Thursday, March 18, 2010

Egg & Spinach Baked With Nut Crust

I'm the Pacman!

Laziness got the better of the scrambled eggs and leeks you wanted to make for lunch.

Later in the evening, you remember a handful of grated cheese resting in the refrigerator for the past few days.

There are over a dozen eggs waiting to be used as well.

Your resolve to eat less, if not lighter, in the nights would be well exercised with a simple combination of the two, you think, the mere thought making you float.

Come home, whip out the cheese and four eggs.

There is three-fourths of a cup of chopped leeks in the refrigerator.

Mince three chillies and two cloves of garlic.

You notice a bunch of spinach as well, so wash it well and chop it, it makes about two cups of spinach.

In about a tablespoon of olive oil, saute the garlic.

Once it's all nice and smelly, add the spinach. Let it wilt well, hurry this along by stirring it. Make sure there's no water left from the spinach.

Now add the leeks and the chillies. Add a little salt. Saute a few seconds. Let cool.

{{Idea!!! There are flaked pistachios and almonds in the pantry, and some broken cashewnuts as well!}}

Meanwhile, beat the eggs with a pinch of salt and half of the cheese.

Mix it with the greens and pour into a greased baking bowl.

Mix the rest of the cheese with the nuts and spread over the eggy mix. Both ingredients should be dry.

Bake at 200 C till a knife inserted in the centre comes out dry.

This eggy delight goes off to Yasmeen of Health Nut who's hosting Kalyn's Weekend Herb Blogging, now managed by Haalo.


  1. lovely nutrtious and an innovative dish

  2. LOL at the pacman comment.

  3. Great for breakfast too don't you think. Small bite leftover from here and there are what makes tasty new things.

  4. Impromptu or otherwise, this looks yummcilicious.

  5. That came together really well and I'm loving the nut crust

  6. I am remembering popeye! He would have felt ahppier if given this dish instead of the canned mashed spinach! Looks lovely! And I don't think its a light eat ;)

  7. Sometimes i think good recipes are made in such moments as this looks really yumm, love the addition of nuts.

  8. Almost like the muffin but better with nuts and spinach, I like "Nut Crust"

  9. That's like a quiche with leeks and spinach and without a flaky biscuit crust. The word I was looking for was frittata with nut crust.

  10. You sure know how to make the best of ingredients in hands.Thanks for the fabulous entry :D

  11. a protein and veg powerhouse.. perfect for low carb diets.

  12. That's totally SBD friendly! I did see this on my phone yesterday, didn't connect the dots. Thanks for the pointer Sra, will add to my collection.

  13. Sra,

    Well ,this reminds me of frittata with spinach and cheese+nuts for additional supply of nutrients ...and pacman :-) were sure addicted to video games, right?
    hugs and smiles

  14. innovative..brain thinks well when there are lot of stuff to finish off and less time ;)

  15. This is some really good and healthy protein.

  16. Amazing how with seemingly very little planning you ended up with something so delicious and healthy to boot!

  17. Looks really good..instinctive cooking is the best

  18. Looks really good..instinctive cooking is the best


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