Monday, March 10, 2008

Peels, Eats and Leaves - The AFAM Round-Up

Will a dish with seeds count, she asked on chat. Of course, I used leaves, for Heaven's sake, the other she said. Not only seeds, leaves and even peels were used in the making of this event. And hopefully, no egos are going to be harmed in the making of it, either - I've listed the entries in the order I received them, and used as many of the photos as possible. A couple of you didn't send photos and a couple of you sent me photo links which I didn't know how to use or explore - anyway, I'd taken care of the escape clause in the AFAM announcement. Let me know if I've goofed somewhere, will remedy it as soon as possible.

Also, as I'm fairly new at round-ups and have done just one other, do you have any tips to offer on how it can be done easier? I guess I should have created a post as soon as I received the first entry, and should have kept updating it as the mails came in, but I didn't. So this took a while and seemed like a lot of hard work. How do you do round-ups?

First in the line is my friend from my home state - now don't charge me with nepotism, regionalism, communalism, etc, she just happened to be the first - and I've been having fun leaving long Telugu comments on her blog. She made this beauty of a drink.

Next came she - her name makes me think of gardens and garlands, and her blog reminds me of the king and queen, separated by a curse, the former having to spend some time as a chef in another kingdom. Would spiced rubies look like this? Find out how she came by this treasure.

From her comes a post full of information on the significance of pomegranate in her culture. And an unusual dish as well.

Doesn't Bill Gates have taste, or doesn't he know a good thing if it meets him in the elevator? Otherwise why on earth wouldn't he pay her any attention? Do you think this dish would have made a difference?

Leftovers and Photoshop both inspired her to make this - isn't it pretty? Head here for a cooling lunch.

Next is a dish which effectively pinpointed the seed of the problem. Find out how this blogger finally found the formula for a favourite dish of her DH. And there's more here.

This meal-sized salad is a riot of colour and does very nicely for a winter salad. Find out how she made it.

Elegance in a posh glass, thanks to the blog. Find out how she achieved it, happily.

Discover where pomegranate comes in in this toast she makes to the power of love!

In their own words, they are at least XX-rated, and it's very much an affair of the tart.

This is one heck of a tangy, fruity, star-studded treat that she came up with.

Colour me pink, the rice called out to her, and she did.

A good snack and an instant hit, that's what she said they were!

A chole bhatura is the test of any restaurant's cuisine for her friend but the friend's recipe proved lucky for her.

Inspired by a book she was reading, this blogger laid out a Persian spread, and a brilliant soup is part of it.

"A doddle to make", these pomegranate and crystallised ginger muffins. Check out the recipe here.

Curiouser and curiouser. In this dish, our fruit of the month is paired with walnut. Go here to find another dish with the influence of the Mediterranean.

Not quite ice-cream, but let the picture fool you! Find this exotic combination here.

The arils go on to garnish wholewheat muffins in this dish. Look at her lovely photos - you can even see the fibre in the wheat, or that's what it looks like!

Check out these all vegetarian muffins from a blogger who has a lovely pomegranate as her profile picture.

And now it's a pudding in muffin cups. How did she come by them?

More pudding, and the base is bread. She certainly got creative!

Check out this pomegranate feast - nothing prissy about it!

An old favourite, brightened by the ruby red of the fruit. Find it here.

Logically, it should have been a shade of pink, but it surprised her by turning green!

A new blogger's first-ever entry to a blog event, and an unusual one at that!

An unusual element of the pomegranate makes its way into this dish. If you have the runs, learn from her!

This salad is this new blogger's first event entry. Check it out!

When "a slight grumbling of the tum" combines with an unwillingness to make a snack, she found this recipe soothed.

An everyday dish becomes an experience in this entry. Scurry over to her blog to find out more.

Check out this riot of colour at her blog. It's really a visual feast, and emerged after she thought long and hard.

Her first attempt went to seed, but another has all the trappings of the exotic, rice, juice, lentils et al.

And she leaves!


  1. The roundup couldn't be any better with those lovely words! still wondering about the colour..and yeah it has stopped raining pomes at home :D

  2. lovely round up! especially love the surprise element in the post :)

  3. Hey, there is a book similar to your title!:)
    Happy Monday morning to you. Round up look great. I would prefer larger photos though, may be next time. Thanks for taking time for AFAM, I know your are busy!:))

  4. thanks for this great event, dear sra.

  5. What a wonderful round up.
    Never knew one could make so many dishes with paomagranate.

  6. Sra, did you by any chance read "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" by Lynne Truss?

    As usual, I love how you level the playing field by not revealing who submitted what.

