Friday, June 17, 2011

Yegg Fried Rice (Andhra Style, i.e.)

Sometimes, when life seems really bleak, you should reach deep into your being and you will realise that deep within you lie wonderful reserves of strength. All that you want is within you, you need not look outside.

Translation: Sometimes, when you don't have any energy but have to come up with the minimum, look into your crisper - you may find a box of curry leaves.

On the way back from work, I wanted to buying a biriyani for dinner but the thought began to smell too sharp and spicy, so much so I felt nauseated and smothered, so I abandoned it and schooled myself to make do with this egg fried rice. It was quick fix enough to be unhealthy as it contained no vegetables and the only fibre of any consequence there was a handful of curry leaves. Nevertheless, I would recommend the rice that you see above.

What you need:

2 eggs, beaten well, with a little salt. (Scramble them or make an omelette and cut it into small pieces.)
2 cups cooked rice
2 -3 tsp sambaar kaaram - this is a garlicky chilli powder that has some coriander, fenugreek, cumin and black gram, so try adding all these if you don't have a spice mix that approximates this
10-12 curry leaves.
Salt to taste
Oil - 2-3 spoons

Heat the oil in a wide pan on low heat. Add the curry leaves and then the chilli powder. Heat it but make sure it doesn't burn.

Now add the rice and mix it with the chilli powder and oil till it's all evenly coated.

Add the salt.

Now add the prepared egg and mix well once again.

Switch off the stove, pile it into a bowl or a plate and tuck in.

This is the fourth of the promised five links to Haritha.


  1. The egg does look good. Sambhar powder and sambhar kaaram are same I presume. I can't live without it and so glad this recipe uses it and I plan to cook it on a day when I have to find those reserves from deep within :)

  2. Totally laughing my head off at the Translation :-D
    Yegg fried rice is veiry mu-eich loved

  3. Reading those first few lines made me wonder what must really be going on in the minds of philosophers when they say something

  4. Indo, they are quite different, but I would make this with sambar powder too if I didn't have the kaaram.
    Bong Mom, thank you :)
    Jayashree, now you know!

  5. my Sil gave me what she calls "guntur kaaram podi" which i suspect is from the same family, but your's is darker in colour. she told me its great for meat curries etc (i am vegetarian!!) anyways, i use it to spice up everything including indianised pasta. love love these masalafied yegg fried rice preparations!

  6. I love any combination of egg and rice :) so what if it doesnt have any veggies? we'll just eat a carrot or 2 extra for the next meal :)

  7. Arundati, the one I have with me now is lighter! We use it for almost everything - dal, stir-fries.

  8. Yummy Yegg Fried Rice! Never heard about it though. But now I know :)

  9. Is this post a reflection of what you posted on facebook th eother day about the indianised English...'you wanted to buying'....????
    the rice sounds flavoursome with what you have described of the sambhar kaaram. Would be good that you could post for us the powder too?

  10. Ouch...I just read the fixing of the sambhar Kaaram...sorry about being in a haste!

  11. Hi hi you are having fun with words these last posts. Never would have thought of making rice like this looks delish. If i don't have anything here in the fridge my option will be having toast with nutella :-)

  12. Santosh, really v tempting!
    Roshmi, you never heard of yeggs? Singular is yeggu/eggu, just add an s for the plural!
    Lata, aargh! I never realised. Do me a help and don't tell yanyone no?
    Happy, yes, words is why this blog exists, the food is just the exciting bit on the side! :-D

  13. What a coincidence! I am eating it as I read your post. I had some a small bowl of left over rice and made it for breakfast, without the egg. I do add the egg but not today.

    I also add some onions and green chilies to the fried rice. I don't use sambar karam but pretty much add most of the spices you listed for the karam.

  14. Thats it? thats how simple this - amazing food for the soul on a hurried day I say.

  15. There are definitely NOT curry leaves in my crisper! And it's just too sad. This looks delicious!

  16. That is the funniest yegg fried rice I ever read. I have those days too when I have to reach into my reserve and all I come up with is khichadi. I just may make this instead.

  17. It's a nice preparation procedural of yegg fired rice in an Andhra Style Recipes was good, It's so yummy. I like it.. Thanks for giving out.


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