us!! :)
    With dosa batter in the fridge all the time, I'll for sure try every one of your ideas!

  10. hey Sra thats a gr8 idea))

  11. U have such good imagination..I have used pickle oil to drizzle over salad dressing. But with the arrival of Manisha's no oil lemon pickle, that is what we have at home.

  12. Thats so smart of u Sra..:) Loved ur Pickled Dosa!..Yum Yum Yum


  13. This idea is evver so clevver!
    Like the name musical bestowed: achari dosa.

  14. I mean this in the nicest way possible, Sra... I thought my mind was twisted, but I've got nothing on you! What an awesome idea!!! I could eat mango pickle straight out of the jar and love dosas... :)

  15. Why don't i have a shop were i can get dosa batter.

  16. What an absolutely yummy idea that is Sra! Pure genius.

  17. Pickled dosa ... Let see how many people are going to spread their dosa with their creativity.Looks tasty ...

  18. Weee! More dosas!

    I do something similar - drop a dollop of chutney or pickle or even some grated cheese on top and let it cook a bit after spreading the dosa.

    Like always, your writing makes me smile :)

  19. Your blog is making me seriously hungry. Lovely pics and writing.

  20. Valli, am deeply honoured, thanks.
    Sia, aren't I really? ;);)
    Oh Latha, for me that recipe is a nightmare - batter and sambar, oh God!
    Saswati, thank you!
    Shankari, pickle oil for salad dressing is a good idea! My gran once in a while used it for plantain gravy.
    Siri, thank you, glad you like it!
    TC, thanks. Yes, Achari dosa is a nice name.
    Kalai, do you realise how much pressure you're putting on me - now I need to be twistier with my next post :D {Sra searches desperately for another suitable event}
    Happy, it's a real blessing for people like me who don't know how to make traditional breakfasts - we get ada and rava dosa batter too, haven't noticed appam batter tho'
    Laavanya, thank you.
    Cham, yeah, even I'm curious to see what everyone comes up with - it's a long wait anyway.
    Kaykat, you do? But of course, great minds think alike. Thanks :)
    Jawahara, welcome, and thanks. I'm enjoying discovering your blog too.

  21. hmmmm, i am eager to see dosa mela :D.
    lovley entry from you Sra.

  22. Looks nice and crispy Sra, and yes well integrated :)
    I am so relieved to see you using the store bought dosa batter, given that never in my life I will make dosa batter at home :) Is it the one in the packets ? Do you have a favored brand ?

  23. Pooja, so am I, Valli's definitely unleashed a monster, it seems!
    Sandeepa, hi, you'll be even more relieved to know that despite being a South Indian, I've never made batter more than once in my life. And it was a flop! (I never really tried.) I get something very local, don't think you'll get it in the US.

  24. ok, I want some lazy potatoes, but I want some pickled dosa more :):)

  25. I love pickle with pretty much everything......and I love your idea of mixing pickle with the batter.

  26. Linda, you'll be able to whip up pickle dosa v easily, have fun!
    Jayashree, thanks. I wonder if you would mix it with the whole batter, that would be interesting!

  27. Yes, I'm definitely going to have to try making mango pickle! (I can't wait for mango season!)


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