Friday, August 08, 2008

Some Reading, and Some Drooling

When Jayashree tagged me to do this book meme, I decided to ignore the first rule - it requires me to pick up the nearest book. Well, the book nearest to me now has some pretty boring stuff in the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth sentences on Pg 123 (methought it was a murder mystery; it turned out to be more of a romantic thriller - one pair of charismatic cops and one pair of charismatic suspects for nice balance), so I hunted for a book which I thought held more promise, but while the book is very interesting and funny, this extract doesn't say much about the book itself.

To recap, here are the rules for this meme:
Pick up the nearest book
Open to page 123
Find the 5th sentence
Post the next three sentences
Tag 5 people and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

Here's the extract:

The 5th sentence (which is a quote from another book): "If someone tell you an obviously untrue story, on the Continent you would remark, "You are a liar, Sir," and a dirty one at that."
"In England you just say "Oh, is that so?" Or "That's rather an unusual story, isn't it?"
Turned down for a job as a translator, for which he was completely unqualified, Mikes was told, "I am afraid your English is somewhat unorthodox." He found this hilarious.

The book: Talk to the Hand
Chapter: The Universal Eff-Off Reflex
Author: Lynne Truss, also known for the international bestseller Eats, Shoots & Leaves
Whom She's Quoting: George Mikes, How to be a Brit

I'm tagging Sig of Live to Eat
Jayashree of Spice and Curry
Pragyan of Sorisha
Sukanya of Hot and Sweet Bowl
Vidya of Tales Grandma Never Told and Hooked on Hobbies for this meme.

Till next week, here's some food for you to drool over - all very "homely items" made for my friend S who came over to spend a couple of hours, and who brought some really creamy and I think, vegan, Aloo Dum for us to eat. It's not visible but it's in the white plastic container at the back. The rest are pappu charu with bottlegourd, prawn curry, dosakaya pachadi and pumpkin curry with jaggery.


  1. Lovely spread. And Im am inviting myself to your house if u promise me a pawn curry Sra!

  2. I'm drooling, Sra. I going to come over one of these days and you're going to cook up something for me, I hope.:)
    This is one meme I have to do, too.

  3. nice spread, but where are the recipes? posted already?! drool-worthy for sure :)

  4. Nice spread....and thx for taking up the tag.

  5. Interesting Meme Sra and lovely spread... wish we cud see the Aloo Dum..:)


  6. A very luscious spread there! All I need is an ivitation now!

  7. Hey Sra: I love Eats, shoots and leaves..cute little bear story :) She has a great sense of humor indeed. Thanks for tagging me. Will post soon..

  8. Sra,
    the array of curries look so deliciuos, and one look at the Prawn curry is making me drool ..
    I will try to post the meme , thanks for tagging ..
    hugs and smiles

  9. Interesting Meme Sra and that food looks sumptuous

  10. Sra,
    Re: your comment on Sig's, will send you a picture of me walking around the house holding up a damp towel when you send me a tray of Lavang Latika :P

    I have both those books by Lynne Truss - the husband gave them to me for my b'day a few years ago. I am, er, yet to read both of them :(
    Completely off topic, have you read "No onions nor garlic" by Srividya Natarajan - it's ROFL hillarious. It's available only in India and Singapore though. It's set in Madras and makes fun of academia, among other things. For some reason, I get the impression you are/ were in academia - thought you'd enjoy it.


  11. yum, yum and yummmm....
    recipes plzzzzz....

  12. Talk to the hand, eh? Haven't read that, will look out for it.

    Thanks for tagging me Sra! There are 5 books on my nightstand, which are all at an equal distance to me, now I have to see which book will make the most interesting meme... I will do this soon! :) This must be the easiest meme I've ever seen :)

    Oh, and the spread looks delicious, esp the prawn curry :) Have a great weekend, Sra!

  13. Ni, you're welcome, just mail me in advance!
    Aparna, of course. Will look out for your meme.
    Nags, felt lazy to post the recipes, and they've been done on most other blogs, mine're no different.
    Jayashree, it was quite a task trying to make it at least this interesting, you know!
    Siri, the pic in which the Aloo Dum showed was blurred!
    Rachel, no need to be invited, just tell me in advance and you can come over, otherwise you won't get anything to eat but leftovers
    Pragyan, yes, she's hilarious.
    Jaya, come here and you will get it, that's a promise. Will look out for your tag.
    Laavanya, thanks. I never know if I'm serving enough variety.
    Mamatha, now I'm wondering if I should make Lavang Latika just to see that sight! I've heard of this book and even leafed through it, I think, will give it another dekko!
    Sia, these are quite common recipes, already on the blogs, that's why I didn't give any. But maybe I will post them later.
    Sig, it was quite a task making it interesting ;) If I'd got a nice, romantic moment from the other book, I'd have put that in too. But I didn't, got something about criminals and cops instead!

  14. Nice comfort food Sra...
    Like the post heading a lot :))

  15. Sra, nice spread and pic

  16. Nice dishes... So mouthwatering... Thank u for tagging me....

  17. I'm drooling, I'm drooling! ;-)

    Funny sentence picked. I like the title of the book. Funny. ;-)


  18. heheh..thats a nice interesting..though if somebody tags me...I might only get my daughter's book within reach!..:0)

    and lovely spread Sra...looks beautiful..will invite myself sometime ok..if you promise to make all these..heheh

  19. nice meme Sra! Interesting! And the array of food is really drooling.

  20. Sra, there is something for you in my blog...

  21. That's a cool MEME and I am indeed drooling at the spread.

  22. Where do you stay? Can you invite me for lunch as well? All I am eating is self cooked stuff these days. have mercy!

  23. Swati, thank you!
    Sreelu, nice to see you, thanks.
    Sukanya, waiting for your meme!
    Paz, it's a very interesting book!
    Valli, sure, I'll start freezing things from today ;)
    Uma, thanks!
    Kitchen flavours, thanks.
    Swati, heading over!
    Cynthia, come over!
    Cynic, I know the feeling, but remember, all my food is self-cooked for me! Come over, do!

  24. Nice tag :) And the dishes look yummy! I am sure you all had a great time after such a feast :)

  25. Your treat is mouth watering!

  26. Three things are waiting for you at my blog. Come and collect them.

    I hope you like them!

  27. Hi, Nice MeMe. Drool is the right word, alright!:-) I have something waiting for you at my blog.

  28. Quiet and interesting meme and the innovative, too...

  29. Homecooked, it was just two of us. She really seemed to have liked the food!
    Poonam, come over!
    Uma, collected, thank you!
    Shreya, heading over ...
    Anamika, thanks.

  30. the food looks great...and yeah! waiting for the recipes...


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