Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This is a trip that I missed. To one of my father's native villages. Dad took these pictures when they all went there for a weekend three months ago.

The last time I went was over ten years ago - we went in a tractor to the estuary, and from there by boat to the sea to immerse my great-grandmother's ashes. A very young cousin, then barely seven, in a brook-no-nonsense voice, stated, "She is dead" (in English, mind you) when somebody sentimentally mentioned my great-grandmother's life in the hereafter, and my grandfather yelled at my uncle who ruminated, as practical as he was fatalistic, that if we drowned, it would have to be at that point in the journey because the sea was the deepest there.

View from the house

Misty morning

Tranquil backyard

Colourful boats


  1. Just looking at those photos makes me feel so peaceful. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  2. So sorry about your ajji, I remember you were e mailed once that she was sick and in the hospital. Hugs to you. Photos are very beautiful indeed, serene.

  3. nice collection of fotos...

  4. Beautiful pictures, Sra! The misty morning really looks so alive, you can feel the mist on your skin! And love the gorgeous, blue skies.

  5. sra, you say it all so succinctly and so well!
    Kudos to your dad on the beautiful pictures too - they look sharp.

  6. Sra
    I added your blog to akka's blog roll. visited your site today which made my mouth water right away :)
    perhaps, i should ask her to stop filmi blogging and start a food blog like your's. that way we get to eat some good food everyday :)

  7. I'm laughing, Sra, but not b/c the nature of your last visit is funny (may your dear great-grandmother RIP), but the sequence of events and life's matter-of-fact absurdities are so preposterous. Photos are quite lovely.

  8. Am awed by the first two pics..they are so beautiful!

  9. Kalai, yes, they do look peaceful, don't they?
    Hey Asha, thanks, but she died over 10 years ago, guess the intro didn't make an impact!
    Dhivya, thanks.
    Musical, my favourites are the blue skies and the backyard :)
    ET, it was really funny, hearing that kid say that - and she had such an adult expression on her face too!
    Sanjay, hello! Yeah, she called yesterday and told me. How are you doing?
    Susan, I understand, of course. Both moments were v funny. At this grandad's last rites six years ago, my dad went around taking pictures of his uncles and aunts - because when we looked for a good close up of my grandad to display, we didn't find any!!!
    Rachel, I even remember a mango tree with a low-slung, curved branch outside the house - I wonder if it's still there!

  10. ur dad is such a nice photographer. where is this place? :)

  11. Wow....amazing pictures!!! Really calming and soothing.

  12. sra
    life goes on but notstalgic moments never leave us...they are the treasure..never part with them. it evokes the essence of living.
    Thanks for the acknowledgement and passing by my blog.

  13. Amazing pictures. I feel like going there right now.

  14. Am sorry to hear about your grandmother. The pictures look beautiful and I love the first one in particular.

  15. wow, what a VIEW!And I love the serene backyard photo too

  16. Nags, thanks. This is beyond Vijayawada.
    Homecooked, welcome, and thanks.
    Anamika, how true, I always cherish my memories.
    Meera, me too :(
    Pooja, thank you.
    Laavanya, it's okay, it was over 10 or 11 years ago, and she was around 90 then, I think. Thanks.
    Shyam, I'm glad you liked it. I just love it, too.

  17. They are all so beautiful pics! Very lovely!

  18. Seeing those picture was just amazing and made me Happy specially the morning mist. Reading the post, i felt little down, sorry sra.

  19. sra, got a wave of homesickness for my nadu!the tranquil backyard is so familiar!

  20. Mona, thank you.
    Happy, thank you.
    Cham, sweety, don't feel bad, those moments were very comical - but I understand what you are saying.
    Mallugirl, yes, I remember you putting up a similar photo!

  21. Beautiful pictures, Sra.


  22. Those pictures for so full of life and longing.

  23. wow Sra such beautiful and serene pics...thankx for sharing.btw did i have to write a weird meme?there was no mention about the kind or jotted down somethings abt me:)

  24. sra,
    pics are very beautiful ,the misty morning and seasshore snaps are lovely to watch ..
    Happy Holi
    hugs and smiles

  25. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.


  26. For a moment, I thought the village was in Kerala; then I scrolled down and found you had mentioned it was beyond Vijayawada..

    Thank you for sharing..


  27. They say a picture paints a thousand words, and I think yours paint a thousand and one here. Such beauty is a joy to behold :)

  28. Those are some beautiful pics!
    Looks so much like Kerala...

  29. Mamatha, thanks, they're my dad's.
    Cynthia, you couldn't have put it any better - longing is right.
    Saswati, thanks. I had tagged you at the end of my weird meme, so ... anyway, I enjoyed reading yours :)
    Jaya, thank you, how was your Holi?
    Paz, thank you.
    Rada, thanks and welcome to my blog.
    Linda, true, I can't stop looking at the pix myself - they're my Dad's.
    TBC, thanks, my Dad's a rather good photographer.

  30. This is tropical paradise! Too bad you couldn't go, but these beautiful pictures really do take you there!

  31. The misty morning in the village is so serene..

  32. Todd & Diane, yes, and paradise is rainy and hot alternatively right now!
    Revathi, yes, isn't it?

  33. Hey Sra!! Dad's photos look so beautiful and so serene!! Miss those beautiful fields and my best picture in the backyard


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