Thursday, October 12, 2006


What does it remind me of? A dragon? A dinosaur? I really can't put my finger on it. But then, I've never, ever seen this vegetable, described as choux romaine in the supermarket. Never even heard of it. Have you? What does one do with it?


  1. Oh! I saw this alien thing in Harris Teeter last week along with a weird, knarly looking pumpkin with some growth like warts all over!Eww..didn't buy it!!:)
    Well! Romaine is kind of lettuce , so I guess you could use it in salad or may be in a stir-fry!Good luck if you have bought them!!Let me know,may be I will try next time I see!

  2. Hi Asha, Haven't posted because I went to Paris on a short work trip, saw this creation in a supermarket there. That pumpkin sounds awful, take a pic and post it next time, I'm curious to see it. Or if you give me the name, will look it up on Google images.
    I think this creation is more of a stir-fry vegetable. I wanted to buy it and bring it back here but was doubtful whether it would survive 10 hours stowed away in my luggage. I even went back to the supermarket to buy it but there were already a few black, hairy spots on it so I quelled my gourmet instincts with a big sigh and returned to my hotel!

  3. We have been to Paris and to Euro Disney When we used to live in UK before we came here! Beautiful city,but horrible drivers those frog eaters and drunks!!:D:D

    I will take a photo,send it to you by e mail,bcos of Halloween there are all kinds nasty looking pumpkins out there!:))Didn't notice the name,hope they still have it this Sat.!!
    Btw, American Immi. at the airport wouldn't have let you bring any vegs or plants to US anyway!We were checked at Canadian border for all those!!Good that you took a photo!


    Just found you; looking forward to your future posts!


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