    Thanks for the fetching round-up!

  7. Sra, No one believe that this is a first timer's work. Great job with the roundup. Thank you.

  8. Rachel, I can imagine you're still wondering about the colour - I keep thinking of it myself!!! Thanks for the nice comment.
    Nags, thank you, glad you liked it.
    Asha, I know, of course. I WAS punning on it. I agree with you on the photos - next event, I ask for larger ones. And centre them, not put them on the left or the right.
    Bee, you're welcome.
    Happy Cook, thanks. Neither did I.
    Susan, yes, I did. Aren't I the punny queen? Thanks.
    Suganya, er ... second-timer, actually. Remember Grindless Gravies? But I had a far easier time with that, the photos, I mean, these came out a bit wonky.


  9. The sweetest, tangiest, wittiest round-up ever! As refreshing as each of these dishes!

  10. Nice round up Sra.. I love pomegranate... sorry I couldn't get any entry out to you though.

  11. ooh I love this round-up... I especially loved mine :D Thank you Sra, awesome job...

  12. Lots of variation with this jewel fruit :) Looks wonderful round up, great job :)

  13. Wonderful roundup Sra,
    you narrated each one nice way :) ,
    I laughed a lot reading -
    "Doesn't Bill Gates have taste, or doesn't he know a good thing if it meets him in the elevator? Otherwise why on earth wouldn't he pay her any attention? "

    @ Sig - how about sending something of those to bill's office / or if u meet him in elevator next time , mentioning your name on it ? I mean if he still comes visit office then :D .

  14. Good job, Sra!
    I love how u described Sig's dish.:-)
    I had actually made my cranberry-pomegranate muffins to send it across to ya. Did not taste all that good; decided against it.:D

  15. Sra, hijacking your comment space, you owe me one anyway I think ;)

    @ Pooja, guess I will walk around with some asparagus in my pocket, I am sure the smell will get him going, especially after a few days... :)

    Oh and Sra, I didn't notice the title before... Way too clever :)

  16. I never seen a round up so interesting and exciting yet Sra...This is your second you say..Hats off lady!!

  17. lovely roundup sra...great job

  18. Musical, you do say the sweetest things, thanks!
    Laavanya, no problem - I barely made it for AFAM myself HA HA HA!
    Sig, yeah, I had fun writing that!
    Cham, thanks, the fruit is really special.
    Pooja, thank you.
    TBC, I'm curious, what did you do with them? Threw them out or forced them down yours/his/anyone else's throat?
    Sig, hijack away, I love a lively conversation.
    Swathi, thank you.
    Dhivya, thank you.

  19. wohoooo... finally ;) thank u sra for this wonderful round-up:)

  20. @Sig ,
    Oh, I can imagine that :)), as if I am the witness of such incidence :)) , thats so funny of you to write that :)) .

    Though what I imagined while writing that is - you will pack those asparagus in a nice pack with ribbon tucked on it with a card saying " with love from-Sig " ;). Just keeping it ready to hand over to him the next time you have peek of him :D.

    Sra ,thanks for allowing us to steal your comment space :)

  21. Nice blog..worth hanging about. Keep up your good show !

  22. wonderful recipes in one place ,nice roundup sra

  23. Wow, that was a lovely round-up Sra! Great presentation!

  24. i know..was wondering when you are going to post...this is missed in the TOI..very bad...lovely round up sra as do pun the title ..great going...

  25. Hi sra

    Lovely round-up !! such a nice words ... Love it:) thanks

    Sorry for late comment :))

  26. Sia, yeah, finally!
    Pooja, steal all you want, it's all in good fun!
    Anamika, thanks a lot!
    Sagari, thank you!
    Uma, thank you!
    Srivalli, thanks. Did I practically beg for the compliment?
    Vanamala, no problem, this post didn't show up on Taste of India anyway!

  27. Extrememly clever, witty round up! Great dishes! :)

  28. Sorry for getting here late...blame it on TOI ;-)...anyway, thanks for the lovely round up dearie...loved joining in the fun :-D

  29. Thanks so much .. for ur comments on my ..entry :)

  30. I am behind the times - just found the roundup. Good job Sra - makes us curious to go and look at each entry.

  31. Sra!! Please miru nannu thette mundhu nijamgane iipati varaku e post chudaledhu!! chala sorry!! TOI is at snail's pace now a days!! even my posts are not being updated!!!


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