Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Drinking From The Blogs

Watermelon, guts spilt,
Limes, strangled
Ginger, skinned, bruised,
Blended, strained
A glorious whole.

That’s haiku for you, at least in spirit, if not in form! Now that I’ve revealed the ingredients and method in a most sublime manner, go find the proportions in the original recipe here. I adapted Prema’s prescription to suit my lazy and sugar-free self, and I didn’t miss the sugar at all. (Neither did my guinea pigs, both avowed sugar-lovers.)

This goes to sassy Sig at Live to Eat – she’s hosting MBP for Coffee.

If you missed the AFAM-Pomegranate round-up, it’s right here.


  1. LOL! Loved the poem! Great entry, sugarless sounds great to me, I don't like drinks or desserts too sweet. Photo looks gorgeous!:)

  2. I'm in love ... with that haiku! :) I've read it thrice already, think I'll walk around saying it for a while :)

  3. Loved the Haiku and the drink..perfect!! :)

  4. Is it watermelon season there already? I am so jealous, as I type this looking at the cloudy sky.
    sra, lovely haiku, you talented one.

  5. AAh! And what the hell did you do to that that first pic! Lovely effect and a great drink!

  6. The first picture is hypnotic! In love with Photoshop, eh :).

    Love the color of the drink!

  7. Give us more Haiku please!! I would like to see one at the beginning of every one of your posts from now on.
    Your beverage is tasty!! But we could never participate in this event because all our drinks have...alcohol!! :)

  8. Asha, thanks. The watermelon was quite sweet, and adding the ginger and lime toned down the sugar.
    Kaykat, I'm really flattered, thanks.
    Namratha, thanks a lot!
    ET, we seem to get them throughout the year but the summer melons are infinitely better. I'm no fan of unseasonal fruit. Thanks!
    Coffee, there's an effect called Neon on Picnik, I used that.
    Musical, thanks. The Spouse said he didn't see the point of the picture - hamstrung by gender, do you think? I used Picnik to work on it, don't own Photoshop. I have something called Serif for photos, still experimenting with it.
    White on Rice, I will try, surely. :) This was inspired, came to me in a flash!

  9. wow sugarless Sra that's gr8.the haiku looks lovely. i have to write a
    meme also:P...

  10. Did this come upon TOI...I didn't see it!

    Ahan someone's been doing the drinks as well :)

    Lovely colour and interesting poem!

  11. Why am I so thirsty all of a sudden? ;-)


  12. When it is watermelon season i will give it a try, it looks delicious and the colour is so beautiful

  13. Brilliant color and loved the haiku :) Thanks for the entry Sra...

  14. Good to know that it's not only American limes that are dry and need to be strangled. ; 0 Very well said, Sra, and I love that first solarized photo.

  15. Saswati, yes, I'm waiting for your meme.
    Rachel, some bug w r t my blog at TOI. Thanks.
    Paz, that's the beauty of watermelon, I think.
    Happy Cook, thanks.
    Sig, glad you liked it, thanks.
    Susan, it was quite serendipitous, actually, I just clicked on the neon effect for a lark and this is what came up! Oh, and the limes were quite juicy - I used strangled to reflect the intensity - quite a violent metaphor, the whole thing.

  16. Sra, you are priceless..well let me repeat myself..but you have outdone yourself...:)

  17. I'm with KayKat, love the haiku

  18. is that a disco light or lava lamp???? or is it the drink u made???? whats that in 1st pic????

  19. Not only does it sound delicious - It's Gorgeous!
    I love watermelon... the rest, just makes it perfect!

  20. Look at that beautiful colour - sounds like a very refreshing drink. Picnik you say? Very pretty!

  21. Valli, thank you very much - wait until you see your dosa!
    Cynthia, thank you :)
    Sia! That's my drink, under a neon effect, that's what the hell it is!
    Kate, thank you. The colour is beautiful, isn't it?
    Laavanya, yes, Picnik, they used to have the Neon effect as a premium thing but now that they have advertising, it's available free

  22. Love the neon effect in the first pic and the brilliant red in the second.


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