Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Been A Pleasure Talking To You

In real life, anniversaires and anniversaries are markers of another year survived, grey hairs accumulated (and done away with), kilos accumulated (maybe even shed), successes and failures great and small, or even of an year that was mercifully staid and uncomplicated in what it proffered. My cynical self (I have other selves as well) would agree with Oscar Wilde: "Most modern calendars mar the sweet simplicity of our lives by reminding us that each day that passes is the anniversary of some perfectly uninteresting event." While I rarely celebrate non-blog milestones on the blog, I do mark the blog anniversary religiously, sometimes eventfully.

For now, though, it's a time to thank you all for spending time here and telling me (or not) what you think of everything that's posted here. I would love to find out why you come here, who you are if I don't know you already, how I've made your day, changed your life for the better and so on and so forth though some of you have told me on and off earlier, but I don't believe in such egotistic excesses ... er ... exercises. (Really, believe me ;) I wish Blogger provided smilies and winkies so I could use them here).

And while numbers don't matter much to me unless they tot up to gazillions in my bank balance and in my blog stats, a Fourth Anniversary does seem like I've lasted here awhile and it's been a pleasure.

Thank you, and keep visiting!


  1. Congratulations Sra. Wishing you many more. I so admire your writing and that is what brings me here often. I love they way you narrate a story or a incident and link it to the delicious recipes you make.

  2. Congratulations Sra on the fourth anniversary. It is indeed worth celebrating.

    I would think you know me already and in case you didn't know why I visit, here it goes: I visit for the humor, the sarcasm, the wit and the beautiful play of words. Those words are what make my day and if blogger did provide smilies and winkies, there would be a few smilies at the end of this sentence.

    I can't say you have changed my life for the better, but you have inspired me to take my writing more seriously and pay attention to words.

    Most of all, I am glad I found a friend in you. In that way, I guess you have made my life better. :)

  3. Radhika, thanks! Thanks for letting me know :) I appreciate it.
    Jaya, :) You're a good friend, nice of you to say all this even though I didn't ask for it ;-D

  4. wow, that is a wonderful milestone, 4 years, congrats dear. May many many more come your way :)

  5. Congratulations on your celebration

  6. Congrats on ur milestone...love the story u narrate!!! wish u more!!

  7. Sra, I am so glad to have met you via blogging, knowing you in person also adds so much more personality to your blog. I love/admire the wit you bring and your humorous take on life things big and small above all I admire your style of writing, you truly bring events to life with your writing.
    Keep up the good job and hearty congratulations and wishing you many many more.

  8. Congratulations Sra on your 4th blog-o-anniversary. What brings me here - YOU and your witty, humorous posts. :) I love way you spin a recipe into your posts...and I second Jaya, when she said - You make my day!

    Cheers to many more,

  9. Congratulations! You sure have a way with words. I like your wit! That's the first thing that I noticed about your Blog when I first visited from Sandeepa's. Your stories and fiction is something I look forward to.

  10. COngratulations Sra!! Hats off to all you gals you have kept going for so long.

    I visit your blog (yes I read each and every post.... from behind the curtain ;) ) because I think its one of the most unique blogs I have ever come across. I just love love love your writing style. I always wish I could write like this. :)

    Congrats once again and may you have many more!! :)

  11. wish u mnay more,..i always enjoy reading ur post

  12. Congratulations Sra. It's been nice knowing you and your blog and our chats...I'm a week away with my 4 th year too.

  13. Sra, Congratulations!
    Come here knowing there will be something mind tingling and it feels like visiting a good friend even though it is through the blog page.

  14. Sra

    A very Happy Blog Anniversary. Why I visit ? I don't know. Feels like home, comfy, puts me in place, entertaining...just like I would drop by at a close friend's without expecting anything and come back satiated

    BTW did you get the candle for the Blog, really ?

  15. Congratulations Sra. To put it very simply, I come here because I enjoy reading your posts. The subtle humour always brings a smile to my face.

  16. HI
    Congratulations! Four years is a great success. Wish your blog many more years with you.
    I have visited your blog and shared my thoughts then and there.
    But one thing for sure is, I love the way you express your thoughts. The language is very strong and correct. I wish to reach your level.
    All the best.

  17. Congratulations Sra..Wishing you many more to come..and may you always brighten our day with your humour and wit!..:)..

  18. Congratulations on the 4th anniv, Sra!

    I come here primarily because of the name of your blog. Seems adbhut! If your soup can come alive... then anything can happen baba! :D

    Jokes apart.. thanks for your entertaining posts! Best wishes!

  19. Priya, thank you very much, there are older blogs, of course, but four seems substantial.
    Cumin, thanks a lot!
    Swapna, Thank you very much, I always fear I'll run out of stories.
    Sreelu, thanks a lot, and I must say I reciprocate the sentiments.
    Siri, thank you, thank you, I'm beginning to feel I've been pretty shameless, asking for these views :)
    PreeOccupied, thanks indeed, getting these statements makes me anxious that some day I won't be able to deliver.
    Anonymous, thank you for peeping out from behind the curtain. It's thrilling in a way that you haven't revealed yourself completely :)
    Notyet, thank you, and thanks for visiting and letting me know.
    Rachel, thank you. And yeah, I've let you know what I want for your fourth anniversary! Hee hee!
    Indo, that's a very nice thing to say, thanks!
    Bong Mom, thank you thank you for the nice words. And yes, I got the candle for the blog, really. :-D I bought the usual twisty b'day candles first, then I found this. I wanted to do this last year, but I didn't find them.
    Jayashree, thanks. Also thanks for saying the humour is subtle, because I don't think anything else about me is. :)
    Nivi, thank you very much for the compliments.
    Valli, many thanks for the blessings :)
    SS, Dhanyavaad (in keeping with 'adbhut') My soup DID come alive, the story is somewhere on my blog, in a meme, I think and I had the blog name for quite a while before I started the blog!

