Tuesday, December 25, 2007

In Retrospect

My posts and memes have said quite a bit about my blog and me, and have even had the odd reader tell me that they’d “observed that you wrote all about yourself” so when it comes to doing a Best of 2007 post, I’m rather wary of having to face that comment again.

But I WILL participate for one reason – true to exasperating form, I cheered lustily for this event (and as usual found myself unable to make the time for it and now time is running out rapidly and my enthusiastic cheerleading mocks me from its place on Nupur’s blog where this event was announced).

I’ve thought short and hard of where my blog went this year and what I want it to do next year and I regret to announce I don’t have anything very lofty to share – I want to have more fun and become more popular. Yes, I actually said that, what nerve (and how shameless, I can hear some of you say)! And a little voice in my head tells me, beware, you may actually get what you wish for! But hopefully, that's a story that will never come to pass, and it's a year away.

Now is there anything I want to do for others, my readers? Yes, many of you who have cared to comment said that my posts have often made you smile, and I wish to do that over and over, with every single post. Truth be told, I visit the blogs I do because I enjoy the sharing of life, the humour, the fun, and often empathise with the tears. The recipes are secondary, and I always feel a pang when I’m introduced as someone having a “cookery web site”. Oh well, can’t expect the whole world to see what you want it to!

I’ve taken more pride in my writing than in my photographs and I suppose that’s one thing I would like to change – I want to make more time for my photographs. I usually don’t fuss with accessories and place settings and stuff for the photos, and I don’t much want to, given that the more I have, the more space they take up, so I’ll have to find a way to deal with that.

I also haven’t made much time to investigate or research the recipes I present – in the form of links to other sources about them/the ingredients. That’s something I hope to remedy.

I haven’t participated in as many events as I’d like for various reasons – time, diet considerations and lack of space in the refrigerator – I do want to change this, but I’m not sure how just at the moment.

Here are what I think are my best posts. Best encompasses not only what I enjoyed writing, cooking and photographing but those that seemed to be popular with others, not just going by the number of comments and traffic they attracted but by the intensity of feelings expressed in the reactions.

Some of them are recipes, few are comment and rant, some others are memories and nostalgia.

Foodwise in India

This found a lot of empathy, despite the Gawd-what-a-post! reactions.

The all-important milestone

A rare find

A good-looking dish

A post that struck a chord

Showing off in the summer

Another rare find (a dessert on my blog, that is)

So on that sweet, sinful note, I bid you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Oh, and how could I not mention this milestone, preparing carefully for its moment in the sun - stay tuned!


  1. have a wonderful 2008, dear sra. i love your 'cookery blog' lol.

  2. a very nice write-up sra..as usual :)...in the coming year i plan to make some chngs too..but in the end the bottom line should be to enjoy ourselves..blogging should be for fun and should not become a chore...and i like the way you were honest..don't we all do it for being liked :)..happy holidays and u and ur family have a great new yr :)....waiting for the GG event.....

  3. I loved every minute of visiting your blog, dear Sra...keep it up! My best wishes to you and yours for the coming year :-)

  4. Sra, that was beautiful... This post is just another example of why I love you blog so much... you are so effortlessly funny... Just keep that up...

  5. Love your blog, Sra! Have a wonderful New year!

  6. The odd reader who made that remark certainly was an "odd" bird!
    You have a way with words, and I have enjoyed reading this blog very much indeed. Thanks for playing along and writing this post :)
    Best wishes to you and yours, and to "When My Soup Came Alive" for a wonderful new year.

  7. Effortlessly funny and frank, that's among the reasons I enjoy visiting :)

    Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

  8. My dear Sra, don't you worry about what people say. Your blog is a pleasure to come and I have always been in awe of your play with words. In my past 3-4 months of hibernation, I would just sneak into a few blogs and yours was one of them. :)

    I see that your oats have found its way into hall of fame ;) and I am eating it this very moment as I write this comment to you. :) Have a lovely year ahead.... even if its in the same way as always! :)

  9. Happy Holidays, Sra.:-)
    I like your style;-)

  10. i like this event - perhaps we may do one. wishes for a great 2008 - your writing is what brings me here more than the recipes or photographs :)

    ps: i don't comment usually on your posts because i detest commenting on blogger. not that i like to be incognito.

  11. Nice way to say adieu to 2007 Sra..:) enjoied reading ur post as always.. Hope u become more popular in 2008.. Amen!

    Have a joyous and wonderful 2008 Sra..;)

    ~ Siri

  12. Lovely retrospect Sra...makes such great reading. Wish I could pen my words as beautifully as yours. Have a great new year.LOL

  13. New year wishes to you and your family!!! Every post of yours is a pleasure to read.. LOve ur sense of humour! gr8 going....

  14. Sra, your posts are such a delight to read. To be honest, I come here more for the writing than the recipes - not that the recipes are any less worthy, but your humor and writing outshines anything else in the post.

    Have a great 2008.

    Best wishes,

  15. Happy Happy New Year Sra! May all your dreams come true in 2008, blogging and otherwise :)

  16. Thanks, Bee.
    Rajitha, thanks. I don't think blogging can ever become a chore for me - hope these aren't famous last words!
    Sunita, thank you.
    Sig, thank you.
    Jyothsna, thanks.
    Nupur, thanks.
    Cynthia, thanks.
    Coffee, I'm honoured.
    TBC, thanks.
    Lakshmi, thanks.
    Siri, thanks {blush}
    Deeba, thanks.
    Ramya, thanks.
    Susan, thanks.
    Mamatha, thanks.
    Linda, thanks.

  17. Nice wrap up Sra, loved the "post that struck a chord", so true about the pantry. This was nice to see all the posts I had missed previously. Have a wonderful year ahead! :)

  18. so my fellow procrastinator, i think i missed the boat on ur gravy event.. istill have it in draft.. can i sent it in?
    as for ur cookery blog.. i always thot it was an cookerospective blog.. philosophy thru the art of cooking..where every one of ur posts had a lesson learnt.:)happy new year dear.love ur blog.. don't change one thing.

  19. Mallugirl, do send it in, I will add it to the round-up.

  20. I love your writeups for your humour ...btw, we all want to be popular - dont we??? So no shame in admitting it.

    Hugs to you.

  21. Namratha,sorry, didn't notice I'd missed your comment.


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