Friday, September 14, 2007

A Blog and An Anniversary

The cake crumbled, and the idea is still fuzzy, so I offer you flowers instead, for my big day! One year ago, I set up this blog, and it's been a fun ride all along, with the new food, new friends, new knowledge.

When I stumbled upon food blogs last summer, the discovery was nothing short of thrilling. Here were people after my own heart, gourmets and gourmands all! It reassured me in various ways about an obsession that had been growing steadily – and food blogs were legit places to unabashedly indulge in that craze.

More importantly, they offered a platform and an outlet for the anecdotal writing that I enjoy, not to mention the glimpses into others’ lives and kitchen as well as the good dose of warm-and-fuzzy feelings whenever someone reacts to a post. If this hadn’t been India, where there aren’t too many food bloggers, I’d be probably looking out for people in grocery stores and wondering if I knew them from the blogs!

So here's the cake that didn't make it, and if the idea for a commemmorative event ever shapes up, I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, read on to see how some people react(ed) to my food blog:

Dad: So whose photos are those? Some are really appetizing!
Dad, they’re mine!
Oh, I didn’t understand what you said, good, very nice.
Mom, he missed the whole point!
Mom: He’s a nut!

The Spouse, in a loud don’t-try-to-fool-me tone: You cook for your blog, don’t say you cook for us!

Aunty: Sra, why don’t you think of Aunty too as a blog and write me an e-mail as long as your posts?

Friend: Ohhowcool! (delivered in an I’mtryingtoshowyouI’mexcited tone but failing miserably – Lesson for Sra: Your ego needs to be cut down to size)

Kid brother: Akka, what sort of a dish is that? You call it capsicum? It looks wormy and disgusting! Couldn’t you get a better picture?

Aha, aha, you mean to say you made the paneer yourself? Hyuk hyuk (that typically pest-kid-brother snigger). You bake brownies and stuff, why don’t you post those? (I no longer do; I just did, and it failed.)

Now for the thanksgiving speeches: Thanks all of you, readers, bloggers, family, friends, lurkers, awarders, Asha, my first commenter – it’s been a great year, and I hope there will be more ahead, with all of you around.

PS: The cake is a flourless orange almond cake, recipes for it abound on the Net. Mine tasted good, but the centre didn't bake well, 'twas the pan substitution that did it!


  1. congrats SRA! it was fun reading those reaction which i still get even from my own members ha ha :)

  2. well ..congrats...its always a pleasure reading your post...more than the recipes I would say this is a platform to indulge ourselves...great going...and keep them coming..btw reactions you have written above is great!

  3. You don't need a cake to celebrate yr Blog B'day, Sra. You always rock (tell this to yr kid-brother). Congrats!

  4. A year already? Congrats, Sra! Couldnt help grinning at your account of people's reactions... the bane of MY blog life is this comment, said more often than you'd believe: "I'm a silent reader of your blog."

    "ARRRGH! De-lurk! Leave comments! (preferably nice ones)" is what I should say to these people but dont :)

  5. sra sra sra!!
    One year already!!
    what an amazing ride indeed???
    wonderful write up and those amazing reactions ha!!!!
    even mine will be an year by the end of this month!!
    Its a great feeling isin't it!!

  6. Right from the title of your blog to the recipes and writing, this is one fun place to be!! Congratulaions Sra and may you keep going for years and years!! :)

  7. congrats :) - enjoyed reading the bit on reactions

    two odd months into food blogging and my husband's reactions:
    "thanks to the blog, i get good food everyday" (partly true, my "lazy to cook" days have become nil)

    "phone bill has tripled, hah hah hah hah (laughing)" (my mom and i blog together, and conversations over phone have extended considerably)

  8. Congratulations, Sra. Great going..:)

  9. Happy blog anniversary to you!

  10. Congratulations and many happy returns to your blog sra!:))

    Funny family you have with due respect of course! Hahaha!!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy blogging.Hugs!:)

  11. congrats on ur first blog anniv!
    many more to go.....

  12. congragulations sra.
    Reading your post i have a big smile, i just got the same remark from my husband today when i told him what i was going to prepare for the weekend.
    He askes are you making it for us or for your blog

  13. Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Sra's blog, happy birthday to you...
    I've been hooked on your funny anecdotes ever since I discovered your blog Sra... Keep up the awesome work, wishing you years and years of blogging ahead...

  14. Congrats! The reactions are fun to read :) Even my dad had asked me from where i got all the pictures ? ;)

  15. sra, subhkanshalu, entha baga rastaru sra meru. me posts gurinchi nenu wait chestanu.cake baga raka poyina attempt chesaru thats great.Wishing u many more blog anniversaries. My kid brother used to be the same kind of pest growing up,but now we truly love and miss each other

  16. Congrats Sra !!!!
    Your blog is a delight to read, a happy place to be and let the kiddo read all these comments ;-)
    Heres to many more years of posting, writing great and yes also cooking :)

  17. Happy Anniversary. The comments you have gotten are hillarious. Only a handful of people know about my blog and I only started a few months back.

  18. congrats on a wonderful blog. that cake looks perfectly good to me (pssttt... do you have a cookie cutter to cut fancy shapes out of it? that would look so glam)

  19. Many happy returns of the day to your blog SRA....nice post

    LOL on some comments!!

