Friday, January 09, 2009


It's not "I'd give anything to lose weight".
It's "I'd give up anything to lose weight."

Not that the truth in the statement hasn't occurred to me before, it just didn't arrange itself in such pithy terms.


Mishap of the Week

Camera falls into jug of water when Sra tries to use jug as tripod.

Panicking, Sra is unable to fish it out so jug is taken to wash basin to let the water gush out, infusing camera with some more H20.

'Immediately' wiped with napkin. Then wiped some more and some more with increasingly damp napkin.

Friend present at venue suggests hair dryer.

Camera is opened, divested of battery and chip, fanned gently, cautiously, with hair dryer. Left to dry on dining table.

The Spouse/family will read about it here.

It seems to be fine, time will tell.


Embarrassing Moment of the Week

Sra prepares to make rice for lunch.

Friend says she's not keen on rice, keen on eating "just the curries" like Sra.

Come lunchtime, Friend wonders if there's any bread. There is none. No bread, no rice. Sra has forgotten to order fried chicken as she has planned; gossiping with Friend is juicier.

Post-lunch, Sra brings a huge container to Friend, opens it and prepares to dole out some ariselu for dessert.

There are only two in huge tin.

Arise no 1 is bitten, un-whole (by Sra sometime ago, and unloved, has been shoved back inside for The Spouse to eat or to meet a dustbinny grave.)

Arise no 2 is also un-whole (same case as above, Sra suspects, though she doesn't remember too clearly).

Sra brings out a box of Belgian chocolates, gives illustrated sheet to Friend, grandly asks Friend to choose the flavour.

Friend opts for Dark Chocolate Heart With Truffle Filling And Coffee.

That too lies bitten.

(Yes, Friend did get dessert - there were other choices.)


  1. Hi hi I am having this huge smile reading your disasters.
    Sorry i know i whould not laugh, but can't help it, you have wirtten the mishaps so nicley, i have to smile and laugh while reading them :-)

  2. LOL!!

    Well..hope camera works or you will hear from the ....jug...!!!

    Are you a chipmunk? Keep nibbling on the rest of the goodies whole weekend so none of your buddies visit again and have fun! ;D

  3. Hehe, this was a nice read! Poor friend, to come upon only bitten desserts. Are you sure friend got some dessert at all finally? :)

    Hope your camera survives the unexpected bath! :D

  4. U put a lots of laughs in my day today.. Thanks LOL I am stil laughing...

    I am sorry tho about the camera, but when i when i visualize that the jug (full of water) being used a tripod ( I use a lot of things as tripod too ) i just have to laugh.. & then the plop of the camera... ROFL..

  5. Sorry abou ur mishaps dear but i enjoyed reading it... well written n i kept smiling when i read the entire post.

  6. Hat's off to your writing charm Sra! As HC said I couldn't control my laugh! This is such a nice post! Sorry about the mishaps!

  7. Jaddu ki jhappi for you dear...

  8. Trajedy lo comedy means this only i think...

  9. Hope your camera survives the dunking.
    That's quite some week you've had. I quite bad myself, but I think you've just taken the prize this week.
    Hope you haven't lost your friend. :)
    Btw, just a question, how do you manage to leave half bitten chocolates around? I would have eaten the whole thing!! :D

  10. Happy, no, it WAS funny, i just wish it hadn't been an expensive thing like the camera but then, I wouldn't have had something to write about.
    Asha, LOL! That nibbling-and-replacing is not characteristic of me but it just happened so!
    Namratha, yes, there were other chocolates in the box :-)
    Soma, ha, I forgot to put it in the post - the previous day I went out for lunch and used the glass as a tripod - it almost fell in, I rescued it and broke the glass instead!
    Vij, thanks, you can read of some more mishaps above.
    Nags, yes, it was howl-arious - if my camera hadn't worked, I'd have been howling by now.
    Uma, thankyou thankyou. No harm done, hopefully, except to my ego.
    Lubna, yes, I guess so. Thanks.
    Aparna, :-). That chocolate was coffee-flavoured, I don't like.

  11. Lucky to have a foriegn desert than a indian one(which you get anywhere)

  12. I like the epiphany. I am ROFL. It has been a long time since you wrote a rib tickling piece like this. Keep up the good work. I see that ur friend has been a sport :)

  13. all except the camera's mishap....

  14. Sra, very Funny, hope your camera is back into action.

  15. Sra,
    thats so funny! I was kind of , almost fell down from my seat while reading this!'s the camera now it working or ....?
    well big hug from me to you ...
    hugs and smiles

  16. LoL.. I wish your camera better luck! Chuckle!

  17. Laugh or pitty about ur camera? Mixed feeling- hope ur camera is working , if there is no recipe for a while we know the reason! Great reading ur post!

  18. ROFL!!!! *ROFLing too much to leave a comment*


  19. happy new year!! a bit late but i was away but it was a funny beginning to the year to read ur mishaps. hope all is well that ends (read dessert) well.

  20. sra,
    what i usually get at the indian store here is tamarind chutney- mixed with salt, sugar, chili powder. you can actually use plain tamarind paste but if you have the store-bought one, that works fine too. i have modified the recipe to include this.

    it was fun reading your post. when it comes to chocolates- i cant leave them unfinished :)

  21. Note to self - do not eat popsicles from Sra's place... bite marks can be detected, not licks... :)

    Oh and OUCH about the camera... I also dropped mine last week, and the plastic thingy on the lens broke, it is still working though...

