Thursday, October 19, 2006

Emerald-ruby-topaz stir fry

Actually, it’s chorizo sausage, capsicum (peppers) and potato. And a bit of onion. Ever since I got my hands on the chorizo, almost a new ingredient for me, I’ve been itching to make this, but it materialized only today.
Once I tasted the chorizo, I realized it’s a lot like pepperoni. Go easy on the salt, though, the sausage has enough of it.

Here’s what you need:
½ a kilo of potatoes, peeled, cubed medium-size
Some oil – just enough to coat the frying pan and a little more - the sausage oozes its own fat
1 big onion, sliced
½ a kilo of green capsicum/peppers, cut into medium-sized pieces
¾ cup white wine
A bit of salt and pepper

Fry potatoes with salt, turning frequently, in heated oil, on medium heat until browned – about 15 minutes. Remove potatoes, reserve. To the same pan, add chorizo, capsicum and onion until softened – about 10 minutes, but keep checking and turning. Now add wine and boil down. Take it off the heat and add potatoes to this mixture, check for salt and then season with pepper and more salt, if necessary.
I mopped up the juices with a slice of white bread, heavenly!


  1. I thought it's pepparoni too when I looked it!!Chorizo is little spicier I think!! I like it with burritos and stir-fry too! Looks delicious and colorful!!You have all your Diwali jewelry there!! You don't anmore!!:))
    Enjoy!! Happy Diwali!!
    I hope you got my e mail!!:)

  2. The colors look so beautiful. I make this with spicy chicken sausages, the ones that have herbs.Have never tried chorizo though.
    I also use it as filling for a wrap and top it off with sour cream.
    A very Happy Diwali to You


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