Sunday, February 08, 2009

What Brought You Here?

From time to time, I look at the 'keywords' that have visitors landing in my blog and never cease to be baffled by the permutations and combinations that operate in the rather mysterious innards of the Internet. Goodness knows what the poor surfer was looking for when s/he looked for 'Desi Bullock' pictures but amid the Sandra Bullocks and other 'desi' references, nestled a search result mentioning my blog. Whoever was looking was not an idle surfer, I guess.

Then, someone who presumably wanted to know about the goodness of 'coconut oil for fingering blogspot' also made their way to my blog, again a second page result amidst more exciting ones. Guess s/he WAS looking for (or not entirely disinterested in) culinary advice.

It must have been an ornithologically-minded person who typed in 'What Do Crows Eat' and happened on this post. S/he must have been quite keen on the research, because I have tired of clicking on 'Next' after some six pages of results to see how fast the blog came up.

'What happened after dinner?' could have been a teaser for a murder mystery or a romance, but whoever wanted to know visited my blog too. Hopefully, they've learnt some useful lessons.

Someone who had 'too much tomato in my soup' was, in the sane order of things, probably bound to land in my blog, given its name and ingredients, but wouldn't have found any remedy. I'm a 'Slice-of-Life Chronicler', remember (heh heh!) and food is only a perspective, or an excuse, so those looking for tips and kitchen hints here may have been disappointed. Or may have stumbled on a great blog!

Beauty treatments are absent too, and so is health advice, as the seekers would have found when they asked 'Is kala chana powder good for my face' (I couldn't make out which page they landed on) or 'I enjoy curry but it makes me nauseous - what can I do to prevent this' and chanced upon this.

Oh yeah, blogging's fun alright! Yeah, I came alive when I came alive. That, dear readers, is also a 'keyword', though it is, in its unwittingly glorious pun-niness, a most evocative affirmation of how much I enjoy blogging.


  1. ROTFL @ "coconut oil for fingering blogspot"!! What the heck were you blogging that for woman and what the heck were "he" looking for? ;D

    Thanks for the smiles and laughs this Sunday evening. Just sat down after cleaning the living room and hauling the old couch to the garage. Phew! New stuff is coming on Tuesday! :)

    Have fun.

  2. ha ha ur blog is a target for all NON-food users. I just imagine how they would blamed you to pulling in ur page. They should add in their queries "no food"... Good analyse of ur queries

  3. haha so true Sra! You sure do have some hilarious ones here! Nice post!! The funniest one that I have had was "Chita's Hunt Video".... my Treasure Hunt event, and his/her abominable animal spellings have contributed! heeheheeee!

  4. As to the title of your post, I have only one answer, You! :)

    Ha, ha..... I guess all of us get our share of these most interesting search phrases.
    Someone came to my page looking for a "picture of a Goan businessman"!! I didn't know they were a separate species.:D

    Two of my latest ones are "I will bake bread" (sounds scary) and "cat&bread" (this is baffling!).

  5. Actually its sad that keywords to my blog are very drab and ordinary, like names of dishes, mostly. But then again, I have never looked beyond the top 25. Who knows what gems lie beyond that, eh? ;_

  6. totally cracked me up :) nice way to start a monday!

  7. Asha, God! I wasn't using that phrase, it showed up in my stats! Only the search results told me what he (or she) could have been looking for. Enjoy your new furniture.
    Cham, target for all NON-food users? That made me laugh so much!
    Dibs, "Chita's Hunt Video"- that's really funny. I heard that marketers pay good money even for common spelling mistakes, to ensure that typos don't drive surfers away.
    Aparna, thank you.
    Picture of a Goan businessman - It's not a stereotype that I know of. "I will bake bread" (really does sound scary, in its solemnity) and "cat&bread" - maybe pet food?
    Nags, My stats show me these things as they are, haven't looked for top keywords
    Raaga, Glad I could do that!

  8. LOL :-))))
    Coconut oil for fingering blogspot??? What on earth made hime land on your blog???

  9. ROFL! :-D :-D :-D

    Like nags, all my keywords are usually all those non interesting ones and almost always related to recipes.

  10. Very interesting collection :).

  11. ROFL!!! All the search phrases are really funny, but "too much tomato in my soup" and nausea-inducing curry take the cake! You must make this a regular feature on your blog.


  12. What unique & funny keywords you get Sra... but with the smart, different captions & topics you come up with am not surprised.

  13. I just clicked you culnary advice page yeah and it again made me smile , i remember when i read the past when you posted it made me smile too.
    Actually i love your place as it is not just food, i love to read you travel posts too.

  14. Ha HA..I go with Asha..the first one made me laugh out so loud!!!

  15. did you get any of those plaintive "could you please tell me how to make upma?" kinda things? they actually talk and plead with the search engine.

