Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Legume Love Affair & A Recipe

Come October, and I will be the month's guest host for the Fourth Helping of Susan's My Legume Love Affair. I am expecting to be inundated with entries for this popular event, so don't disappoint me, please.

Legumes must feature as the central ingredient in your entry. It could be any kind, sweet or savoury. In Susan's words, all cultures and courses are welcome.

The prize on offer from Susan is Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook. Those who aren't bloggers are also invited to send recipes/photos; you will be included in the round-up and drawing. Family and friends are not eligible for the prize. Neither Susan nor I have any connection to the author of the book or its publishers.

The Instructions

Please post a new recipe or a newly posted one from your archives, linking to this announcement, and to Susan's post here, with the following details to me [srablogATgmailDOTcom] by October 31. Please say 'MLLA Entry' in the Subject field.


Name and URL of Your Recipe Post

Location: Optional

Photo: Optional (400 X 300 or 300 X 400 depending on orientation. If your image is exactly square, fine tuning the dimensions to avoid distortion is encouraged while keeping in mind the general size requirement.)

Use of the logo above, designed by Susan, is optional.

I hope to post the round-up sometime during the first week of November. If I haven't acknowledged your entry either by mail or by comment in your blog, please check with me after three days to see if I've received it.

Now here's a recipe that makes use of legumes in a very creative way - this is an aunt's recipe and substitutes quite well for coconut or other nuts that come in handy when you want to make a gravy for meat or vegetables or paneer.

It uses green gram/mung dal sprouts as the base. I've used paneer to illustrate its use but my aunt uses it with chicken.


Green gram/mung dal sprouts: 2 cups
Curds/yoghurt: 1 cup
Green chilli: 1, chopped

Grind these three ingredients to a fine paste.

Onion: 1, minced
Tomato: 1, chopped fine
Green chilli: 1, slit/chopped
Oil: 2 tsp

Paneer/Indian cottage cheese: 200 gm or two big handfuls
Curds/yoghurt: 2 tsp
Ginger-garlic paste: 2 tsp
Red chilli powder: 1 tsp
Coriander powder: 1-2 tsp
Turmeric: 1/2 tsp
Salt: to taste
Coriander leaves, to garnish

Marinate paneer with the rest of the ingredients mentioned below it for 30 minutes.

In a pan, heat the oil. Saute the onion till it browns, add the chilli and fry it for a few seconds more.

Add the tomato and let it cook till it gets all soft - you can cover it and simmer it on a low flame.

Now add the paneer with its marinade, cover and let cook well - till the juices begin to dry up.

Now add the ground paste, mix it well and let it cook. It will begin to thicken very soon so keep adding a few teaspoons of water to let it achieve the consistency you like. The paste tends to smell a bit like batter initially so it's important to let it boil well.

Check for seasoning and remove from fire. Garnish with coriander leaves.

You can find the MLLA-Third Helping here, on Lucy's beautiful blog, Nourish Me.


  1. Sra, that gravy looks so delectable...let's see what I can send over:-)

  2. Best wishes on the event dear Sra! Will surely send something.

    You've posted a very innovative recipe. Looks so good and mouth-watering. I bet it goes well with both rice and roti.

  3. I am hoping to join the party.

  4. Wow, the gravy is absolutely delish, will try to chip in :)

  5. happy Hosting sra .. will come up with something .. the gravy looks very nice .. something new to me

  6. moong dal base is so creative and healthy option Sra. all the best for the event and count me in..:)


  7. great event count me in.

  8. Yay, I have a daal picture in my drafts, will enter that for this event... haven't participated in many events lately... so I am really glad I can get in this one easily :)

  9. Sra, the gravy looks so rich and creamy. This is a very interesting recipe - have never seen ground moong used as a curry base, definitely a healthful substitue for coconut. Can I try this recipe and send it over :D ?

  10. Oh so this is the vent..I am so slobbed :DD

  11. The recipe looks interesting... Hope to send in something for the event

  12. Having tastes u're paneer dish before I am literally drooling at the screen! Moong shud have added more flavour to this already pleasing curry! Count me in! will send something!

  13. This is one event I have been wanting to participate but havent been able to, even once. I hope I can make something on time and send it over to you :)

  14. Sunita, thanks, knowing you, you'll send something smashing!
    Uma, it does. It's my aunt's recipe.
    Indo, welcome, will look out for your entry. Give us something nice from Kongunad if you can, I remember you've got a few on your blog.
    Cham, do, it will be fun!
    Deesha, I will look out for your entry, thanks.
    Siri, yeah, my aunt, actually my great aunt, is a good cook.
    Sangeeth, thanks.
    Sig, shall I frame some more rules? {evil laugh}
    Anon, sure, tried and tested, why not? :-)
    Rachel, does it stop there or do I get an entry from you?
    Jayasree, pl do.
    Ni, sure, send me a whopper of a dish!
    Nidhi, do make it, there's a whole month ahead.

