Thursday, January 18, 2007

Guessing game, and a Meme about Them

The guessing game first. Now tell me what this dish is, or what it contains. You have the herb to start you off, what do you think the rest are?

Now for the meme. (Am updating on popular demand)
Background: Jayashree of the blog My Experiments with Food wondered if we ever thought about how our blogger friends looked – I joked that we should do a meme, and Maheswari seconded it, so I started it but was reluctant to stick my neck out and do it ever since I read what Sandeepa had to say about it. But Asha tagged me for it, and I think it’s only fair that I do it when I started it so, here goes … this is how I intended it to be.

Sandeepa, who always has a comment for whatever I put up here, sounds like a sensitive person with a strong streak of humour. Looks? Hmm … I’m inclined to think she’s cherubic. Just a hunch, really can’t justify it. Please tell me if I’m right, Sandeepa.

Maheswari – a gutsy and creative soul, I would think, for the way she’s dealing with a couple of issues, including her failure to eat a good amount of fruit. Wish you all the best! As for looks, I’m not able to conjure up a face for her because I keep thinking of the South Indian actress Maheswari, who has sharp features and looks light-complexioned on screen.

Pooja sounds like a vivacious and fun-loving girl. For some reason, again one I can’t justify, I visualize her with short hair. Am I right, Pooja? And she must have a lot of energy if she conducts an event and does a round-up every week.

I'm hesitant to continue this, but here goes:
Coffee kept changing in my imagination. I keep thinking of her as a tall person in elegant clothes - could it be that her being a professor is giving me this impression? Does she have long hair? Or am I saying that because it fits the painter image? Tell me, do, Coffee!
Mallugirl, as she's signing off nowadays, reminds me of my classmate Shaheen. She was tall, smiley, had naturally brown, thick hair, well-defined features, was well-built, light-complexioned and used to wear bright pink offset by pale pink. I'm unable to put a face to Mallugirl, can only imagine a figure driving a car on New Jersey Roads because she's mentioned it - still, everytime I look at her blog, I think of Shaheen. Anyway, Mallugirl comes across as a busy mom who takes immense pride in her Malabar heritage. Beauty and symmetry are important to her, as her blog shows, an offshoot of her architectural instincts or most likely, she chose architecture to study because she was fond of these qualities.

Funny, isn’t it? I could be miles away from reality, but let me know how close I got!


  1. is that tofu burji or egg burji...the photo is not enlarged so Iam just guessing and it looks like that any ways ur meme is funnny and nice to read.Enjoy and waiting for ur answer

  2. HEY!! That was a short one!!:D But a good one.I can't imagine Maheswari but I have seen Pooja's hand .I think she is tall!And I have seen your forehead!!:D:D

    Now I can see cilantro and at the bottom,it looks like Poha or Oat meal!That's it.

  3. Nice meme Sra :)

    For the guessing game.... do I see some sprouts in there??? or is it just my imagination???

  4. Hi Sra,
    thanks for your nice words:D. you are correct I have short hairs, and I love short hair. Just hubby loves longer hair so sometimes for a change i let them grow little longer. :))(btw, I don't understand why most of hubbies love long hair :)) ) . It is also true that I need energy to conduct even every week, and uptill now it was everyday for me, but I love to do so,and come up with some new dish everyday. You know what ,as I am going to do round up for this week on friday, I feel like sitting idle with with matter of blog :D.
    About your guessing game I am sure with one ingredinet that is coriander leaves... :) , what i gues is it can be some kind os snack dish , and some how i feel that peanuts are a part of ingredients. Am I correct?

  5. Meena, don't want to give anything away right now! Please bear with me - may post the dish on Sunday or Monday and all will be revealed.
    Asha, thanks. Yes, I wanted to mention that we see only hands and fingers and guessing the rest is difficult. Short meme, but I was petrified that I'd offend somehow, so played it safe and short!
    Coffee, wanted to take a shot at guessing your looks, but you kept changing in my imagination!
    Pooja, I was right! Even I'm growing my hair a little longer now, but I prefer it really short. Fuss-free! I have a theory why husbands like long hair, will tell you if we ever meet! :)

  6. Did you get my prev comment, some thing happened in between

    Corriander, Poha ???

  7. Hee, hee, think I am a donkey, no(I missed the "haw" you see), I am laughing my heart out and just "LOL" wouldn't do

    Loved reading your meme and thanks for all that you said about me. But I would love to read your take on other bloggers too. You have a knack for this, really

    Pretty Pretty Please, can you do it for more ?

  8. hi
    may be poha ......i guess

  9. Wow..that was fun reading...hahaha..
    Here time is around 11 pm and am all alone smiling in front of the PC.thanks Sra for nice words.You are mostly correct on the gusty,creative part.oh..boy..were u wrong on comparing me to Actress..i guess the only thing common to both us will be the sharp nose..(errr..almost sharp).This is fun sra..Thanks for initiating this meme, had fun reading it.

  10. oops..i got so excited..i forgot to guess...Is it Poha?

  11. Sandeepa, looks like you want to pay me back in the same coin for not revealing more about myself. But I did, in a reply to one of your comments in a previous post. As such, I think you should let me know whether I was right or wrong, at the very least! C'mon, be a sport!
    Hi Swapna, keep checking - all will be revealed, Sunday, most probably!
    Maheswari, I can identify with that "err ... almost sharp" comment - it made me laugh.

  12. Sra, it looks like bulghur to me. ur take on others is cute. It would be fun to see u continue..

  13. I'm glad you like memes! TAG - you're it!

  14. Asha had tagged me for this meme and I came over to ask you to take a peek at mine! LOVED reading your meme. You write so well, SRA!

  15. Mallugirl, have updated the meme, as you can see, tell me what you look like.
    Anna, yours will be a tough act to follow!
    Vani, thank you so much, I read your meme already!

  16. he he.. ur meme is really interesting...

  17. sra, my hub and i had so much fun reading ur meme. Well i am kind of tall, brown sholuder length hair but medium complexion.. i do love symmetry and beauty.. u are right abt that.u have a knack, have i told u that. u do read people closely.

  18. Mallugirl, I don't know ... this is the first time I attempted this kind of exercise seriously, I had fun anyway!

  19. !!!!!! Almost there Sra :) Tall??? Well I am 5.3..... so if you consider that tall :)

    Elegant clothes??? Yeah!!! :D you will always find me in elegant clothes. :) No loud colours or sehting catchy :)

    Long hair????? Yeah!!! :D :D They will reach till my waist if I don't cut them for a month or wo more!!!!

    My My!!!!! Does my blog speak of my personality???? Or are you a mind reader ;)

    I think I am going to try taking this up!!!! It seems to be quite fun :)


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