Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Three Things Meme

Oh, how I love memes! I’ve participated in just a couple, initiated one (which hasn’t taken off despite being labelled ‘interesting’ – sob, sob!), and now this! Thank you, Sandeepa, for tagging me. I’m not going to be as self-effacing and humble as you were in your memes, oh no, and am going the whole hog with this just a day after you mentioned me – indecent haste, but that’s my meme personality!
I’m not sure whether it’s the late hour after an intense and long day at work or whether it’s the attempt to strike a fine balance between being engaging, honest, politically correct, smart alecky-but-humorous, venting some pet peeves but not wanting to carp, and tempting fate (WHEW!), but this took me hours to think over, complete and refine, and I’m still not satisfied! Oh well, you can’t have it all!

Three people/things that make me laugh

My Dad
Everybody Loves Raymond
Sridevi in the Telugu movie Kshana Kshanam

Three things that scare me

Sleeplessness (but probably this blog/meme wouldn’t get done without it)
Weight gain :)

Three things I love

Getting together with friends

Three things I hate

Male chauvinists (ugh!)
Jobless, malicious gossips

Three things I don’t understand

Science (I liked biology, though)
Why I want more clothes despite having so many
Why people extend invitations to visit them when they don’t really mean it

Three things on my desk

A picture of me sitting on a log in San Francisco
A Scrabble CD, which we bought long ago but haven’t yet unwrapped
A dolphin carved in stone

Three things I’m doing right now

Thinking of how to wow people with this meme :)
Wondering if I’ll be able to sleep after this
Wondering what I should put down as the third thing

Three things I want to do before I die

Travel extensively around the world
Live in at least a couple of the greatest cities and picturesque countries in the world
Be content

Three things I can do

Play word games
Do the dishes painstakingly

Three things you should listen to

Silence – so delicious in the late hours of the night and wee hours of the morning, with just a car or truck to offset it now and then
Birds chirping in the early hours of the morning – I’m surrounded by concrete but I still hear them, isn’t it magical?
Still afternoons, enhanced by the occasional rustle of leaves or a crow cawing

Three things you should never listen to

Raucous music (now I know ‘raucous’ is subjective)
Well-meaning people who egg you on to break your diet just this once
Yourself – if you agree with them

Three things I’d like to learn

More languages (I know five-and-a-half – I can read Russian, but don’t remember enough to understand it or speak it, any longer)

Three favourite foods

Most seafood
Fresh, thick curds/yoghurt

Three beverages I drink regularly

Water, water and more water, that’s it!

Three TV shows/Books I read as a kid

Enid Blyton
Amar Chitra Katha
Sesame Street

Three blogger friends that I am going to tag
(Only if you're interested)



  1. Hi Sra,
    its nice to read your meme . i enjoy readin it. wwhat i love abt is the 3 tv shows, that really reminded me of that good old days of watching all those tv shows without any worry .
    i tried to find but couldnt understan whcih meme you started? when?

  2. You have wowed me !!!!!!
    Great knowing a bit more about you :) Nice meme :)

    Great meme SRA, totally WOWWWWW. You are totally freaked out about the weight thing, even your fav food is "salad". see now I know you sure are slim :)

    I also liked "Be Content". You really have given a lot of thought to this meme.That is the most important thing to be all your life

    I was not humble in my meme, it's just that I change too often. Like "Everybody loves..." would be my staple diet a couple of years back, now I don't watch the reruns at all.

    Actually I had tagged you also with the first meme, so you better write that too :) You need not be scared but you are aware that you have to be "politically correct" when you write about all of us, so go for one more sleepless night ;-)

  4. Great one sra!!

    Amar chitra Katha is my fav too,I need to pronounce lot of words for my kids but they do read them.They say Sheeva,Pervaati,Ganapaatee etc:D

    I think you should do your MeMe first with q's or titles like 3 things has and then others get an idea how to proceed.Try and do it again.You don't have to be tagged to do any MeMes ,it's for anybody who like to take up!:))

  5. Sra, Indo took up your meme and wrote about it. Isn't that exciting ?

  6. Dear Sra, nice to know more about you. Interesting to read. Viji

  7. hi there..

    i put up the first comment here yesterday..seems like you ddnt approve it:(

  8. Hi Sra - thanks for tagging me. I'm on it.


  9. Happy New Year SRA...Nice to know abt u thru ur meme.I too love traveling very very much.

  10. Hi Pooja, I've linked my post to the other meme I mentioned, check it out.
    Coffee, thank you, thank you.
    Sandeepa, thanks. I'm not slim at all, somewhere between plump and fat, I think. You can probably make out I'm obsessed with weight -reading my blog after I read your comment made me feel I've revealed that bit of myself without meaning to. Let me think about the other meme - I read Indo's, by the way.
    Asha, thanks. I laughed reading the pronunciations you spelt out.
    Viji, thank you.
    Meenal, looks like blogger decided to disapprove before I did - it didn't come through at all! Sob! Did I miss one more compliment?
    Mallika, great, will look out for it.

    1/07/2007 11:14 PM

  11. Hi Sra.
    This is my first visit over here. It was interesting reading your Meme.

    I felt common,regarding beverage and want to learn:more languages.Even i wish to learn more language as much as i can...

  12. looks like I'm in now too, indirectly thanks to you...Mallika tagged me and now I'm getting ready to post mine.

  13. Prema, I love to travel but don't get to do much.
    Usha, hi, thanks for visiting my blog. People find it v difficult to believe when I say I don't drink anything except water (unless am forced to)

  14. Nice to read about you Sra..I'm a fan of everybody loves Raymond too...the Mother in law is my favorite character..


  15. Trupti, isn't she the only mother-in-law who's a total b... well, catty ... but enjoyable?

  16. Sra! Will get to doing the meme soon, I promise!!

  17. Manisha, no pressure at all - entirely up to you.


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