Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Year Older

Your pet."

"No, my life. My OTHER life."

(She chuckles) "Yes, your secret, wicked, other self ..."

completes two years today.


"I forgot the birthday candles. I meant to get a couple."

"Oh, to light up the computer?" The hope in The Spouse's voice is hard to miss. I can still hear him laughing himself to sleep at his own joke. A pleasant bone of contention between us on account of the time I spend on it, blogging has brought me much joy, masked a few blues, and given me quite a few highs.

Much of what I want to say is here, in my first anniversary post. Thanks to all you folks - readers, fellow bloggers, family, friends, commenters, lurkers. (Won't you de-lurk just this once at least? Just for thrills, c'mon, be nice to the birthday girl! I especially would like to know who visits my blog regularly with searches for "Chef/Indian puking" and "Malayali Chechi Kerala".) A special thanks to all those bloggers who have deemed this blog/blogger worthy of an award/a mention, I truly appreciate them even if I haven't been able to put them up here.

I will let you go now, here's to more fun times together!


  1. Sra...what a fun and an awesome blog you have here...a plesure to come by and read and also a pleasure to know you a bit more on a personal level...and not listen to the spouse on this one...let the candles be virtual. Waiting for the third birthday write-up now...

  2. Congrst on the two years..I had a nice time reading your posts...keep going...

    'malayali chechi" haha I've had such searches coming my way too...

  3. Congratulations on the milestone, Sra!! and a very happy second B'day to this space. Wish you many many more fun filled years of blogging.

    Have a great weekend.


  4. Happy 2nd b'day to you...oh sorry to your blog! I just love to read your write ups. Keep up the good work dear Sra! Wish you many more b'days....oops, wish your blog many more b'days (of course for you too!).

  5. Happy Two Year birthday, and many more!

  6. Happy Birthday to You Blog!

    Sra..that was a cute post! let the blog turn more and more years actively along with you:)

  7. Happy B'day Gal i mean for ur blog! I enjoyed a lot ur fun filled place! Wish many more years of Happy blogging Sra :)

  8. Wow! Two years since your soup came alive, huh? Congratulations :)

  9. Happy 2nd bloggiversary Sra! Here's to many more to come.


  10. Dear, dear Sra, heartiest congrats on your second blogversary! This space is such an endearing one to does make me smile...have enjoyed every bit :-)...wishing you many more years of blogging ahead :-)

    Hugs to you and your blog,

  11. Happy blog anniversary, Sra. "Puking", "Malayali chechi" search parameters to give you a good laugh.

  12. heheh..can't believe your have become older...heheh..oops I meant the blog dear....:) have created such a wonderful place here..that even when I meet in person, keep thinking I am talking to the blog persona...:D

    do ignore the spouse...they are like that anyway...:)..congrats..

  13. Sra, eagerly lap up "nuggets of wisdom" you offer up on your blog about life in general. On my last visit to India the "Snake" shops immediately brought you to my mind. We still only eat snakes during tea time at you our house ;)

    Congrats! especially love the humor which lightens the mood whenever I stop by.

  14. Happy Blog Bday, Sra! Love visiting you virtually and reading your posts lights up my day! Keep going!!

  15. Congrats! on your blog's second anniversary. But then I also expected a longer post with ur usual wit.:)

  16. Congraulations Sra, on completing 2 great years of blogging! I love & enjoy reading your posts a lot. heres wishing you many more years to come!

  17. Happy, happy anniversary!

    Best wishes always,

  18. Rajitha, thank you, thank you. I'm looking foward to the third year now!
    Nags, thanks.
    Rachel, of course, you're more authentic :-) Thanks.
    Musical, thank you very much.
    Uma, thank you so much!
    Kalyn, thank you very much!
    Lavi, thank you very much, let's see how long I can run it!
    Cham, I'm glad you think so, thank you.
    Kaykat, yep, it's been a lot of fun. Thanks.
    Mamatha, hey, thank you.
    Sunita, thanks for all those nice words.
    Jayashree, funnily enough, those were the only two things I found funny, the others were rather prosaic.
    Lakshmi, The Spouse is still thrilled to bits at his own wit! He just read your comment and grinned with pleasure - at his own wit! Thanks.
    Indo, thanks a lot for that generous compliment.
    Jyothsna, wow! What a nice thing to say, thank you.
    Vidya, believe me, this post is all I've been thinking of for the last couple of days, and i couldn't come up with anything.
    Bhagyashri, thank you very much.
    Paz, thank you so much.

