Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Eating Out in the US - Part 2

I didn't eat all of the things in the photos - the vegetables from the store are included in this post because they are new to me or they looked pretty. I really should have done this post earlier because I've begun to forget what they were called, already.

We ate these rolls at a Thai restaurant in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

Dragon beans at a supermarket in Columbus, Ohio

White asparagus

My Mexican bowl at a fast food restaurant - I really liked it.

Vegetarian pizza at a local restaurant in Columbus, OH

Veggie burger at this restaurant

Sticky bun bread pudding

This was at a French bakery in Columbus that my cousin took me to. Before I read the label, I thought this was some variation on red velvet cake, but it was a chocolate bombe. We passed. There were more exotic treats to try.

My cousin had this pear frangipane tart.

This was a cherry tart that I had. These pastries were extremely rich and filling. They looked small but we could finish them only with some difficulty. My cousin saved a piece of her tart for later.
Don't think I'll have kale chips again, never mind what the world says about them!

This was supposed to be a low-carb dish, but it felt like I had eaten 2,000 calories! It was nice, though. Must have been all that olive oil. There was very little spaghetti but lots of zucchini noodles. 

Most of the menu at this Delaware restaurant another cousin took me to was beef. There were no chicken or vegetarian options so I tried this crisp pork belly from the 'lite fare' on the menu. It was good - and heavy. I have never had this before.

This was a roasted beets & greens  salad with red and yellow beets, arugula, honey goat cheese mousse (that was so interesting), pickled baby carrots, celeriac and pear mustard vinaigrette.

Pumpkin Pappardelle with mushroom, ricotta salata, sage brown butter and kale pesto

I think this was spare rib.

This was at a Vietnamese restaurant in Delaware - this is their yucca dessert with coconut milk.


  1. I'm with you on the kale chips, Sra :D :D

    1. Soon after I came back, I saw one of those 2015 trend lists which said kale is out!!! So we're ahead of the trend, eh, Shyam?

  2. My Mexican bowl at a fast food restaurant - I really liked it.......that looks like chipotle burrito bowl!

    1. I think it was. I tried Chipotle, Qdoba and Red Sombrero

    2. Nice....but I think Chipotle is the best...good food for the price.

  3. You really have to get to the travel writing quick or you forget! I've started writing things down in notebook but have to get better at noting down the details - at that moment things are so vivid that you think, "oh that, that I'll never forget!"

    1. I think you're right, Anita! I had to go to the menus of these restaurants to remember what the dishes were called/get the details.

  4. Sraaaa! Am back after a looong hiatus from blogging and its lovely to see all that you have been up to :) I visited the US too last April-May and clicked so many pics, even went on a food tour, and the pics are still lying in a folder somewhere :/ Now that I'm reviving the blog, must put that post up!
    But anyway, how have you been?!

    1. Swati, I was thinking of you two days ago, was re-reading some posts and saw your comments and paid you a visit, saw that you were still hibernating. Will visit again!

  5. You didn't try white asperagus, you should have they are so good cooked well it melts in your mouth like butter :-) I am glad you think the same about Kale, i hate them too my sister on the other hand loves it she make the chips always plus she alsm make potato mash and kale mix. Proud of you for trying pork :-)


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