Thursday, January 29, 2009

Peas Be With You

The stars in this dish are round.

They are legumes, but not the main item in this dish. However, I believe they elevate a plain, somewhat smelly vegetable from being an ordinary stir-fry to a special one. I make this frequently, but I always enjoy it. I, therefore, submit it to the Seventh Edition of My Legume Love Affair.

In doing so, I am joining the ranks of bloggers who knowingly/unknowingly don't follow the rules of an event to a T.

I think I can even hear an (amused? but) exasperated sigh issuing from the host, and the super host. Just look at this photo, don't you think it's worth adding to the round-up?

But I'm kidding - most of the legumes are underneath, they don't show. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Cauliflower florets: 2-2.5 cups (small head of cauliflower)
Peas: 1-2 cups frozen/ fresh (boiled)
Tomatoes: 2, chopped
Oil: 1-2 tsp
Turmeric: 1/2 tsp
Cumin/jeera: 1/2 - 1 tsp
Red chilli powder: 1/2-1 tsp
Salt, to taste
Water: Keep it handy
Coriander leaves: Chopped, for garnish

Heat oil in a pan. Temper with the cumin. You can even add curry leaf here, if you like.

Add the tomatoes, fry them a bit.

Add the salt, turmeric and the red chilli powder. Fry well, cover. Add some water if you like.

When the tomatoes get nice and mushy, add the florets and mix well. Sprinkle some more water, cover and cook on low/medium flame till cooked. I like the florets to still have a little bite in them. After all, this dish is mostly texture.

Once the florets are ready, add the peas, mix well to make sure they are also coated with the spices. Wait a while, and remove from heat.

Garnish with the coriander, or just mix it up.

Also, as we've mentioned its glorious colour, this goes off to Sunshinemom's FIC-Yellow too.

With this humble submission, I humbly take your leave until the next post.


  1. Cute title :)

    That is a tasty looking dish.. hardly make a dry subzi with this combination but must be great with warm rotis. With almost 2 cups of peas, am sure this is eligible for the event :)

  2. :-) (No long comment now)

  3. Hi hi hidden or not hidden, the LEGUME dish looks super delicious.

  4. HeHe!!

    OMG!! I love the photo. Look at those firm Cauliflower peeking under there, beautiful sight for the eyes, sra. Your photos are getting better and better, while mine are getting worse! :D

    Have a wonderful weekend. I am off to buy some snacks and stuff for this Sunday Super Bowl, not cooking much at home but buying this time to watch the game! :)

  5. Sounds simple enough for a week night meal.. bookmarking it right away!

  6. That picture does look very "legume-y" to me . Just call it a Peas with cauliflower stir fry...
    Anyway, not every event host is a stickler for rules Sra :P

  7. I don't know about smelly, but cauliflower is a vegetable we eat a lot of here. And guess what this is something I make a lot and it turns out to be one of Akshaya's favourites.
    Even without the pic, it deserves to be in the round-up! :D

    I sometimes add a tsp of sambhar powder to this and it makes for an interesting taste twist.

  8. Wa'Alaykum As'Salaam(thats arabic for Peace be with you too)
    Gobi mattar with roti is a totally satisfying meal :)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Laavanya, oh, dry veggies are made in a relative jiffy, I'm too lazy for the grinding and the other stuff that goes into a wet dish!
    Sandeepa, :( I'm bummed!
    Happy, LOL - thanks for your comment on the LEGUME dish.
    Asha, thanks. I had better pix, you know, but not so many legumes showing through in them, so I chose this.
    Smitha, do let me know if you liked it.
    Sig, I was waiting for that reaction from you!
    Aparna, ok, that's my next try - have a bottle of it lurking somewhere
    Yasmeen, so that's what it precisely means, I've heard it of course, but didn't know exactly what it translated into.

  11. Wow looks spicy and yummy. Make me drool. Iam ready with my roti can i have curry please..........

  12. i am with you on the cauliflower having a bite to it. The sabji looks delicious...

  13. Nice title :) The preparation does look yummy!

  14. love the combo of the vegetables. The post title is so nice:-) I usually add potatoes also to this dish. The peas are very much visible, and it definitely is a major ingredient in the dish, I think it qualifies!

  15. love the title....expected of you to come up with such a title....ahhh finally something that I make quite an ardent fan of the smelly florets :)

  16. i love the title .. looks delicious, I can see peas there ...

  17. No exasperated sigh here, just a wistful one for a bowl of this warm and wonderful dish. : }

  18. Hi sra
    loved reading the post....your legume affair is worth appreciating...peas do bring peace, eh 1

  19. they are underneath.. LOL. I take ur word. I made gobi matar today. Its our family favorite... one of few dishes whcih all of us eat & ENJOY.

  20. Peas (and cauli) be with you too! :-)

  21. wow colorful click... looks so cute must be tasting gr8.

  22. Gobi mattar... yum! Looks lovely.

  23. How are you Sra? This is a wonderful dish! looks so colorful and yummy! Yeah, let the peas be with me :)

  24. I just adooooooooreeee this dish,and we make it with tad of potatoes too.Its my ultimate way of enjoying cauliflower .Just some hot plain white rice and cool curd with this, and every morsel of that combo leaves me wandering in Heaven

  25. yeah yeah I agree with Sig sra...and yes I can see the peas..and that picture will surely be the crowning glory..heheheh...but seriously thats a great entry..thanks ..:P

  26. Just dropped in to say Hi..I liked that title Sra..n the dish ofcourse looks tasty..combo is such a yum..:)

  27. Sounds simple and looks delicious.

  28. hey interesting title :) yes its a lovely combination peas and gobi.
    I think that plate is not waiting for us, Its waiting for chapathi. right?

  29. Lubna, sending you some in the mail!
    Rajitha, I just made cauliflower kheema today, entirely vegetarian and full of bite!
    Homecooked, thanks
    Shreya, I wondered whether to add potatoes or not, then decided against it. Too much of a good thing ...
    Rachel, you know me well. Me too an ardent fan.
    Deesha, thanks, and for the vote of confidence too! :-D
    Mandira, thanks!
    Susan,oh, goody! It's very simple.
    Anamika, yes, they do, they make any dish special!
    Soma, thanks for believing me.
    Dibs, thanks, :-)
    Adlak, it's a rather nice dish.
    Trupti, thanks, it was!
    Mallika, I made a minced version today, quite nice, but nothing like minced meat. :-)
    Uma, how are you settling down? Thanks.
    Alka, I enjoy it with curds myself!
    Valli, LOL. For the record, I have adjusted when guest-hosting ...
    Varsha, Hi! and thanks.
    Andhra Flavors, I just had this by itself, no rice, no chapati, nothing. It's nice that way too!

  30. Love the peas, not so fond of the cauliflower :)

  31. I believe you... But, then I'm gullible..
    Just kidding, I counted the peas...
    and it sounds/looks delicious!

  32. Shyam, really? Today, I tried a minced version of this, reeking of masala, liked it in spite of my apprehensions.
    Katie, :-D. Now how many peas would it need to have to qualify?

  33. Looks like there is peace after all, as Valli saw the peas:)! I love my cauliflower this way and yes the peas do up the edibility and taste quotient!! FIC humbly accepts this!

  34. Looks good - and I guess long comment s seem like one is intruding ?:)


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