  19. Me too....I want to know who gives this kerala aunty story search.....what is it with this ppl????

    Congrats on the second b'day :)

  20. Congratulations and a very happy anniversary! Keep blogging! :)

  21. Happy blog birthday dear Sra... thanks for the entertainment these past two years, or in my case its been a year and a half or so since I discovered your blog I think..

    oh and I thank those mallu chechi and mallu masala seekers for increasing the hit count :D

  22. Congratulations Sra.. uhmm i mean your blog too.. Its a pleasure reading your posts..I just happened to stumble by your blog and believe me its really interesting.. May you have many more years of blogging..

  23. Congrats on 2 years of blogging, sra! I love your style, girl! You have spunk and it's a joy to come and visit. Looking forward to more fun with you. :)

  24. Congratulations... this is enough to put off anyone who thinks it is a temporary phase... this blogging :)

  25. Belated b'day wishes Sra! This blog is so near to my heart and I am one among the long-term readers (from 2006 :))! And just a joke, why shouldn't u award somebody who had iven u the most no. of comments ? just kidding! And long live this lovely blog!

  26. Happy Blog Birthday Wishes, Sra. And here are two virtual candles from me(ii).
    Didn't know its been two years. I just discovered your corner a while ago, but have enjoyed every bit of it since.
    Here's wishing you many more birthdays here.

  27. Congrats on being two!! I am de-lurking for a change :P

  28. Congrats on another 365, Sra. You've been tons of tasty fun. Keep it going!

  29. Hey you young thing! :) Happy 2nd birthday!

  30. Oh - Congratulations!!! :) Please keep your wonderful, interesting posts coming...

  31. Congratulations!!! thats really great to know... How've you been?? long time....

  32. Congrats Sra! On a day when I feel blue, your posts brighten my day and for thanks a ton!

  33. Shn, Thanks. Kerala Aunty story? LOL! That's new to me, and I just Googled it, with dubious results. ;)
    Miri, how are you? Thanks.
    Sig, thanks. Looks like whoever's searching for whatever is missing his way and stumbling on to us!
    Uj, welcome, and thank you.
    Kalai, thank you so much!
    Raaga, no, I never doubted it would be anything but long-term, as long as things are in my hands. Thanks.
    Ni, thanks. Award for the most frequent commenter? Now, what would that tell the world about ME? That I'm desperate? Even if I was, I wouldn't like it to be known. LOL!
    Kitchen Flavours, thanks.
    Aparna, thank you, thank you. It's two fun-filled years, yeah.
    Coffee, I am honoured, thanks.
    Susan, thanks a lot, that's a nice thing to say.
    Cynthia, thanks, from one young thing to another! :)
    Laavanya, thank you, I shall certainly strive.
    Ramya, thank you, am fine.
    Shankari, that's really nice to know, thanks.

  34. Sra,
    congrats on this great Milestone .
    Hope to see many more .
    hugs and smiles

  35. Congrats on your have lovely blog ..wish you many many years (I mean wish you blog ;) )

  36. Congrats!

    Love your current mood :)

  37. dough!!! how did i miss this!
    happy blog anniversary sra :)

  38. Congratulations and here is to many, many more posts on life and food.

  39. Dear Sra - May you celebrate many more blog-o-anniversaries like this and as I always say - Love way you write! It has been a pleasure knowing you and your blog!


  40. hahaha malayali chechi that's what i'm gonna call you from now on.

  41. Jaya, I hope so too :) Thanks.
    Priti, thank you very much.
    Nidhi, yeah, that's a cool widget. Thanks.
    Sia, I wondered too, LOL! Thanks.
    Cynic, thank you, thank you.
    Siri, thankyouthankyouthankyou.
    Bee, I must confess I've often been mistaken for one ...

  42. Late, as usual... the story of my life lately...
    But, Happy Two'th!!!
    and many more!
    I think your spouse must know mine... Candles on the comupter, indeed!

  43. Congratulations!:-) I love reading your blog. Your posts give joy, and brings a smile on my lips everytime. Your spouse sounds jealous, let it be...


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