  16. LOL! How very interesting (and funny)!

    Paz ;-)

  17. Jayashree, guess I have only myself to blame - one of my smart alecky post titles came up somewhere in that search
    Sunita,mine seem to be related to everything but recipes!
    Musical, you bet! I'm looking out for the crazies everyday.
    Mamatha, even I found these two v v funny. And I DO plan to make this a regular feature.
    Laavanya,yeah, that's why I get these search words - more fun, no?
    Happy cook, thank you, thank you, wish me luck that I travel more often and there will be more posts, I promise.
    Varsha, They are funny, very funny.
    Bee, LOL! Maybe a bit, or a lot, of politesse brings up better results, what do we know? :-) I've never had those, not that I've noticed.
    Paz, yes, I'm going to check my stats more often from now on!

  18. Oh this type of keywords are reflecting to our blogs. Hmmm going to check what is taking me to my blog......

  19. He he... that is too funny, Sra!! Thanks for the much neeeded laugh :)

  20. he he he he...
    ha ha ha ha...
    ho ho ho ho...



  21. Lubna, your keywords must be pretty straightforward! I try to be clever and end up with stuff like this!
    Vani, any time, wish i can unearth more stuff like this in future.
    Sia, better than devil's dung, eh?

  22. u should have added some ad hoc terms in this post just to direct hapless surfers.
    By the way, have u used sumac in onion salad? that's the easiest way to use it up..goes well with all other food.try this recipe.

  23. oh no girl... devil's dung is unbeatable ;)

  24. You have some good ones there, Sra! :D

    I come here usually for the witty, humorous posts. :)

  25. Dear sra,
    It is exactly 9 months now since I visited any blog( including mine...ah, I noticed the SPCH badge..;-) ) and no, am not having a baby like the 9 months might sound..but it was simply too good a post to land on and get hooked onto blog hopping again...lovely read for a comeback....keep blogging...santhi

  26. ROFL !!Hahhahaaha

    Goodness Gracious:-) Just last night i was going thru the keywords - something which i learnt to do very recently.. i shared with my husband & we were in splits. What an idea to follow that up....Thanks for the good laugh!

  27. :D LOL @ kala chana on my face ;)

  28. You funny(punny) girl, fingering blogspot indeed !!!

  29. Mallugirl, I've never made onion salad :-) Will do now!
    Rajitha, thanks, I try :-)
    Sia, wait till I discover something worse!
    TBC, Thanks. I've been checking the stats more frequently than before, these gems seem to have petered out.
    Santhi, that's great, get back to blogging soon, I'm all agog.
    Soma, actually, it's been done before. Glad you had a good laugh.
    A_and_N, funny, isn't it? Never heard of kala channa powder on anyone's face.
    Sandeepa, this kind of post is exactly what fingering blogspot is!

  30. Happy V day to you. I got a Godiva chocolate box but I don't like chocolates! :D

    Don't ever get married to a nerd!! HeHe! Thought that counts of course! :)

    (Go "there", I have posted some new photos)

    Enjoy. We have plans to out for lunch later, just checking the comments.

  31. :) Coconut oil for fingering? :) :) I just googled it and got stuck on the first page... :)

  32. Some interesting stuff!! I haven't checked up like this but after your post I am going to:) Came here yesterday but life called me back before I could comment!!

  33. Just laughing at this Sra -- most of my search terms are about baby squirrels and horsegram! ;)

  34. This post is a Perfect example for Blogging Humour!!

  35. I don't remember the exact words I used, but I once got tons of hits regarding a US basketball tournament... It is entertaining, isn't it?

  36. A humourous yet a thought provoking write up..:)..Lovely!!:D

    Well,this blogger wanted to blog something(ready with a simple recipe) after a hibernation of two whole months and was seated confronting the dear ol' blogger post page(attemting to write something)..ending up blank(nothing flowing from her brains... )
    Suddenly the grey matter reminds her of this blog..."why not go and read a few of her posts for that 'spark'...and true(holy brains!) she got ignited :)..

    This happened yesterday(Feb 18 '09) night ISD 5:17 pm

    Sorry for not landing here through any "Keyword" ;)(he he ..thankfully) she has this wonderful blog in her "Favorites" :)

    Now Sra deserves a Tight Hug from Bharathy..Doesn't she?? :D!

    HUGS! :D

  37. Hilarious... who are these people??

  38. Asha, hi, just published my own take on V Day! ;)
    Sig, I can imagine ;)
    Sunshinemom, so what did you find?
    Linda, :-) and combinations of Michigan and stuff, I'm sure
    Lavi, thanks. :-)
    Katie, I identified another list today, coming soon.
    Cynthia, you should see the gems I turned up today1
    Bharathy, thankuthankuthanku, hugs to you too.
    Mallika, I wonder if I really want to know! :-D


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