Friday, January 14, 2011

Dragon's Teeth

That's what Uncle, the creator of this pudding, called it. "You can take a picture of it and use it on your blog," he said. The Spouse said it was indeed a work of art and that I should see it. So off we went after a Thai dinner to behold his creation.

When they said "art", I had assumed Uncle had done some finger painting on it, like he is wont to once in a while. I've seen him make a checkerboard pudding in pink and yellow, draw a star in vanilla yellow amidst a top layer of chocolate. One of his favourite pastimes is to call an ordinary jelly and custard pudding a 'blood and gore' pudding and serve it to people who are so sensitive they cannot bear to see a wobbly entity such as jelly, even one sans the slightest quiver - it's the knowledge that it could have quivered, not that it actually did, that puts them off.

So when I entered the house, I thought I'd see some pudding in fantastic shades of flaming orange and red with pointy motifs around the edges but what I saw was this:

Once I got over the surprise of seeing the strawberry and black grape creation, I could do nothing but photograph it with my mobile camera. The Spouse then extracted his big camera from its case and took just two shots, and this is one of them. I couldn't bring myself to disturb it so Uncle finally took a spoon and a bowl, dug into it and served himself some, after which The Spouse and I followed.

This is actually a rather simple layered pudding put together with various flavours of custard powder, sponge cake, raspberry syrup, milk and sugar. I've never attempted to make it myself but one useful trick that I have picked up from Uncle is what he calls his secret to thick curds (yoghurt) from standard-issue slim milk. He is full of (mock) indignation over my stealing all his secrets so I won't share that with you, though it's not really rocket science - it's just that when I was all green and younger and a cook with little experience, it seemed like a big deal to me, but it was common sense, really!


  1. I love the name i was curious when i red the title in my reader.

  2. The title made me curious to sink my teeth into your post. A dragon with black teeth! And do keep sharing such secrets of your uncle clandestinely.

  3. Anything with that much fruit has to be delicious! And what a crazy name. That would captivate anyone's interest.

  4. i thot u were talking abt soem new fruit or veggie.. not the harmless grapes!

  5. That was neat!Lovely idea to decorate the pudding with red and black!:)Looks nice.

  6. Beautiful and tasty-looking! Love the name, too!


  7. He he :) some secrets are not be shared ;) Great name for what is basically such a tame dish!

  8. Sra,
    I was quite down with cough and cold, so couldn't check this post..dragon teeth:)..with that much of fruits,custard, sponge cake, raspberry syrup and milk ..I dont think we need any more reason to eat this desert and watch "Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon" :-)..well in this case dragon teeths..hugs and smiles

  9. His favorite pastimes is inventing scary names for ordinary puddings? I can see where the niece gets her whacky sense of humor. :)

    It is good to read your blog post Sra. Did not realize how much I missed it. :)

  10. I could dig into it if the dragon doesnt mind...

  11. Ha ha :) I am loving this a bit too much!!!...

    I know it's been AGES since we are linked! and it's high time for some reiteration! :)

    Thanks a Bunch, buddy :)
    Btw, it's my bday and not the blogiversary :(..hope u dint read it right or am i not clear? :(

    forgiven and forgotten only if you come over again with the wishes ;) ;)

  12. come on girl!!! was pulling ur long since we exchanged some words started off on a lighter side :)..
    Thanks a bunch for your wishes, sra :)

  13. Please tell your Uncle that I think he's one heck of an Uncle. :) Apart from everything else, he also makes a mean dessert.
    I also have a secret to making thick curds/ yogurt from slim milk, so maybe its the same?


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