Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Egging You On

On a boring Sunday evening, that’s two days ago, I had a brainwave. I wasn’t very hungry but wanted to eat a snack before I turned in for the night with a nice book to read. I wanted something somewhat spicy. There were four old eggs in my refrigerator. I suddenly started craving a bullseye with crisp edges and cracked pepper. I’ve already forgotten whether I thought of it then or at the moment I poured the first spoon of oil into the pan, but I got the jar of mango pickle, took a spoon of oil from it and added it to the pan. It couldn’t be any worse than an omelette with some pickle smeared on it, and that’s not such a bad idea, try it if you haven’t already!

So here’s an idea for a different version of fried eggs. I don’t like it sunny side up and always like mine fried on both sides.

The oil traditionally used in the mango pickle (mamidikaya pachadi/avakaya) I have is gingelly (made from sesame seed). A mixture of mustard, fenugreek, red chilli powders and salt goes into it. So do tiny black chickpeas and skinned garlic.

I don’t know the procedure or the proportions but all these are mixed with the mango and heated and cooled oil is poured over the pickle. It takes about 4-5 days to mature, for the spices to go from salty and bitter (from the mustard and fenugreek) to mellow. All the same, steaming hot rice, butter or ghee, and a small bowl of the new pickle are set out to be enjoyed right on the first day.

As the spices steep in the oil, which has to be a few inches above the rest of the pickle so that it can provide a protective medium against contamination, it gets flavoured with them, not to mention the mango and other ingredients.

So you don’t need anything except a little salt, in my opinion, to get the eggs to taste great!

What you need:
Oil from the pickle: 2-3 tsp (or it could be a mix of regular and this)
Eggs: 2
Salt: To taste
Heat the pan and spread the oil around.
Break the eggs into the pan, sprinkle the salt over them and let the whites set.
Turn over and let the yolks set.
Turn off the heat, slip it into a plate and enjoy!

Here's another idea for the pickle oil


  1. I love this idea of using pickle oil! Happy Deepavali to you and your family, Sra.

  2. Mmmmm, pickle oil in egg, whaat a idea man.
    I have used it, the oil I mean, with puffed rice and it does taste divine

  3. What a tasty brainwave that was Sra :)

  4. I have used Chili oil wonder if the pickle oil will be sightly salted, like the crispy, spicy side.
    Happy Deepavali to u and Ur family!

  5. Eggs and pickles I am in.

    Looks delicious.

  6. Sra,
    Thats much better option other than what Juhi Chawla has been doing in a famous pickle ad:-D...I would love it ..Wish you and yours a very Happy Deepawali..hugs and smiles

  7. What a color! Love the idea, a shot of pickle oil is exactly what's missing in fried eggs.

  8. Just yesterday I was telling my husband how much I love pickle oil! I cannot wait to make this now:) Happy diwali to you!

  9. Thats an uber spunky idea!!I used to like having mango pickle with stale bread - now how good does that sound?;) But believe me,it used to taste yummy!Pickle oil and eggs is a keeper - will try this out sometime:)

  10. Am fine dear Sra ... just a wee lil caught up with the festive time ... you know how it is ... cleaning, pujas, etc. Will be more regular here again soon.
    Wishing you too a very beautiful Diwali and a prosperous year ahead!
    And this post actually made my mouth water ... you come up with the most awesome ideas! Must try, must try. :-)

  11. Suddenly I feel the need to make mango pickle just to try these eggs!!

  12. Sra, i use pickle oil from cauliflower pickle (pickled using the same spices as avakaya) for dosas and it tastes really yummy. Next time i am going to try your omelette and you should try my dosas :)

  13. I get these kinda brainwaves too, sometimes... not always with pleasant consequences :/ Tried to make achari paneer with avakaya once and realised south indian pickle is not conducive to a north-indian achari paneer!
    but i never learn... so definitely trying out this combo on sunday :)

  14. You hit the spot girl!!! :-D!
    Pickle works with many things!!!
    From the traditional foods, to sneaking some on slices of modern bread or soft, spongy bakery bread to exotic dishes and supplementing masala's when fires flame and flag!!!!

  15. The idea of adding Avakaya oil is simple and splendid Sra. Yum Yum..am craving some. :D



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