Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Week That Was + Of Chalks and Chopsticks

A month ago, I did my eyebrows for only the second time in my life, painted my toenails a metallic, stamp-pad-ink purple, saw to it that my party clothes still fit me and prepared to go on vacation.

Sadly, it didn't happen.

About three days ago, I wiped off the nail paint, threw some clothes into a suitcase, went to work and much later, got out in a tizzy and clapped hand to mouth so that my heart wouldn't spill out as the cab I took to the airport to more work in another city jostled others to ensure the flight wasn't lighter by several tens of kilos.

I reached the destination a few hours later and couldn't sleep for another hour - until I had yielded to the temptation of one of a pair of Fuji apples provided by the hotel.

The next day was spent cooped up in a grey meeting room, getting facts and figures right, and ignoring some newer speakers to ensure I had got the previous speakers' facts and figures down right. Then there was dinner, with some of the same speakers, but mercifully, no facts and figures.

The day was also interspersed with some texting and calls, this time about getting the logistics right of my visiting friends or the friends visiting me the next day. I'm glad to say that the logistics worked out well - I caught up with friends old and newer, a wonderful spread at lunch and much laughter and companionship, ignoring the calls of the cabbie to hurry up as my flight back home was looming closer.

I finally left in a haze of euphoria, and even the late, late realisation that I had been booked on a low-cost flight where no dinner would be served unless I paid through my nose didn't affect me as I feasted on the memories of the day.

With so much on my plate, I haven't been my usual prompt blogger self these days. Nor the strict event hostess I have a reputation for being, that is, I haven't even announced the event (not that I am lowering my standards, oh no!).

Well here it is now - I am hosting the third edition of Of Chops and Chalksticks ... er ... no, Of Chalks and Chopsticks, so please send in all those stories that you've got playing out in your head - come on, make it a wild success, you can be the hero/heroine as long as there is some food also playing a prominent role in the story. It needn't be a recipe, so what are you waiting for?

Send in your entries to srablogATgmailDOTcom by July 28, 2010.

The subject line should say: Of Chalks and Chopsticks - 3

The e-mail should provide the

Blogger's name

Title and URL of the post

Some information, borrowed from earlier editions

The writing should be original, i.e, yours.

There is no word limit or theme - you can write on anything so long as the story stars food. It has to be written in a single post.

Old posts posted again are accepted (but a new one's always more exciting.

These posts CAN be shared with other events.

Link your post to this post and Aqua's post (mentioned earlier).


  1. Finally! Was waiting for you to announce this though the next couple of weeks are going to be as crazy for me as your last week was. Hope things slow down a little for you. :)

  2. Wha!! you came to Delhi and I didnt get to meet :(

  3. Was wondering who is the host this time and when will the event be declared. Gotta wrack my pea brain again for a fiction .. but am enjoying this event. :-)

  4. hectic week it was sure.. would have loved to see the purple nail paint though :)

  5. Oh no, that sucks... Hope you get to go on that vacation soon, but sounds like you had more than enough fun in Delhi.

    Good luck with the event, fiction is not my thing, so I will just have to be a silent observer :)

  6. I was waiting to see the hostess of this month and found the details @ Jaya's blog..I have one ready.Will be posting it soon..

  7. yay for you hosting the event! I'm sorry you didn't get to go on your vacation :(

  8. Did you really paint your nails purple, Sra?

  9. I'd be really depressed if my vacation got cancelled!! Hope you get some time off soon!

  10. Hey Sra! Loooove this post of yours :) Am a fledgling blogger and am still discovering the fascinating world of food blogs! Do drop by when you have the time. Looking forward to getting to know u better... cheers!


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