Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black & White Wednesday - Week 34 - The Round-Up

Here's this week's collection of pictures sent for Black & White Wednesday, Susan's creation. I hosted it this week. Thanks for participating! Next week, Week 35, is being hosted by Sihi of A Wandering Ladle.

Here's Kanchan of Kitchen Gossip, kicking off a Happy Mango Season!

 Cinzia of Cindy Star Blog

Little Doves Cookies 

Festive Table  

Happy Toasting Bubbles

Simona of Briciole

Red Russian Kale After A Spring Shower

Fragoliva of Fragoliva
Feeding Butterflies With Fruit

Lata Raja of Flavours and Tastes

Serving You Chaat

Place Setting


Lynne of Cafe Lynnylu
Eggs - Study in Black & White

La Belle Aurore of La Belle Aurore
Lunch Time on a Field Trip to Nagai Botanical Garden, Osaka 

Srimathi of Few Minute Wonders
Paneer Soda

Hema of Adugemane

Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook


Blueberry Blossoms

Dried Morels

 Rosa of Yummy Yums

Quick Butterhorns

Bong Mom of Bong Mom's Cookbook
Waiting By The Sea for Clam Chowder

Lubna Karim of  A Click A Day
Coffee or Tea?

Brii of Briggishome
Reserved Table

Shri of Tiffin Carrier Antiques
Birthday Cake

Nandita of Paaka Shaale

Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen
Saying it With Some Signs

And mine 
Mangoes All The Way


  1. What a lovely collection Sra! :-)

  2. Very nice pictures in black and white.

  3. Lovely roundup, Sra! Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much, Sra, for the nice roundup. All those mangoes make me envious, I must admit. So many ways one can use them. I can imagine the perfume around them.

  5. Thanks for the great roundup! Lovely.



  6. Lovely round up Savanthi. Loved all the pictures :)

  7. What a lovely collection Sra!
    Thank you so much for hosting!

  8. Another really good collection of photographs. Always look forward to the BWW gallery. :)

  9. great pictures for a super gallery! :-)
    thank you so much for hosting, have a nice w.e.!

  10. Lovely roundup Sra. Must have been quiet the task albeit a pleasant one :)

  11. Woo..lovely pics! Black and white pics are romantic - colors don't interfere and distract! :)

  12. There's something for you in my blog!

  13. Sra,
    How I missed it dont know was not active for the past two weeks in terms of blogging I blame it on FB!..anyways this is a lovely array of beautiful picture and B&W never stops me giving surprises the water droplets over Kale leaves and every other picture ..hugs

  14. What the heck happened to my comment? I had this gut feeling it didn't take. Huge shoulders-down sigh.

    Belated then - thanks, dear Sra for hosting BWW.

  15. Nice to see that lots of people are back and actively participating in Black and White Wednesdays. Any idea where to find the hosting schedule going forward?


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