Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eggs, Forgotten & Recreated + Keyword Humour

I know I promised to make my search terms a regular feature and I'm going to stick by it. But before I list the most hilarious search times since the last such post, I have a "peculiar egg curry" for you (yeah, that was a search term I just saw in my stats.)

I keep talking of how I always ignore recipes that are very familiar and traditional family favourites in quest of the unfamiliar and the exotic. Sometimes the presence of the former on someone else's table really jolts your memory, and this recipe is one such. It's a very Indian, very my-home style recipe that I've quite forgotten - I saw this at an aunt's a few months ago and recreated it at home from imagination - not that there was much to imagine or take credit for, but it was very much like what my grandmom made.

Eggs: 4
Onions: Chopped, 1/2 cup
Cinnamon: A finger-sized piece
Cloves: 2-3
Curry leaves: 1/2 a fistful
Coriander leaves: 1/4 cup
Garam masala/curry powder: 1/2 a tsp
Turmeric: 1/2 tsp
Salt: To taste
Red chilli powder: 1/2-1 tsp
Oil: 1-2 tsp

Break the eggs into a deep bowl. Beat them well with the turmeric, salt and chilli powder.

In a pan, heat the oil and add the whole spices.

As soon as they sizzle, add the onion and curry leaves and saute.

On low heat, add the beaten eggs and as soon as they show signs of setting, scramble them well.

When they are cooked, add the garam masala powder and scramble them again to make sure it's evenly distributed.

Garnish with coriander leaves or mix them into the scrambled egg. Tastes especially nice with spicy pepper charu/rasam. I like to eat it with curds/yoghurt, as gag-inducing as that sounds.

Now for the search terms; the 'fingering' and 'Malayali chechi' are old hat, they always pop up so I won't highlight any unless there's something really strange, but have a look at the rest!

"What happened to the guy who ate ten pounds of powdered food for dinner?"

"Puke babes" (like there's a variety!!!! It also sounds like the name of a particularly rebellious girl band!)

"Inscribings on mementos"

"What does it mean when your cabbage is turning purple?"


  1. Hey Sra, the eggs look great! Enjoyed reading about the search terms. "Fingering", really??!!

    And btw, here's one link that has some veggie Lucknawi recipes from the same book I mentioned-

  2. Hahaha! "fingering" is still the best one.
    Sometimes, when some bloggers writing about something, instead of saying "he was pointing at me" which is what they really mean, they write "he was fingering me" and I cringe at that first and laugh aloud! Here, it means whole different thing.
    We make the Indian style Omelet this way but don't scramble. Adding curry pd is new, must try next time.
    I still haven't posted my Uppittu yet because I think everybody knows, so why bother. Must post for some event one day! :)

  3. eggs looks very delicious and very easy to make, Sra.

  4. Masala scrambled eggs eh? I only add onion and green chilies. My favorite combo is curd rice + scrambled rice so I can understand you eating them with curds.

  5. SRA I will always have to thank you for the smile I have whenever i visit you;-)

    That sounds like egg bhurji Bu i do not add curry leaves.

  6. ROTFL :D Do you have a purple cabbage post?!

  7. Sra,
    U re really pulling unwanted people to ur blog with " Malayali Chechi" , one day they may fed up and even "flag ur blog" for traffic.... He he I imagine the guys (person) returning with a long face!
    Egg sounds different with the masala.

  8. so, what does it mean when your cabbage turns purple??? :-)

    I should try this egg dish sometime. Enough of bhurjee :)

  9. Hey SRA

    My name is Meenal and we used to link back to each other in the past and then I disappeared.I have returned from the dead to no go back again:) Wanted to drop by and say hello and wish you a Happy holi and dare I say what a fantastic use of your search stats to come up with recipes that will drive traffic to your website. My best wishes and good luck :))

  10. I make this occasionally without the garam masala and the other ingredient which you know I am very fond of ;)

  11. nice it is. i will try it. sounds like exotic scrambled eggs . more importantly sounds easy.

