Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ice-Cream Something

It's past midnight and just a few minutes ago, She gave up telling Herself She would get a start on something She only needed to do at work tomorrow.

"You're too tired," She said to Herself. "How are you going to put together a report when you feel so weary?" So She continued to surf, reflecting that if there was one thing that could attract and distract and provide endless amusement even as it seemed pointless and hopeless, it would be the Internet. (She means that this mouse potato expects no tangible result from all the surfing. It's a state of being where the journey assumes more significance than the destination, but more on its unapparent significance later, whenever it becomes apparent.)

What did become very apparent, though, was that She could do a short post on the blog and impart some purpose to a sleepless night. Existentialist debate of the abovementioned kind can be happily replaced by hedonism.

The day before She made this, She had lunch at an Aunt's house. The Aunt unveiled something like this but She was too lazy to ask how it was made. She kept thinking, surfing unpointlessly that night and then She told herself, "It's common sense - you know there was ice-cream and there were biscuits, and what melts can freeze again, so just crumble some biscuits, add them to some melted ice-cream and freeze it back." As She prepared to shut down, she continued to surf, and came upon this site which confirmed Her frozenmeltingfreezingagain thought process was the right idea. Her friends liked it too.

The dark chocolate art on top was an inspiration.

This dessert is going to a mad tea party.


  1. mmm...mmm...mmm... slurpy and drool-worthy !!!

  2. Ah! I am familiar with pointless surfing and the mouse potato (BTW, you should copyright that term before it catches on). I think I have had something similar once, except it was custard frozen on top of the crushed marie biscuits. I will take the ice-cream over custard any day.
    I got to start preparing for the tea party too. All I need is a cat to take care of the mouse!

  3. Lovely idea.. more crunchier ice cream this way :)


  4. The pointless surfing is something that I do so often. I like the line " What melts can be frozen again".

  5. looks so good and delicious.

  6. Yummy! and love those drizzles of chocolate!

  7. Like the Mouse Potato! I will certainly scream for
    this tempting I-scream!!

  8. Dear,
    Often a simple-straight cut recipes turns out very -very delicious and I know how it must have tasted :-), ..Just my time add some crushed toffee or chocolate shavings/chips may be to get that butterscotch or chocolaty effect..nice one ..
    hugs and smiles

  9. Like your chocolate art :-)
    When I am home alone and nothing to do ( there is always something to do but just say when i ma lazy to do those things) I just surf and after a hour of surfing nothing as come out of it except the pain on my gright arm as increased.

  10. that is it "frozenmeltingfreezingagain"

  11. OMGOSH! I love it, ice cream with crunch bits! Kind of like an ice cream cake huh? It's definitely something I'd love to try making one day. Can't wait for summer! :D

    Anyway, if you don't mind, I'd love to share this to my friends too in Foodista, I hope it's ok. Just add the foodista widget for ice cream at the end of this post, and that should do it! The widget shall direct them to this post when they go looking for ice cream somethings. ;-)

    Keep on posting, and inventing! :)

  12. i can see how this ice cream would make get lyrical.

  13. Priya, have you made it yet?
    Jaya, if I've thought of something, it's already there - so with mouse potato - not my term at all! :) I think I'd like custard something, I rarely have custard.
    Lav, my thoughts exactly!
    Jayashree, I've spent the past hour doing exactly that :) Thanks!
    Uma, thanks, it was delicious but I can't take any credit. The taste was all in the ice-cream and biscuits only.
    Miri, thanks, from a Hershey's bottle!
    Not yet, come over!
    Sanjeeta, you can come over, just give me a day's notice.
    Jaya, very true. I plan to make a more involved one next time.
    Happy, thanks! I pointless-surf despite the crick in my neck.
    Bong Mom, simple recipe, isn't it?
    Amy B., yeah, it's like ice-cream cake.
    Rachel, oh, were you inspired? I'm honoured!
    Maybelle's mom, ha ha, what's a blog without some lyricism?


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