  21. Roopa, thanks, that was my Dad's reaction after he saw my first few posts.
    Srivalli, thank you, that's nice to know.
    Suganya, thanks, will be telling him to check the comments now.
    Shyam, forget it! They'll comment only if they want to - we're their entertainment for that minute :) Not much more, I guess. Not many people know I have a blog so I guess I won't have silent readers coming up and telling me that! Missing out on a share of the fame there :)
    Padmaja, yes, great that I sustained the interest but I never suspected I wouldn't.
    Jyothsna, that's such a nice thing to say, thanks.
    Lakshmi, thanks, welcome to my blog.
    Sailu, thanks. Yours was the first blog I ran into!
    Kalyn, thank you, hope to be around for longer.
    Asha, thanks! Let's just hope they don't see the comments section LOL!
    Richa, thank you.
    Happy Cook, I can just imagine the expression on his face! Welcome to my blog!
    Sig, thank you for the birthday song! Will try and amuse you more and more.
    Nags, thank you.
    Tee, no kidding, your dad too? Now my dad and I discuss photography and he gives me tips on pictures, positioning and all that.
    Sreelu, chala thanks, your comment has me on Cloud 9.
    Sandeepa, that's a great compliment, thanks.
    Mainyacha, hi, yes, I haven't told most people I know about the blog and after my friend's reaction, I don't think I will. :)
    Bee, thanks. The sides baked well, no cookie cutters, though!
    Bhags, thanks a lot.
    Manasi, thank you, funny reactions, aren't they?

  22. Congratulations on a year of great writing! I'm glad you decided to start blogging.

  23. I late here ?:)
    Congrats my friend...your blog, stories, and your visits are quite refreshing...pls continue this:)


  24. Oh, that was good, really good, Sra. You cracked me up. Congratulations! Wishing you many more years of blogging for your sake and for ours.

  25. Congrats, Sra! Those reactions all sound so familiar. Maybe when I reach my anniversary, I will just ask people to read your post :)

  26. Hi Sra! hearty congrats dear. Really it was very funny reading. Great.

    Happy chathurthi and a great weekend.

  27. year..congratulations or should i say happy birthday dear blog..and btw..if family and close friends don't bug us...who will?? ;)

  28. Hey Sra, congrats! The cutest anniversary post this is :). Love your blog, the liveliness it spreads around. Wish you many many more happy and fun returns of the day!

  29. Congrats... U sure have ur own way of cooking and writing too. enjoyed reading abt how others reacted to ur blog..
    I get the same comment from my spouse often!!!!

  30. Sra, congrats on the one year completion, it has been a fun ride and it has been a pleasure knowing you through your blog.

  31. Congratulations, and wishing you many many more years of happy blogging!

  32. ET, thanks for saying so!
    Mishmash, thanks, fully intend to continue.
    Susan, thank you so much, hope to crack you up more often.
    Pragyan, thanks. LOL to your comment.
    Cooker, thanks.
    Jyothi, thanks, happy Vinayaka Chaturthi to you too!
    Rajitha, thanks. Not so much bugging as ego puncture! :)
    Musical, thanks so much.
    Prema, thank you, maybe they should start a blog spouses society!
    Indo, thanks a lot!
    Nupur, thank you.

  33. Sra, congratulations my friend. I particularly enjoyed the part with the comments from your family and friends :) Here's to many more years.

  34. hey sra, congratulations !!!! nice write up ... it was fun to read :) wishing u success n more ....gud luck !!

  35. yaaayyyy!!!congrats Sra. I love visiting your blogs and most importantly love reading your writeups. expect many more to come in the following years. all the best honey!

  36. celebrating 1st anniversary for your blog nice idea and also nice writing. You enjoy the blogging........... Asha is your first commenter and also my and many other blog friend Asha is first commenter. She is very regular about comment. Don’t worry about cake it’s looks is not important but taste is more important my dear.:)

  37. wow a biiiig congrats to you... and the hugest coincidence... im about to complete a year too... so coool i love the way you write sra... may you blog till the end of time!!

  38. A belated congrats on your blog versary :)wish you many more...this is really a great place to be...after all,isn't this where the soup actually comes alive :-D

  39. After so many blank stares, I tend not to disclose that I blog. You'd think I worked for the CIA. Sra, the reactions you've gotten are a hoot. Happy Anniversary and thanks for sharing your life and recipes with us!

  40. Cynthia, thank you! People are funny, aren't they! ;)
    Rahin, thanks a lot!
    Sharmi, thank you so much!
    Kajal, thanks a lot. Asha is a darling.
    Rachna, really? I hadn't noticed - I will hop over and check out your older posts right away!
    Sunita, thank you - that was a nice comment!
    Susan, me too! I haven't told too many people and when even those that I think will appreciate don't, ... Oh well, can't expect everyone to get excited or even understand!

  41. Hi Sra
    Congrats!!!Waiting to see some more Long(:-D) and good posts from u!!
    All the best!!!!

  42. Congrats Sra. That was really fun reading :)

  43. Congratulations Sra, on your first anniversary! I'm a little late I know, but just loved reading your 'reactions'. I haven't even dared TELL most of my family about my blog. I'd be laughed out of the house ;)

    My fav: "why don't you think of aunty as a blog and write me a long email...." !!! :)

  44. SeeC, thank you.
    Linda, late or not, you're always welcome. I've told only a few members of the extended family and friends about the blog - given the reactions, or the lack of them, I decided to stop telling more people. And yes, I thought my aunt's reaction was cute, too!

  45. Late that I am, but still congrats on your wonderful blog. I love reading every bit of your comments.

  46. Happy anniversary! I love reading your posts so keep writing !!


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