Thursday, January 24, 2008

Announcing AFAM - Pomegranate

Hi folks, a hurried note - the Fruit of the Month for February is Pomegranate. This event was started by Maheswari of Beyond the Usual and I am hosting it this time. Please send your entries to srablogATgmailDOT com.

Here are the rules:

Prepare a dish of any kind with this ingredient, and put up a post about it on your blog.

Please link to this event announcement, as well as to Maheswari's blog.

Please mention AFAM in the subject field of the e-mail. Mention your name, blog name and provide the permalink of your post.

You can send me a 75 x 75 pixel picture of your creation with your e-mail, if you like.

If you don't have a blog but want to participate, e-mail me with your write-up and picture, I will include it in the round-up.

The deadline for this event is Feb 25, 2008. I will try to do the round-up the following week. I may not use the pictures if there are problems with them or with my computer or my Internet connection.

I am going away for a while, will be able to check mails and respond only after Feb 3.


  1. Couldn't manage to get Papaya so far for Nags and now it's Pomegranate!!:D

    Will try my best sra. Have a great trip. I have enabled the comments again, say hello when you come back!:))

  2. Pomegranate, great choice... :) Another vacation, what the heck girl? Didn't you just take one? :D

  3. Wow.. Pomegranate.. Interesting theme Sra..:)

    Added this event to my list:

    take care n cya

    ~ Siri

  4. Wow ! Pomogranate is my fav.
    will try to do somethign with this .
    Missing you on my blog buddy ... :(

  5. Yaay!I already have them :-)

  6. Wow !! one of my fav pomegranate .. wait for me !!

  7. will finally get to try the recipe i have been thinking of...great choice..

  8. I'm definitely in - avec plaisir!

  9. I *heart* Pomegranate - can't wait to see the entries.


  10. OK... let me think of something nice :-)

  11. Cool! pomegranate sounds interesting.. I hope I come up with something atleast this time.
    And you enjoy your break!

  12. Hey just now posted my pom drink for click and then realised its Pomegranate theme @AFAM- Feb!! 2 birds at one shot eh!!!
    You've got mail!

  13. Sra, have a wonderful time for your trip, dear!

  14. Good choice sra..will try to participate this time...have a great trip...

  15. Good choice Sra! We love pomegranates - nto sure what i can make of those :-) will try to participate!

  16. Hi all, thank you for your comments. I will look forward to your entries.

  17. Hi,
    I just send my entry. Hope you got it.


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