Friday, October 23, 2009

Rounding Up The Write Taste

Finally, I’ve not been my infamously inflexible host self at all, though that was due to a mistake and not the milk of human kindness - no harm done, though; I love the entries for The Write Taste all the same, they are different, and I’m sure you will all have a wonderful time feasting your eyes on them.

The gracious host that I have evolved into, I’m not going to say a single word about how surprised I was that there weren’t more entries; that I always thought it would be easier to discuss food and cooking than actually create it; that I’m so hysterically grateful to those who participated.

Now, on with the show!

Chow! I’m pretty sure I saw this word in a comic first. Was it Dennis the Menace? Or Archie? I’m not sure. But here is a 21st century version of it, and an account and proof of why it sent her to ‘nirvana heaven’.

Then comes the next entry, which describes something like having your cake and eating it too! More than that, in fact. There is some eating, but much other activity too! Pain or pleasure, you can’t do without food, it seems.

Shake off those inhibitions, and get down and dirty! Squeeze, squish, squash, slurp, swirl! Relish it every which way you can. Or not. What am I talking about? Find out, find out more!

Here’s an entry from a blogger, though it’s not a blog post. It’s a review about a book she likes, which is "not so much about the food but the style of writing and the narration somehow leading to a recipe at the end of each chapter".

The book: Monsoon Diary (Shoba Narayan)
Reviewer: Rashmi Srinivas at Curled Up With a Good Book

“In Monsoon Diary, which can be classified as part cookbook, part travelogue and part biography, author Shoba Narayan takes readers on a journey which is as eclectic and amazing as the contents of the book itself. Food is the dominant factor in this book, and around it the author describes her own life journey. …

… Monsoon Diary is a gently edifying, delightful, utterly satisfying cultural and culinary read.” Read more here.

‘Mapped to tastes and habits’ is the pun that occurs to me naturally, all the more so after a day spent listening to such language (and a day trying hard not to let such jargon creep into my writing). Explore what I’m talking about here.

My refrigerator, it seems to me, is a bottomless pit, an ever-expanding Pushpaka Vimanam that has space for that extra packet which I’ll probably never use. It is also a record of funny life truths and good memories, as our magnet collections live there. And there’s much more to it, as she and her writer tell us.

This is one classic foodie very much in the news nowadays, and there are works of hers, about her, in various media. The post is in Italian, but use an online translation to get its essence. I, for one, have put this book on my must-read list.

I felt the same way the author of this post did after reading the excerpt - to book a flight and zoom away. I’m sure I will, I live in hope. Maybe reading this will channel positive energy our way, don’t put it off!

Boarding school = always hungry.
Typically English = cucumber sandwiches.
And more.

Ever heard of daulat ki chaat? Try it, you’d be surprised at the elements that go into it. Read about all that and more here. You will also find some insights into cookbooks and memoirs.

Nostalgia unlimited is what this book unleashed. But more importantly, it also expanded her world of books - from one that seemed to set her pulse racing to an equally enthralling but calmer one, perhaps one characterized by deeper thought and introspection? Judge for yourselves.

Here’s a peek into some food reading habits, some memories and an introduction to an author in an Indian language. There are links to some recipes he has mentioned too. Discover more.

Les Ouefs! Ils sont excellents! Pardon the French, but you’ll know why I’m speaking a different language when you read this post. A cookbook it may be, but there are life lessons as well.

The descriptions are simply beautiful. I’ve exhausted my French for now, but there’s more here. And I’m relating to the post very personally as I recently saw something as beautiful: A spring onion sliced longitudinally, thready streaks of purple running through it.

Here’s a post that all of us need to read. There is a wealth of information there that we cannot do without. Enough said.

“You know, you have these crazy people asking the waiter, insisting they know where the chicken comes from,” said someone to me years ago, about how some people in her country were hung up on eating food that was produced right, processed ethically. Not so much of a joke now. Read this, think about it, and make some better informed choices.

And my own entry: Here it is!


  1. Sra, the roundup is as unique as your event. Which is to say WONDERFUL! I found some amazing bloggers through it, so thank you.

  2. Very interesting reads all of them. I had all the intention to participate but kept putting it off. Not a good excuse I know.

  3. I loved many of the entries in this list! In all fairness, I loved your event Sra - I expected myself to spam your mail with my entries but time had other plans for me! But I am hoping you do this event again some other time, its innovative and inspires the writer in all of us :)

    Who knows with this practice I might actually start writing like you ;)

  4. What a lovely collection of write taste!..thanks Sra..

  5. I saw this in the morning, blog hopped a bit and am back again for some more blog hopping. Lovely event, your round up is even nicer, it really makes you want to go and check out the entries.

  6. Excellent round up!! Keep it up! I will take years to reach your heights!!

  7. Enjoyed reading the entries for your event, Sra. I hope you plan to do this again and I also hopeto contribute the next time! :)

  8. I have been looking forward to this round up! There's a few new blogs to discover! I think this is perfect reading for my Sunday morning...and I have started early today!
    Like ISG, I had every intention...and I will...just that it will be late for the round up, but aren't some friends notorious for being late perpetually? I am that one. :-D

  9. Nageeeee.... I so wanted to participate and of course procrastinated way past even the extended due date.
    Great roundup :)!

  10. Great roundup. This was a fun event. I can't wait to go and read the other entries. Thanks for putting it together.

    Paz ;-)

  11. Thanks Sra. This should be a good read.

  12. No milk of human kindness, eh? LOL!
    You are a strict taskmistress, Sra.

    Thanks for dreaming up this event. I'm working my way, however slowly, through each entry - and enjoying every word. Literally. : )

  13. Nice work Sra, and nice contributions everybody. Having a chance to wave a favourite writer around in public always cheers me up.

  14. Trying to go through the blog pile-up in my reader.
    I just realise I never left a comment here. :)
    First, happy to see the round-up. Read through the submissions and it was fun reading.
    Thanks for an original event idea and round-up.


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