Tuesday, November 03, 2009

An As-You-Like-It Curry

De-cluttering is as much about getting rid of unnecessary and surplus stock as it is about shedding undesirable fat. (Let's, for the moment, not talk about clearing the cobwebs in the mind.) Eating your way through your fridge and pantry is probably not the best way to achieve the latter objective, though it's a practical solution to the first. Donation is another, of course, but I want to eat most of what I have.

My resolve to clean out the cupboards began with the kitchen and ended at my computer - I've spent the past couple of weeks trying to eat my way healthily and steadily through my pantry and fridge, but the unceasing supply of nourishment got on my nerves and I ended up bingeing my way through it, neither making a dent in the supplies nor, naturally, cutting out the fat. The wardrobe and other storage spaces are waiting, impatiently.

De-cluttering can be so all consuming (I swear that pun just arranged itself as I was writing the sentence)! It weighs on your mind and enervates you just the way extra weight does - you want to do something about it but simply can't seem to summon up the will; then, disgusted, you attack the problem, but soon, a sense of futility takes over (it's the hard work, you see) and you go on a binge.

I don't know what the equivalent of a binge in terms of de-cluttering My Pictures on the computer is, but in food, a worse kind of binge is when you buy additional stuff to use up what you already have - say, flour, if you have too many eggs wobbling towards rottendom, or sago and extra milk, if you have too much sugar.

Taking myself firmly in hand, I called my favourite cause this morning and made an appointment with them for collection (now I can't not de-clutter); and then I made a completely as-you-like-it egg curry just to get rid of some stuff from the fridge. (Actually I'm lying - the onions got charred because I was inattentive and I had to throw them out and dream up this recipe.)

The amounts are completely arbitrary, all you need to have is some sense of proportion. (I don't.)

Eggs: 5-6, boiled, shelled, scored lightly

Grind to a paste with a little water the next three ingredients:

Coriander: Grab as much as you want
Mint: Same - grab as much as you can
Tomatoes: 5-6, halved

Seasoning: Salt, chilli powder, garam masala, turmeric - per taste
Oil: 1-2 tsp

In a large pan, heat the oil and saute the paste.

Season with all the ingredients and let it come to a boil.

Add the boiled eggs and simmer for a while or till the gravy thickens.

I imagine this gravy would taste good with potatoes, koftas, paneer and tofu too.

This goes to Haalo at Cook Almost Anything where Kalyn's Weekend Herb Blogging is being hosted this week.


  1. oh yea...I agree that the worst kind of binging is when you buy additional stuff to use what you already have and want to get done with. Now a days, If I have excess of something, I usually give it off to my maid or ask my mom if she needs it. And if none of the above works, I make something yummm and take it next morning to my office to distribute!...hhahaha,...Yes! That makes me quite likable...little do they know the real intention(I wanted to get rid of it!)...btw...yummy looking egg curry!

  2. Here I am finally. Sorry girl, I know it has been a long time. seems like all of a sudden my life has taken another turn along with my feet:-(

    I will go over and read the round up. Never made egg curry with mint. sounds really interesting. sometimes the this and that makes the best recipes.

  3. buying sago and milk is a sure fire way to get rid of the sugar and decluttering the body be damned :) You can't have it all can you?

    Egg curry is one where the ingredients do not matter one bit.

  4. True so true.. Its simply like the extra weight which most of us cant summon up to lose ... I love the idea of adding mint to the dish. I should give this a try .. thanks sra .. Its been a while since Ive been here .. I should visit more often :)

  5. I make a similar curry minus the herbs...

  6. You have inspired me to de-clutter.:)

  7. Preeti, I do the office thing too, but as I don't eat too many sweets/snacks, it's the store-bought and leftover stuff that I take to office, not so much the savoury dishes that I make at home.
    Soma, Don't worry, take care of yourself. I had the same/similar problem for a while.
    Indo, I just made the sago stuff - it didn't come out pretty and I couldn't even palm it off on to anybody - lasted more than a week - I had to eat my way through it.
    Dee, weight's such a sore issue, isn't it?
    Rachel, yeah, tomato gravy with eggs is an old recipe in my house.
    Vidya, kitchen or house? ;)

  8. I am in the midst of deluttering the house, pantry , fridge, my mind..on all levels i so agree with you even though a part of me is tempted to go buy some semiya and make payasam with the extra sugar in the house.

  9. umm looks delicious pperfect for this weather,..;-)

  10. Decluttering is a huge task, I always try but never succeed in fridge area.
    Mint in egg curry sounds aromatic.

  11. Sra,
    I like the as-you -please-eggcurry you made , nice way to use up things in fridge....
    decluttering is always good :)..
    hugs and smiles

  12. ha ha ha...
    LOL at buying few more stuff to de-clutter the ones almost rotten/dead staged ingredients ;) but look who is talking! i just bought some more veggie stock to clear those bags of mixed beans. hoping to make some soup tonight.
    gravy looks so creamy even w/o onions. good one sra.

  13. *sigh* it's my turn to de-clutter. i like your latest dish.


  14. That de-clutter curry looks yumm

  15. De-clutter, yeah I am in the same boat! We haven't been cooking in a while, so for me decluttering the fridge means throwing away all the expired and rotten stuff. And the PC is totally hopeless.
    Love the color on that egg curry, how did you get that dark brown?

  16. Mallugirl, I almost bought maida to make a muesli cake yesterday, but I persevered and am trying for a recipe where I don't need one - I have a new pack of muesli I really don't like.
    Notyet100, I could have this in any weather!
    Cham, the problem with decluttering is that you have to keep doing it. :)
    Jaya, I made another fridge-cleaner curry today, came out very well! We'll take days to finish it, of course ;)
    Sia, It's not creamy at all. I just thickened it a bit.
    Paz, thanks. You just have to take the bull by the horns.
    Bong Mom, it was, too, the mint held its own v well.
    Sig, it's actually a dark green-red, from the coriander and the mint and tomato!!!

  17. hmm Sra, I have become conscious now onn that. I never buy extra and if there are more veggies which I won't plan to use that week I donate it to my maid. This egg curry was very nice. Sorry for not taking part in the write taste. I could find any food related writings in myc collection in english but I have quiet a lot in tamil. Thats why I shied away :(

  18. I conditionally trash few things(usually fattening cheese...junk food etc). Although in one way wasting...practically it works for me, I get on track (dieting) real quick.

    The egg curry looks perfect for todays weather, now you gave me an idea for dinner, thanx:)

  19. I did a very diligent job of de-cluttering this summer when I got the entire inside of my house painted. Such a great feeling (although I am already feeling things starting to pile up a little!)

    Love the sound of this dish. I've never eaten anything like this, but the combination sounds good!

  20. Ni, no problem. I was managing things well, then there was a blip in my planning!
    Malar, did you make it? I too trash things but I feel v guilty, but you're right, it doesn't help with the diet if you try to use up everything!
    Kalyn, the kitchen seems easy. I've begun on the clothes and not yet started on the papers and books.

  21. Purging the kitchen is like Sherman's march to the sea; you need to be ruthless.

    Handfuls of coriander and mint must make this curry fantastically fragrant. Wish I liked hard-boiled eggs more, but I'm sure I could ladle in a few cups of beans instead.


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