Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Best This Year

At the top of the keyword list today is 'www.how to prepare cauliflower gurma.com'.

Another amusing one is 'soup counter in kolkata'.

Yet another is "not into electronic gadgets".

The best of 2009 was when I hit upon the idea of paying my blog's vital statistics more attention. This did not result in any improvement in the numbers visiting my blog, but became a source of amusement for me and later, my readers, when I began writing about how people landed on my blog.

Here's the post that started this series. It's been missing for a while, but I'll bring it back.

Some other mad moments came a few weeks earlier. I intended to fill uncertain silences with something like this, but didn't do it, somehow. I hope to do so in 2010.

Then there was some musing, which seemed to touch a chord.

A carrotty post in which I had a brainwave to use orange wherever carrot was mentioned. And a similar, pink post where I invented Beetermilk Soup, which had many of you wondering if I came out of the proverbial (well, not really) facility that also processes nuts and muttering 'What will she think of next?'

There was an eventful anniversary that was hailed as a good experiment. Only a few takers, but I'm still in love with myself for having the idea!

There was a short-lived baking binge and hopefully, a slimmer me!

This post is off to one of the best.

See you all in the new year - make the most of the rest of this one!


  1. It is indeed LOL moment whenever you post those search strings. Agreed and granted you had the best event but for some us for whom writing doesn't come easily a month was not enough. One more time perhaps?

    Sra, Wishing you a fun filled and peaceful 2010!

  2. Truly all the posts listed here were amusing as well as entrtaining! This blog and you are close to my heart Sra! Wishing you and your family and wonderful New Year and lots of amusement and blogging and cooking in the days ahead ;)

  3. I love encapsulating posts, especially since I didn't know your blog till a couple of months ago. And though I do go back and read some early posts, I would have missed out on all these great ones you mentioned.
    Which reminds me, I gotta go and do my review.
    I have to mention yours was one of the most fun and unique event I took part in. Wish I knew yours during the grindless gravy event. Oh well...
    Here's to a prosperous and Happy new year. :)

  4. Wow Sra, this is just as I thought!..looks like I somehow missed few posts on this list...but I must say you really do have the most funny ppl landing on your site!!!

  5. Sra,
    I have always liked these "zara hatke post" of yours ...
    wish you a very happy new year
    hugs and smiles

  6. Wishing you a magnificent New Year 2010 with many more bests to come!

    Paz xoxo

  7. Hope you have a wonderful new year, Sra....

  8. I loved the serie of keyword search- great amusement indeed!
    All ur posts are unique and entert...
    Happy New Year to u :)

  9. Your posts always make my day, Sra. :D

    Hoping to see many more such posts and a very Happy New Year to you and family.

  10. May the New Year see your blog with more such keywords Sra :)

  11. Dear Sra -- you keep me in smiles all year 'round -- wishing you a wonderful and wondrous 2010!

    PS I would have played along with the Write event, but I never considered myself a 'food writer' ;)

  12. LOL ... this is so much fun!

    Wish you a very happy New year ahead ... here's toasting to good health and many more chuckles and recipes from your post to mine!!

  13. Dear Sra, nootana samvatsara subhakanshalu :)..


  14. The Cauliflower Gurma must have a tamilian flavour! I saw a signboard in Chennai that said - Badam Gheer ( for Badam Kheer)- not to make fun of the clan - I am married to one!
    Happy New Year. Lovely blog, nice posts.

  15. Cauliflower "gurma" sounds delicious. So, how *do* you make it? ; }


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