Wednesday, January 05, 2011

When My Soup Runneth Over ...

May I speak to Mr Sra ji, on the so-&-so section ...?"

"I am Sra, who's this?"

"I want to speak to Mr Sra ji, on the so-&-so section, and it's a male."

"I am Sra, and I am very much female."

"No, the other day I called and spoke to someone called Mr Sra, it was a male, and he gave me his e-mail ID and I wanted to send some info and anyway the ID was not appropriate maybe I am mistaken or something but I want to ..."

"Who is speaking, where are you calling from and what do you want to talk to me about?"

"Haan, I wanted to speak to Mr Sra ji, about ..."

"I am Sra, and I assure you there's no one else by that name here ..."

"Haan anyway, I want to know ki agar ... (lapses into Hindi - now should we discuss how she assumes I know Hindi, but it's okay, I'm not too bothered about these things unless someone tells me - they actually did - that they thought all the South Indian languages were one and the same ...)

This exchange took place today but I go through this every other day as someone or the other gets confused with my name and it's become a spectator sport, even though I'm a participant. I love seeing the variations my name goes through and have a hearty laugh at its metamorphoses from time to time. Yesterday, there was a similar funny moment in the gym which had me howling with laughter.

P, whom I've come to know over the last few months, is a fellow worker-outer at the gym. We've shared several moments of wild laughter, philosophical discussion and my-(body part)-refuses-to-shrink kind of talk, all perched on exercycles, treadmills and such.

Recently, I told her I write a blog. I told her its name and then we got on with our lives and our exercising. It was only yesterday that she said, "Hey, I still haven't visited your blog, what's it called? My Soup Runneth Over?"

"P, you're thinking of my cup runneth over ... It's called ..."

"Oh yes, hah hah hah (by now, both of us are laughing hard), I knew it had something to do with ..."

" ...When My Soup ..."

" ... soup, I knew it had something to do with soup ..."

I just checked Google to see if the words "my soup runneth over" brought people over to my blog. They don't, not in the first few pages at least. But here are some search terms that did bring people over, over the last couple of months:

1. Famous hostess alive

2. Can you extract capsicum from chilli to make painkilling paste?

3. Vegan qurbani (Vegan sacrifice? Nah, they must have meant qubani ka meetha)

4. Big qurbani knife photo

5. Where can I find Phalsa berries in NYC? (Where can I find phalsa in India, besides Hyderabad?)

6. Kinowa recipes (You can find quinoa, not kinowa, here and here)

7. South indianpuking (What the hell! But it's probably this, and other associated searches)


  1. I hat to laugh reading it too Mr. Sra ;-)

  2. You are just too much. Your humor runneth over :D making me falleth with laughter

  3. Story of my life! :)

    Thanks for the encouraging comment on my photo-a-day site. My very first comment :) Hey, sorry but I completely missed following your photo-a-day. Now that you have a new camera, wanna repeat it this year too? Think abt it. :)

  4. What a weird search terms specially the last one - the visitor should have gone wild I guess :)

  5. I love these search word posts of yous, sra.

  6. With all such weird key words to come to your site, the soup might come alive!

  7. hilarious post..cant stop laughing after reading..

  8. Happy New Year! Sra.
    You blog is bright spot as always and does not matter what search term people use to get to it. 'puking hostal' what in the world.

  9. :-D Happy New Year to you! It was fun reading this post.

  10. :-)

    Are you asking the question about Phalsa... or is it a potential reader?

    I saw phalse in the market last year and the packet said: FALSE. Having no clue what it was, I asked my friend: WHat is this false and true?

  11. That is too funny. People are always messing up my name, which is funny because it really is super common!

    Love those search terms. They must have given you a good laugh.

  12. sra ji, that's too funny!

  13. Hilarious. Happy 2011 Mr Sra ji...

  14. Happy New Year Sra! A great humourous way to start a new year :)

  15. Gosh, you do get the most interesting searches for your blog! All I get are dal and cupcakes. :(

    Didn't you know? To a whole lot of people from the northern part of India, everyone in the south speaks one language and its called "Madrasi", as in "Aap to madrasi bolte hain, naa?" ;-)

  16. LOL! You can imagine that I have that same experience with my name too. ;-)

    My Soup Runneth Over? Love it! LOL!

    Best wishes for the New Year,
    Paz xox

  17. I always love looking at the random phrases by which people find me. These are awesome.

  18. I hate it - completely hate it when the customer care (HA!) people do this. Call and insist that you are not who you are OR call and insist that you are someone you are not! And then they lapse into Hindi as if the first two lines have to be read from the script and then its assumed you can understand Hindi. It's worse when you pick the "english" option on the phone and you still get someone who talks in Hindi!

    In Chennai I had other problems - there would be these people calling me up and speaking either in Tamil (which I'm not exactyl fluent enough in to explain my banking problems in) OR they would talk in English with Chennai slangs. The worst being calling me "ma" at the end of each sentence - I used to completely lose it - who are you and how can you address me in slang when I don't even know you!

  19. This was Lolz...
    Even i get some weird keyword searches and end up laughing ....Sra ji was fun:)


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