Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mangoes All The Way

Every summer, on a trip home and back, we are confronted with this sight - mangoes being sold in the mango belt on the route. At times, we also come across palm fruit and toddy - these establishments are smaller. In fact, there is no establishment, just a bunch of fruit and maybe a pot and a few mugs of toddy.

Behind these mango stalls are the orchards and if you look closely, you can see the mangoes on the trees. These are on a portion of NH5 and are a popular stop for travellers. Various varieties are sold here. I don't know if all of them are grown in the region, though.

Now here's some colour.

And some more

Here's a post on mangoes and summer in India, something that I wrote five years ago!

This post goes off to Black & White Wednesday, created by Susan. I am hosting it this week.


  1. That's an perfect capture of the season where mangoes are flooded.....

  2. The road stalls remind ECR road (Chennai 2 Pondy) they sell mangoes, jackfruit, etc...
    Like the color pict, nice to see the red sand area:)

  3. Awesome clicks,,.even I luv mangoes,.

  4. Its probably one of the few perks of the hot Indian summer. :)
    Shall send you a BWW entry later today if that's not too late.

  5. Miss the summer mango season in India; thankyou for hosting this week.

  6. Oh, to have such piles of different varieties for sale along our roads. Despite the reintroduction of Alphonso's a few years back, I keep seeing the same old fibrous and tasteless Tommy Aikens.

    Nice shots, Sra. The BWs have a distintly retro look to them.

  7. Mangoes and palm fruit are two things I like about summer. I liked the colour pic more than the B&W simply because there's something about seeing ripe, yellow mangoes that makes me happy :-)

  8. I love mangoes and I love that you have mango belt to purchase them. Love the photos!

  9. When i was younger we had two huge mango tree at home and used to get so much mangoes, but then as the kids used to throw stones to grab the mangoes mom did something which made us all sad she cut the tree :-(


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