  22. Vij, yeah, I feel that way too.
    Vidya, thanks. Well, my friend had no choice ...
    Rachel, that was hilarious too, not so hilarious if it had been spoilt.
    Sreelu, thanks, it seems to be.
    Jaya, :-D It's fine, so far.
    Smitha, I wish it better luck too, thanks. :-)
    Cham, :-) actually, there won't be a recipe for a while, am off home for Pongal.
    Mamatha, :-) I've been clicking it left, right and centre since then, just to make sure ... And the biting and leaving is not typical behaviour for me, but of course it had to happen when someone was coming over!
    Mallugirl, hi! Yeah, the chocolates were really good.
    Priyanka, this chocolate had coffee filling, which I didn't like, it was too strong for me. :-)
    Sig, you bet! But lucky for you I rarely stock them, only The Spouse likes them so he gets them when he wants to.

  23. Oh...this has happened several times at our home. Having 3 little kids running around we would never be able to store any snacks in good form for guests. So we have some "adults-only -food" which these little rats will not touch either! Prayyers for your camera to get well soon! But even if it oes bad you can take fuzzy pics with the druken camera ;)

  24. I'm laughing so hard... everyone's going to wonder what happened.

  25. he ehee....nice post...hope ur camera is fine by now!

  26. Too bad about the camera Sra, reminds me of my own little mishap when I had dropped mine, it was a Nikon, and I have still not recovered!
    But both your incidents had me laughing and dont worry you will be laughing about them as well after a few days :)
    Maybe its time to buy your "dream" camera now....:)

  27. I know it's rude to laugh when something bad happens to someone but your stories were so cute & funny.

  28. I really cant help laughing. The incidents are well put together. Is your camera working alright now?

  29. just ruined my keyboard with liquid yesterday. hope your camera performs.

  30. ROFL... note to myself, to bring my own dessert when visiting Sra ;)

    and i hope that ur cam works. i dropped mine into sink full of soapy water last yr;) god knows how it managed to survive:)

    happy new yr to u darling...

  31. he hehe...Sra you girl I ROGDKL ....whatever...that's too hilarious!...great one sra...

  32. Is it okay for me to smile at your disasters??? I think I will politely say I am sorry to you and go in the corner and laugh my guts out :)

  33. Yes... that's one epiphany I can identify with :) And talking about cameras, my new one will probably come to a bad end if I dont get a long strap for it to around my neck, rather than the little wrist strap that came with it!

  34. I'll get the dessert when I meet you Sra!! :) It's almost like some squirrels nibbled on the desserts :) Hope the camera works fine!

  35. Ni, drunken camera, I like that!
    Raaga, :-D
    Kitchen scientist, yes, it's fine!
    Bhagyashri, the problem with a dream camera is that it might be more complicated to operate - think I'll stick to this :-)
    Laav, laugh away, always glad to put a smile on someone's face.
    Deesha, thanks, yes, it's working
    Bee, yes, it's performing.
    Sia, bring your own dessert - ouch! Hope to do better than that.
    Valli, I was waiting for your reaction!
    Homecooked, laugh away
    Shyam, if I have a neck strap, I'll get a wry neck.
    Jyothsna, I'm not this bad, usually.

  36. Ha ha ha ha ha ah aI am choking! Ha ha ha aha ha :):) This is too good!

  37. I have dropped the camera in sugar syrup and ruined it. That is why we did not blog for a long time. Sigh.

  38. That was not fair for ur friend..u shud do this to unwelcomed guests i guess...and hey if i am allowed to be more witchy and nasty...then this is wonderful idea to turn off them....will try it out next time ,rather than pulling my hair while pleasing those nosy,bossy types at homes...huh

  39. Oh Sra, how I have missed your wit! ;)

    That 'bitten chocolate' scene would happen in my house too -- esp with daughter around ;)

    Thanks for the lovely laugh (and hope your camera is ok!) :)

  40. Sunshinemom, thank you, thank you.
    A&N, sugar syrup! Now, that's a first for me!
    Alka, you're giving me ideas!
    Linda, hello! I know a few people who would bite things and keep them for later, confident that the others wouldn't touch something that has been nibbled at earlier. Mine was simply a case of not liking that particular chocolate!

  41. Belated Happy new year, Sra....

  42. It'll be a miracle if that camera survives after the dunk in the water.My cell phone recently passed away in similar water tragedy.I hope your camera survives dear Sra.

  43. loved your post..such fun to read.. belated happy new year!:-)

  44. Jayashree, good to see you back, happy new year to you too!
    Yasmeen, many times, I've bathed the cordless phone to death in the confines of my bathroom - it's a standing joke at home and I still haven't learnt a lesson - now it's the cellphone that's teetering on the brink ...
    Shreya, happy new year to you too!

  45. ROFL...I can't laugh aloud as I am in my office. But, I have tears in my eyes.. laughing in silence u see.. Hahaha..:)


  46. I came to this page through your current post. Hilarious. This is better than reading a recipe.


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