Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Kitchen Under The Stairs

Ever since this kitchen came into being, I've wished I had something like it. My own small kitchen is bigger than this but it's inside an apartment and I feel hemmed in when I'm inside it for various reasons - too many things in too little space, not enough ventilation, not enough light.

I love the al fresco feel, not to mention the fact that it seems so compact. This is at the back of the house, which has a bigger kitchen inside. The stairs lead to the terrace. The windows you see jutting out belong to a room where the cook of this kitchen stays.

I want lots of light, some greenery (though you can't see it in the photo, there is some - a neighbour's tree hangs over the stairs) and some open space in my life.

This goes off to Black & White Wednesday.


  1. Reminds me of kitchen in our village :) happy festival,,

  2. Awesome kitchen. I want one like that too, outside, under the stairs and with a tree.

  3. I can't complain about my kitchen but this one looks cute and cozy.
    Happy Dussehra Sra :-)

  4. Sra,
    If you would alow me to differ here..picture is beautiful no doubt about that.. but kitchen under stairs is not "vastu" friendly should be clean and clutter free under stairs or perhaps a temple is best,if you believe in "Vastu" otherwise it's all about good space, putting into good utility..hugs and smiles

  5. Wowo i want one like this too. Never seen anything like this though. You shuold see my kitchen, it is small too.

  6. Sra,

    Love that outdoor kitchen. No big kitchen can compete with the view.

  7. Is it yours ? Cute no doubt but hey, what if everyone passing by wants their share :) And where is the sink ? Not being picky ok, but need to get these things cleared up when kitchen is concerned ;-)

  8. Notyet, thank you, wish you the same!
    Torview, thanks!
    Desisoccermom, it really is, isn't it?
    La, thanks, wish you the same.
    Renu, thanks!
    Jaya, really? In feng shui, they say everything should be clutter-free so that it gives the people living there some calm (I don't follow feng shui either, but it makes sense) so I guess that's a general principle - in this case, it can't be helped, that kitchen can't be accommodated anywhere. I've also heard that vastu doesn't apply to modern homes, at least that's what a civil engineer told me, apparently, it applies to old-time village life where fields, animals and people all used to live together in close proximity.
    Happy, :) Happened out of necessity!
    Indo, true!
    Bong Mom, it's my parents' place - a person who lends them a hand with the house affairs lives in that room and set up the kitchen there - there is a sink and taps too, around that area.

  9. This is a wonderful shot. I have a small kitchen. I'd prefer one under the stairs, too.

  10. Love the quaint look of the kitchen. Though I personally would love to have a huge kitchen with sky lights and a great view of a garden! Too much to ask for, I know :)

  11. Cute and interesting indeed!! :)

  12. Just look at how much wonderful light is in that kitchen.

  13. Great shot!! I love this idea of a second outdoor kitchen under the stairs. (Wouldn't it be the perfect place to prepare preserves?)

  14. Clutter can be hard to live with, especially if your mind is preoccupied with its own clutter, but there is something about the space that is so gemütlich that I would be happy to move into this home. (German was the only way I could describe the feeling, even though the word cannot be adequately translated in any other language. LOL!)

    Thanks for your very dear BWW photo, Sra.

  15. Paz, :) Something romantic and cosy in its solitude, don't you think?
    Aqua, Oh, I'd love one like that too!
    Miri, :) :)
    Cynthia, It gets a lot of shade because it's underneath too!
    Elizabeth, And to fry stuff without having the fumes trapped inside the house.
    Susan, Clutter in the mind - you know me well :-D


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