  15. Now you are event hosting.:)
    That's nice.
    Your helping of legume is most interesting. What do you call it?

  16. Wow love the creaminess of that sauce.
    It is indeed a very creative recipe.
    Will send you something for sure.

  17. That anon was me.


  18. a healthy and creamy gravy? that's a unique use of a lentil.. i would love to join but can't promise.

  19. i am off legumes for a while...but will hunt for an entry in my archives for you...i know..i am so nice ;)...


  20. I hope to be able to participate - fingers crossed! :)

  21. Thats a great recipe..HAppy hosting!

  22. Nice! Hey, I have posted a recipe today with bengal gram... you think I can send that over?
    Check out:
    I will send the details once I get the nod from you.

  23. I'll be looking forward to entering this roundup!

    Have you announced it on Is My Blog Burning?

  24. What an interesting dish! such an unusual choice of ingredients - thanks for posting!

  25. Aparna, it's just curry or kurma, I guess. I didn't call it anything, and it didn't call me any names, either! :-D
    Happy Cook, sure, will look out for it.
    Mamatha, I wondered, but couldn't be sure.
    Mallugirl, yes, but you'll have to re-post it, according to the rules.
    Rajitha, and so you are!
    Shyam, would love to see your entry!
    Divya, thanks, try to participate!
    Divya, send it over!
    Nate & Annie, we decided to post it on IMBB after the MLLA 3 round-up is done!
    Miri, yeah, even I was gobsmacked when my aunt told me it was sprouts!

  26. Sra,
    such an innovative way of using dal as the base for gravy for paneer curry .Healthy one! thanks for sharing .
    hugs and smiles

  27. What a lovely looking dish sra...and I almost thought you came up with some more rules...heheh...and good you didn't call it names...:))

  28. count me in girl:) and what is that recipe??? ground moong sprouts gravy!!! very unique. i am wondering what should i call it :)

  29. How did I miss this post? I just posted a Sundal recipe so will send that over... for the MLLA.

    That gravy looks awesome and very different...

  30. I still rave about and make your paneer makhmali, Sra. I just *know* this recipe is a keeper, too.

    Good luck w/ MLLA - 4. I'm sure you will have a festival-feast of a round-up.

  31. I could not send anything for the first 3.This time I will definitely make it.Cheers

  32. Very interesting use of a legume. The paneer looks delicious and sounds super healthy!

  33. Jaya, yes, my aunt had a real brainwave!
    Valli, every so often, I think of something I should have included in the post - then I tell myself to slow down, I'm guest-hosting!
    Sia, hmm ... devil's something, maybe? ;)
    Laavanya, do send it over!
    Susan, ah, that was a nice dish! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the event!
    Curry Leaf, will look forward to you turning over a new leaf with this event :)
    Mallika, yeah, it was tasty!

  34. Hi...
    This sounds to be so healthy. YUM!

  35. sra, belive me. that's what i had in mind when i left that comment ;)
    LOL... gr8 minds (or should i say devil minded;)!!!

  36. Thats pretty unique and interesting Sra (legume paste for gravy base)...will try it out. with an added advantage of it being healthy because of the legumes.

  37. That looks scrumptious, though it is out of my diet now:) I am will soon be sending my legume delicacy over as it is a daily necessity in our diet!

  38. Wow yummy recipe. Something new to me. I just sent u my entry to the event. Please check it out.

  39. the mung sprout curry base is a fantastic idea Sra! love it!:)

    btw, just sent you my entry for MLLA!:)

  40. Wow, thats a very different and yummy looking recipe. am sure to try it out soemtime.

  41. Now that's a novel way of thickening gravies! Good one!

  42. I'm very excited to participate again this month. I have my post from October all picked out so I just need to tag it with your blogs and resize my photo. I'm looking forward to sending it to you and later, seeing the recap.

  43. hi, just a clarification. it can be any legume right?

  44. Folks, thanks for your comments. Vibaas, yes, it can be any legume, of course.

  45. Hello Sra - Made a post for this event, and e-mailed it, but it bounced back! Please see


  46. Just sent you my entry.
    Looks like its going to be one great round-up. ;)


  48. Guess you would get it now!

  49. can it be any legume Sra? pls let me know I would love to participate:)

  50. Sharmi, yes, any legume!

  51. Hi,
    I just sent you my entry to the event. please check out dear.

  52. Slurp!! Don't do this to me NOW!! ;D

    Congratulations on your 2 years blog anniversary sra. Keep going, we will be there along with you. Hugs to you! :))

  53. sra..delicious dish 4 sure..gonna try it soon..thanx..:)

  54. Thanks a lot. This is an interesting and scrumptious recipe. At last I have found something interesting and unique to serve to my guests during the holidays. I am sure that they'll love this sprouts gravy.

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