  12. Vani, put those weird ones down to my penchant for post titles full of puns. :-) Thanks for the resources - will check them out.
    Asha, yeah, my reaction would be similar, but I've never come across this particular faux pas in blogs. I looked for an event to send this to, didn't find any :-)
    Trupti, yes, they are very easy to make. Thanks.
    Indo, glad to know there's someone who can identify with this.
    Soma, Thanks, and welcome. I usually have a surfeit of curry leaves and add them to most things - love the smell they emit when they sizzle.
    A_and_N, no, but we've discussed it :-)
    Cham, That's scary! Flag my blog? For not having the objectionable content they probably wanted? LOL!
    Raaga, Now I should look up egg bhurji, I thought it was Indian-style scrambled egg. If my cabbage turned purple, it meant I had the wrong vegetable, I guess - haven't cooked with purple cabbage in ages.
    Meenal, hi, I remember you. And the search stats that drive traffic to my web site are not really for my web site, if you know what I mean!
    Vidya, yes, yellow gold! :-)
    Cynic, it's very easy! And v flavourful too!

  13. Totally spiced up Indian style scrambled eggs! It just has to be good.:)
    Aren't some searches a laugh? But many of yours are a riot!!
    I really should scrutinise mine to see if such gems turn up.:D

  14. Sra the egg curry looks nice. I actually was distracted by tthe linked "drop egg curry" and I had some image in my mind which I tried to map with the curry. I likes it moe than this :)) The search terms are really funny.

  15. Wow something new to me. Looks scrummy...

  16. 'Fingering' Ha Ha .. hilarious .. My husband loved eggs, loved the addition of curry powder

    Thanks so much for trying out the stew, Sra. Am glad you liked it .. tatses so much like an Indian dish isn't it?

  17. The eggs look yummy! The search terms are hilarious!

  18. I make an egg dish with similar masala, but cauliflower is the main ingredient there. You cook the cauliflower with the masalas you list and finally add the eggs to coat the veggie. This would be an easier version of that dish. You know what, I like eating eggs with yoghurt/ yoghurt rice too.

    Enjoyed your previous post on Singapore, the place sounds like heaven for the adventurous foodie. So what really happened to the guy who ate all that powdered food?


  19. I love eggs made like these, back at home mom used to make them whenshe had unexpected guest.
    Looks so yumm.

  20. I googled "Puke Babes", your blog comes up only in the second page. So don't worry you have competition:)

    I got a weird one too the other day, very very weird and then I saw it was a term in one of those spam comments !!

    The rescued or recreated egg is wonderful, love scrambled eggs, addition of curry leaf to it must be interesting

  21. I really like that picture.. very tempting. the curry leaves and mint addition must kick this up a notch I believe.

  22. I'm wondering what happened to the guy who ate 10 pounds of powdered food for dinner. I sure hope he's o.k. :D
    It has been ages since I sat down and checked my stats. I'm probably missing out on a lot of fun!

  23. I didn't know that this blog is R rated ;)

  24. Hey Sra, here's another link for veggie Lucknowi recipes -

  25. Aparna, picture of Goan businessman was mysterious enough! :-) Do share some gems with us.
    Ni, the egg drop curry is really easy to make, and it's tasty too!
    Lubna, new to you, really? Many of us in Andhra make it, I thought it was common, but I guess not - even from the comments, I find that people think the addition of garam masala and curry leaves is unusual.
    Deesha, we had this with couscous last night - both of us liked it.
    Homecooked, yes, aren't they? I have to check on that guy who ate powdered food ...
    Mamatha, the woman who helps me at home is a great proponent of adding eggs to veggies at the end of the cooking process. We've made it with beans and carrots so far. Cauli will be next!
    Happy, yep, it's always eggs to the rescue!
    Sandeepa, yes, except for that powdered food term, which I haven't investigated, I know why such stuff leads to my blog.
    Laavanya, thanks. I didn't add mint, though you've given me the idea.
    TBC, yeah, go ahead and check - and share the results.
    Suganya, well, now you know :-)And thanks for the anniv wishes.
    Vani, thank you very much, really nice of you.

  26. Sra,
    LOL!! ,cabbage turning purple
    I love the humour quotient here ..
    and coming back to scrambled egg, I am sure this taste great with the addition of garam masla or masala..
    hugs and smiles

  27. Scrambled eggs is one of my favorite ways to enjoy them. These would be especially good rolled in a flat bread and eaten out of hand.

    Apparently, someone out there has never seen a red (actually purple) cabbage!

  28. Yum! You know I like your egg recipes!


  29. Lovely recipe, looks yummy

  30. Jaya, it just occurred to me a perfectly green cabbage can turn purple with anger :-D
    Susan, yes, I made a variation of this today - intended to make Parsi eggs but scrambled it 1/2way thru - and thought the same thing!
    Paz, wish you could taste them then. Maybe soon, hopefully!
    Gayathri, thank you.

  31. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  32. Keep on posting such stories. I love to read stories like this. Just add more pics :)


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