Friday, September 17, 2010

Back To Basics - 3

Back to Basics, Desi Soccer Mom's event, is being guest-hosted here this month. The event aims to be a repository of knowledge for ingredients and techniques that are basic to cooking. What's basic for one, can, of course, be advanced for someone else, depending on the kind of cooking and cuisine they are used to.

Here are the guidelines, expectations and rules. I expect to be my usual strict hostess self unless Superhostess raps me on the knuckles and asks me to ease up.

Most of the information below is copied from DSM's post for the first edition of the event.

What the event looks for:

1. How to and tips on how you make your life easier in the kitchen, by grinding pastes or freezing seasonal fruits and vegetables.

2. Recipes for rubs, marinades and masalas

3. Prepping tips - freezing dal, tomato-onion gravy, etc.

4. Recipes for concentrates like this lemon concentrate used to make lemonade.

5. A food recipe that goes with the above is totally optional but welcome.

If you got the drift, start posting the kitchen secrets. Here are the rules:

Rule No. 1: The entries must be original. If inspired or copied from another source, please give credit.

Rule No. 2: Link your post to this post and DSM's orginal post.

Rule No. 3: Older entries are fine as long as you link them here.

Rule No. 4: DSM says she wants exclamation points (!) kept to the minimum and totally avoid them in the title, if you can. (This is an original rule from the blog Indian Food Rocks.)

Please don't send pictures.

Send it to me at srablog AT gmail DOT com.

Please send me the link, your name and blog name.

Please say Back To Basics - 3 in the Subject line of the e-mail.

The deadline is October 17 and I may or may not accept late entries depending on when I do the round-up.


  1. All the best for the successful hosting...browsing after along reading the past contents as well.

  2. Sounds like a fun event! I'm going to try to participate!

  3. Happy hosting, try to send some recipe for the event.

  4. I am there Sra. Best wishes


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