Friday, April 30, 2010

A Thing of Dirty ...

... is a joy forever.

If you need an unusual mould for your cottage cheese or puddings, use the strainer in the sink.

And don't forget to pay me a royalty.


Buy four packets of milk.

Freeze for a week or more.

Then, empty one pack into a pan, set it to boil on the lowest flame, watch it curdle, throw it away.

Next day, repeat the action - and face the same consequences.

The third day, history repeats itself.

On the fourth day, put it in the pan, recognise the signs, give up.

Neatly deposit the block of milk-ice in the kitchen sink.

Leave well alone, even though there are more recent packs of milk in the freezer.

Go into the kitchen about 40 minutes later for a drink of water. Et voila, what do you find?

Disengage carefully, with the back of a spoon.

Look for the camera, click away.


  1. I donno what to say :)

  2. It has happened to me several times Sra. In Chennai Climate, its very difficult to save milk packets!

    The shape has come out so perfect!

  3. Hilarious... just the sort of thing I would do!

  4. Laff out loud!! U made my day!!

  5. Trust you to get a picture and blog post out of curdled milk going down the drain! LOL

  6. And you want royalty for this? :D

  7. Glad to tickle your funny bone, folks!
    Cham, yes, we don't drink tea or coffee at home so I find it a waste to get milk delivered everyday. I buy a few packets as and when we run out of curds and use them to set curds, one packet a day.
    Aparna, but of course! It's intellectual property, isn't it? Would you have thought of using the kitchen sink strainer as a mould, tell me? :-D

  8. Ha! you gave me a good laugh this morning. seems like a comedy of errors :P

  9. Very funny. Just in case it might happen again, if you let it sit in the refrigerator till it thaws and add a big pinch of baking soda and heat till luke warm, it won't curdle. You can add culture to make yogurt like this. Just a tip.

  10. err... yeah, you should totally patent this :)

  11. THIS is what you meant :D LOL :) now, I find it funny!

  12. That royalty check is in the mail..sssshhhh...just don't tell my guests.....

  13. LOL and LOL about the Hotel sambhar comment at FH. Yeah, I have tasted some of those too, spicy and sweet at the time!
    That book you mentioned sounds interesting but more wifely woes? Think I have enough of my own!:P
    Blog was fixed last week but my allergy is WORSE this year, waiting for June to be over. Terrible weather is here this Spring, feels like Summer already, can't imagine the Summer!!

  14. you do have a way with the sink!! hehehe

  15. yuck! Sorry but I can't say anything else.

  16. and don't ever freeze milk in this summer. Thats a known result :(


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