Monday, November 20, 2006

How Green Was My Valley

This was my weekend break ... a long boat cruise from morning to evening, punctuated by a rather rustic buffet lunch at one of the villages on the banks of the Godavari. Cooked on another boat that followed us there, the lunch was set up on rusting trestle tables and served out of steel buckets. It included pulihora (lemon rice), plain daal, cabbage with channa daal, fish, mutton and chicken. Nope, there was no dessert. Middling in taste, but a good experience. Here are some pictures from the rest of the trip!

Sri Ramagiri, the hillock we passed as we set out on the cruise. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. The boatman asked, but we didn't break journey.

A slice of the landscape so typical of the early part of the journey. Our destination was Papi Kondalu, an area known for its mountains, vegetation and scenic beauty.

The mountains we wanted to see. We don't actually get off in that area but cruise along and then turn back.

Journey's end. Isn't it just like a scene from a painting? These are Dad's pictures.


  1. Me first, sra!:))

    I was switching my blog to Beta,went well. Here I am surfing to leave comments after quite a while.

    Gorgeous photos, and mouthwatering food for you there.I wish I could have been there when I saw that Temple on the top of the hill.

    Lucky lucky girl!

  2. sra, so serene & peaceful...
    very relaxing break, much better than my running around 3 grocery stores weekend :-)

  3. sra, the pictures are very beautiful, The temple and it's surrounding scenic beauty is so serene ,wish I could make a trip to that place someday.

  4. Hi Asha, will see your blog soon after i finish this - my dad is a good photographer, and now he's an internet fiend, so these two interests combine happily.
    Sandeepa, yes, i got this relaxing break because i came home for some vacation. Otherwise, it would have been groceries for me too!
    Lera, yes, it was very serene. Mostly, the scenery was unchanging, but we were about 40 of us, so we had a good time.

  5. Beautiful! I feel as if I came along. ;-)


  6. ah sra,
    what a peaceful vally... gorgeous... india is the best... lovely snaps once again...

  7. Hi Paz, thank you. I wish you could have come along!
    Hi Supriya! Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the comment.

  8. Hi sra,

    Ur such a lucky girl got go to such a wonderful trip when I saw the GODAWARI telugu movie I felt like going there and enjoy that lets see when we get a chance.

  9. Sra, that trip must have been very rejuvenating! The pictures are fantastic! Please tell your Dad that he totally rocks and he must post more of his pictures.

    You're visiting your parents? So that's where you met up with your friend after 11 years! Hope you had a wonderful time catching up!

  10. Manisha, thanks for the compliments, will tell Dad if he's not already seen your comments.


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