Sunday, July 03, 2011

Breakfast & The Battle Of The Wills And The Won'ts

In my ideal world, my ideal breakfast would be waiting for me at my table at 7 a.m., but since little about my world is ideal, next best will have to do. I wake up at around 7.30 and get out of bed an hour later - the hour between is spent willing myself to go to sleep; willing the doorbell not to ring; willing work chores to not crowd my mind; willing The Spouse not to make even the slightest noise as he moves around the house on his way to work; and sometimes even willing S, who helps me with the work around the house, to not turn up on time so I could sleep a little longer, and willing the world not to crowd into my consciousness during the extra time I hope to sleep after 8.30.

Naturally, all this willing needs an extraordinary amount of will power which won't happen if I sleep, so needless to say, I rarely go back to sleep, and am groggy, tired and unhappy when I finally open the door for S. Then we load the washing machine if The Spouse hasn't already done so and I set about the cooking. So you see, amidst the vegetables to be peeled, chopped and diced, the dal to be soaked and all this to be done before S leaves in the next couple of hours, there's very little time for breakfast.

One of the breakfasts I've come up with is a cheese slice melting over a fried egg. It's that simple. Spray some oil onto a griddle. Heat it and crack an egg on it. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Turn it over - I don't like runny yolk. Then put a slice of cheese on top and add a wee bit of salt and red chilli powder.

You can add an egg to this too. I haven't tried frying an egg atop a piece of bread - it will probably cook due to the heat on the bread and the heat underneath the bread if the stove is still turned on. Or you could take the less adventurous way out and simply top the bread with the egg and cheese assemblage.


  1. your morning chore exactly resembled mine before the birth of my son. now everything depends on him. whether he stirs, whether he wants water or want to wake up early even before the Sun decides to do so...I have to follow suit.
    the breakfast looks great. wheng we were kids my maa sometimes made something similar with bread. she used to pour the egg in the cutout hole of two stacked bread. that looked and tasted delish! now that you have reminded me will soon have to make it for the sonny boy.
    have a great week ahead.

  2. eggs are perfect for breakfast I haven't melted the cheese on top like that looks healthy

  3. Just my thoughts!I can understand the tug that you feel between getting up and not getting up:)Even a wink of sleep at this moment means more to me than the whole wide world!
    Lovely poached eggs...looks absolutely yummy!


  4. Love this. Sometimes I put a slice of toasted bread on the top just before removing it. The soft yolk with the bread tastes awesome! :-)

  5. I can totally empathize! I 'wake up' at 7.30 each morning too... even though I actually can afford to wake up at 8.30. that's bcoz I'm stressing already that I might oversleep, or that there may not be enough bread for breakfast, or that i forgot to buy rice/oil/onions the previous day or something! Sigh...
    But the egg with a melting cheese slice?? Could just make up for it all :)

  6. Hi,
    Great idea of having a hearty breakfast on the go..
    It would go great with toasted bread..
    Happy Blogging

  7. I get up at 5:45 -- 6:00 and even then no breakfast, a cereal bar or a rotting banana at the most.

    I love, love, love runny yolks (not in half boiled eggs though)

  8. I haven't slept till 8 30....on a normal basis that is.......for I'm not sure how many years. How do you manage that - I assume you work a shift!

    But the egg more than makes up for it - thank you for such a great suggestion - the bread would actually work well with a hole cut out - it has a name, what was it - toad in the hole.


  9. This recipe came to my house before it landed here! I tried it the next day and my son Loved it! And added perks were "This recipe is given by Sra Aunty" :)

  10. Sayantani, I tried that after reading your comment, it didn't work very well for me, both times :)
    Tor, thanks, it's quite nice.
    WWW, thanks, my help's on leave tomorrow at least so I hope to sleep longer.
    Sharmila, I don't like runny yolk. My grandad loved to eat it with chapathi!
    Swati, sometimes it can be heavy, though, esp. when you wake up late and are not v hungry!
    Rujuta, thank you!
    Bong Mom, yeah, I know, I do that sort of thing too - my breakfasts vary, not always cooked.
    Miri/Raji, I sleep late too :) I always thought that was some kind of savory custard with sausages? I tried the hole thingy, it didn't work too well, the bread got burnt.
    Sanjeeta, great! Tell him Sra Aunty said hi!

  11. That must be delicious! I like the melted cheese on top of the eggs.




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