  20. Congratulations Sra! That you are celebrating the 4th is indeed proof of being loved well!!! Wish you many more...I come here for some quips,wit and subtle humour; a cynical critic in you makes me smile at most reads!

  21. Sra,
    Congratulation on completing 4 years of blogging.I need a smiley here..
    What makes me come again and again to your lovely blog is the wit and humour and the way you write( wish I too can write like you)..
    And I also like to see what you update sometimes on your travel front here..That fascinates me a lot..Keep writing such lovely pieces and keep bringing smiles to many faces in real and virtual world both.
    Hugs and smiles

  22. Congratulations, Sra!
    There are many stories inside you which will keep us coming back!

  23. Congragulations, wow 4 years that ndeed need a celebration.
    Oh yes i loved your description on celebration :-)
    And the picture too with the candle.

  24. Happy bloggiversary! You've created such an excellent space here and I always love stopping by!

  25. Congratulations Sra. This is a wonderful milestone. Wishing you many more to come in the years to come.

    You have a talent of writing on anything - from a clogged drinage to a goofed up rasam to even a great dish(with your characteristic wit)! Love your writing. TC.

  26. the story telling contest somehow brought me here. i am not a food blogger. although i blog(its kind of a virtual diary though) but moreover i love reading blogs. all kinds of blogs and food toh i just love so a story and food served on a single platter is always gladly welcomed by me. i fell in love with your story for the contest and also with your writing style. the wit, the humour, the sarcasm, the criticism, the love, the affection and the correct jingle or words just captured my full attention. you made sure your stories made me laugh at the right times and brought a lump in my throat at times too. do visit my blog too if and when time permits(it ain't that bhara hua, i have written just a couple of blogs).

  27. HAppy anniversary.. time is flying....what do bloggers do on their 10th anniversary? get each other pearls?(what is the correct list? i have no idea.)

  28. This IS awesome! Happy Blog anniversary! I look forward to reading more of your wonderful posts in the years to come.

    Paz xoxox

  29. Congrats!! I think I like the name of your blog, which is the reason I am attracted to give a visit often :)
    Love the unusual stories and posts in here.

    Best wishes, hope you achieve many such milestones soon. take care

  30. I liked mallugirl's comment. Is that what we are supposed to do ? i will stick around then ;-)

  31. Lata, thanks, glad that others also think cynicism can make for good entertainment! :-D
    Jaya, thank you so much, hugs and smiles back to you :)
    Anita, thanks a lot, that was a lovely way of putting it.
    Happy, thanks! My father also just told me he liked the writing and the picture.
    Joanne, thanks so much.
    Shobana, Ah, you remember! How nice it feels! Thanks.
    Safa, thank you so much for the detailed compliment :) Very nice to hear that.
    Vani, thanks a lot!
    Mallugirl, I just looked it up - apparently, it's tin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While that might seem like a comedown from pearl, I guess it's appropriate - we can give each other tins of chocolate, other sweets or food, or even present each other baking tins. Or we can give each other tins of pearls! Bong Mom, you listening?
    Paz, thanks. You must be completing, what, five years? Sanctified Spaces, Thanks a lot! Sanjeeta, thanks! Even I like the name of my blog ... you must be shaking your head and thinking, this girl never gives up!
    Bong Mom, saw my comment above, I've addressed you too :)

  32. Congratulations Sra! I love to visit you for all the wit and humour you inject into your posts (though I don't always leave comments, I've been quite regular around my fave blogs)... I love mallugirl's comment....I should blog again just for the pearls!!;)

    Also reminds me, my blog's bday is around the corner and between last bday and the coming one I haven't really blogged!!!

  33. Congratulations Sra - looking forward to many more posts! :)

  34. Congrats on your 4th year!

    The "flowers" are sorrel aka hibiscus. See my post here: http://www.tasteslikehome.org/2007/12/taste-smell-stars.html

  35. Congratulations Sra! Can't believe I missed this milestone (Note to self: Get back to bloghopping soon!) Anyway, I used to come here for the humor, I was hooked from the time I read your first post. Well, not your first post, but the first post of yours that I read. Okay, you got it right? :) Anyway, now I drop in as often as I can, mainly because you are more than a fellow blogger to me, but a real friend. And the witty stories and anecdotes are just the bonus.
    Here's to many many more Sra!

  36. Jyo, thanks! I've been wondering what happened, guess the baby's keeping you busy.
    Miri, thanks a lot!
    Cynthia, thanks a lot!
    Sig, LOL, yeah, I got that. And you know I feel the same way about you. Thanks!

  37. Wow - 4 years! I'm barely eeking it out to my 100th post. Congrats, you are such a good writer. i know, I know, I probably should say that more often when Is top by, but I'm quite gifted at procrastination.
    Thansk for stopping by. Lebanese in thailand?! Now thats adventurous =)

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