Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goan Interlude

This past week, I was in Goa, mostly on work. For the most part, I was confined to the hotel and its surroundings so there aren't too many photos. The real treat came at the end of the week when I spent a day with Aparna and she treated me to some delicious food from her diverse kitchen. Too bad there aren't any pictures of that - I was too busy wolfing it all down and revelling in really homely cooking that wasn't my own!

This was in the shop outside my hotel! Who would you trust - God or (Wo)Man? :-)

The road as it progressed outside my hotel. I went for a long, long walk and took these pictures.

Lanes on the road kept turning off and ending at points from where I could see the Fishermen's Wharf. This is one of those.

A jackfruit tree in one of the hotels on that road - there were so many trees all over the place with tonnes of jackfruit.

The Fishermen's Wharf, from another point off that road. It was a hot and humid evening but that was only to be expected. That didn't spoil my enjoyment.

En route to Margao in lazy bus on lazy morning. Not for these schoolchildren, though!


  1. haven't been to goa yet, dying to go though!

  2. I so miss Goa now...heard from Aparna that you would be visiting!

  3. That's some T-shirt! Goa's full of photo-ops, isn't it?
    And thanks for that vote on the food. :)
    The pleasure was ours too. Enjoyed having you over.

  4. Nice pics Sra. But you would ahve listed what all you had from Aparna's hands :) Just to drool around ;)

  5. I have been to a lot of places in Indai but never to Goa, i would love to go there once and when i tell to my hubby we should go to Goa he is like why? you have a beach here ( only few minutes walk from my place) and i am like it is not just for the beach there are other things in goa than beaches.
    Well till now not suseeded.
    Should keep on trying.
    So you were lucky to enjoy aparna cooking, yeah if i go to goa i will make sure that i get a chance to have her delicious cooking :-)
    Beautiful pic.

  6. Even though it is hot and humid for most parts of the year, Goa is beautiful.

  7. Goa is one of my dream places.. I had been there for a week once.. just basking in the beauty of it.. we would be in the sea, then have a drink & french fries in the restaurant on the beach.. whole day just lazing around & walking -then the beach by the moonlight would be the best part. the dream part is to visit goa with my hubby:-)

    so nice that u could meet aparna .. thanks for sharing the pic & the tshirts:-)

  8. I TRUST MAN!!!! ;D

    We were in Goa twice, love the place. I want to take kids to Goa once, may be soon. Gorgeous place, I am still looking at the JF tree, I want that green fruit! WAH!!!

  9. Wish were there too.Already I am drooling over her food,especially savoury rolls and potato stuffed breads.Loved reading/looking pics about your visit.I too had been there once -mostly we visited the temples there thats all.

  10. sra..u have met so many bloggers!! lucky is that....

  11. Nice pics Sra - I like the second one a lot, something about the winding road and the trees that makes it so ... dreamy. I've never been to Goa and would love to go there someday. How nice that you got to meet another blogger!


  12. To Goa on work !! lucky woman.. Loved that tee btw. Hey, of you get time, do try out Chettinad Biryani @ the food court close to calangute beach. its awesome ...

  13. We went on a short trip to Goa.. when I was in my 9th std.. was so much fun. We visited beach after beach and I enjoyed the barge rides too. Nice to know you met Aparna.

  14. You didn't have a go at the jackfruit with a few stones? (have to be large rocks!) just kidding.

  15. my fav place in the whole wide world.

  16. Seems u had a wonderful trip and met Aparna for the delicious treat! I want to book a ticket and fly to visit Goa!

  17. Oh so much fun! meeeting Aparna and all :D

    I'd lvoe to meet fellow bloggers too!

  18. Ok you are back, now tell us the true story. Did you try "grass" grass ? I bet you will have one more search term hitting your blog:) like "bong" does for minr

    Love Goa, been twice want to go back and settle down

  19. SRa,
    Glad to see you back and all the pics are very beautiful , now if you ask me my fav , I think the one with jackfruit ...
    I have never visited Goa , but all these pics seems to me so tempting reminds of the movie Dil Chahta Hai ...
    hugs and smiles

  20. Do you know that I have a big list for Aparna... in terms of what all she will have to cook for me when I visit her :)

    You have had a good time... by the way, my sect of Mangalorean konkani people originally belonged to Goa. :)

  21. Nags, it's a must-visit place.
    Rachel, yeah, we had a nice time.
    Aparna, yeah, I had several church pix, but all of them came out overexposed in the bright sunlight. Today, I debated between thoran and usili and plumped for the latter.
    Ni, here goes: Kurma, chapati, tomato curry, tapioca papad, parupu payasam, pineapple morukootan, beans with coconut, green tomato pickle - spread over two meals.
    Happy, yeah, keep trying. I'm sure you can tell your husband there aren't any coconut trees on the beach in Germany!
    Vidya, yes, humid it was! But no point in moaning about it, and guess what, the fans didn't work in the verandahs, so it felt hotter than ever!
    Soma, yeah, it's a lovely little place.
    Asha, I knew you'd say that as soon as you saw the jackfruit.
    Curry Leaf, yes, we saw a whole lot of temples on our previous trip two years ago.
    Rajitha, yeah, that's v lucky - I'm one of those whom you'll meet v soon, aren't I? *fings crossed*
    Mamatha, the whole trip was dreamy - I went on work but everyone let their hair down, a new experience for me.
    Deesha, we were in South Goa this time. I've visited with family and on work, now I need to go with my girl gang :)
    Laavanya, Aparna showed me the barges, it was a lovely drive to the airport.
    Folks, just found out I have to run, will reply to the rest of you a little later.

  22. oh my sra..those are some lovely pictures...good that you spent good time with aparna..I read the menu list, sounds yummy!

  23. Indo, no, they were being guarded! Bee, yeah, retreat is the word that springs to mind, and I'm keener on the greenery than the beach.
    Cham, do it before it gets any more commercialised. South Goa seems better.
    A_and_N, you will. Just give it some time.
    Sandeepa, If I try grass, 'bong'will soon be a search term on mine too!
    Jaya, it's beautiful, you must visit and drive all over.
    Raaga, I thought all Konkanis were originally from Goa (and before that from Kashmir) and migrated to Karnataka later.
    Valli, yep, great food!

  24. lovely pictures dear Sra! Thanks for the virtual treat of Goa!

    Wishing you and your family a very happy Ugadi!

  25. Uma, thank you, wish you the same!

  26. my fav place..goa. i have such fond memories of it.:))

  27. What fun! great to meet a fellow blogger - and the pics are making me miss Goa soo much!! I am pining for my annual Goa trip!

  28. Beautiful pics! Love Goa....thanks for posting the pics.

  29. I could walk endlessly on that narrow picturesque road. You wonder where it could lead to.


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