Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Slap of Paneer & How I Moved My Cheese - Again

Recently, I got a new mikcee. A no-frills, three-jar affair which doesn't even have a jooser. As fate would have it, I've used it very little in the three weeks since I bought it.

A few days later, during my weekly shopping for vegetables, I saw nicely sliced jikini in the store - this store cuts and packs some vegetables everyday but as I almost always go there on Sunday evening, I rayrely buy them as I no longer like to store them in the fridge for whenever I next cook, which could be too days later or five days later. This time, I couldn't help myself, I bought the pack.

I also had a slap of paneer, a couple of carrots and I don't remember what else, the photo may offer some cluse.

I had coriander and I knew there were some kashyoos in the fridge. I had also seen some fresh red chiles in the store so those were there too.

So I desided to make a miksed vegetable currry - and I could test the mikcee too. After all, hadn't I bought it after a lot of research - all the Internet opinion slammed it but real-world opinion was dayametrically opposite so I went for it.

Mixed Up Paneer And Vegetable Curry

Paneer/Cottage Cheese, cubed - 250 gm
Zucchini, diced - 2 cups
Carrots, diced - less than a cup

Cumin - 1 tsp
Oil - 2 tsp
Salt - To taste

Grind the following to a fine paste with a little water (only as much as you want):
Coriander - 1/2 a cup
Cashewnuts - 10-12/a fistful, soaked for a little while
Fresh red chillies - 2

Heat the oil and pop the cumin.

Lightly fry the paneer and then add the zucchini and carrot. Saute for a couple of minutes

Turn the heat down, sprinkle a little water and cover and let it cook till done (but I wouldn't want my zucchini to be shapeless).

Then, add the salt and the ground paste/liquid, whatever it has become.

Turn the heat up just a tad, mix well and simmer for a minute or two.


Don't forget Of Chalks and Chopsticks - get that imagination working and send me your entries by May 31.


  1. As usual, enjoyed reading through your post but was left wondering about the spelling mistakes, which BTW I am sure were deliberate :)

  2. Today nor problem in commenting, what i was going to say yesterday was that i love that you make things ir invent recipes with the things you have in your fridge.

  3. Bhagyashri, you can attribute it to a spell of boredom!
    Finla, I love YOU! Thanks for saying that, it feels really good.

  4. Why post again and again ? Just bekaz you like mikcee and jikini, you post and talk about mikcee all the time. Why, why ?

  5. So, yuvar mikcee grinding kashyews good, eh???

  6. Baang Maam, becaaz it is new.
    Jayashree, the true test is when I get smoothly grinded - or is it grounded - kokonet.

  7. Owe Sra, sew gud two sea ewe in such gud fyorm! Beeleev ewe shood chk -- not four beefs butt four kittehs.

    My mikcee is pakked up in a bocks; eye yam ewesing onlee kittschen-ade four grounded spizs theez daiz.


  8. Linda, sew gud to c yew again!


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