Thursday, January 03, 2008

Foodwise in India

Photo & Copyright: My dad

Here's some more.


  1. hahahahaha..I laughed till i had tears in my eyes...A good way to start my morning :)

  2. LOL!!!! Yikes!! I won't want any Snakes shaking there!

  3. mmm...yummy! sai-baba ji aur ganeshji prasann honge ;) ha ha..that is pretty cool of ur dad sra!!

  4. Happy New Year, dear! This is so totally hilarious!

  5. LOL, Sra! These quirky wordplays remind me of mondegreens, when you misunderstand song lyrics which sound like other words and wind up w/ different meanings. Yep, even native English speakers can mess up English with funny results.

  6. near my house there used to be 'mohan chainees chana wala'

  7. What a combo Juice and snakes , very very funny

  8. Nice one to start the day

  9. Sra!! First I didn't get it!! I was wondering why you posted it? and then i saw comments and went back to the picture and still can't stop laughing!!Nice one dear

  10. Oh, my! What an arresting sign. ;-)

    Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best,


  11. oh my thats really funny! happy new year SRA!

  12. You have been tagged for a meme!

  13. Dhivya, glad your morning started off well.
    Asha, real ones did, for all you know!
    Rajitha, i wonder if they prasann hongeyd!
    Musical, hi, good to see you.
    Shankari, thanks, wish you the same.
    Susan, yes, I'm also thinking of Ms Malaprop.
    Bee, I know, you've mentioned Mr Mohan before
    Sreelu, reminds me of venom extraction at snake parks, ugh!
    Sig, :)
    Bhags, thanks
    Padmaja, thanks
    Paz, thank you
    Ramya, thank you
    Roopa, thank you
    Rachel, :)
    Susan, you bet!
    Seena, :)
    Rachel, thanks

  14. I am new to blogging. I came across your site, and this picture is just too funny...I remember seeing a funny sign for a hair cutting salon, the sign read -"EAR" cutting Salon. he he he!


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