Monday, January 19, 2015

Eating Out, and at Home, in the US - Part 1

I was away in the US for a month and ate many interesting things. Here are some of them.

"Broccoli? You took a picture of broccoli?" asked my cousin, with an incredulous smile on her face. "That's broccoli rabe, not broccoli," I replied. Eating that cluster of buds/flower was exactly like 'eating' mustard oil. I started on a second one but it proved too much for me - fumes entered my nose and I had to give up. 

That's my breakfast everyday. In the US, my aunt made it exotic by adding herbs from her garden - dill and chives.

We went to a cafe at Brooklyn, and I am glad I went for this berry strudel. 

Wall art at the Brooklyn cafe

Dinner one night at my aunt's place - ravioli, cauliflower saute and mushrooms and snow peas sauteed together

Dinner at a Boston food court - Macaroni and cheese

Wonder what's Ramayana about it - at a Thai restaurant in Boston's Newbury Street

Our starters at the restaurant. They weren't very different from the Thai restaurants here in India.

Prawn curry - I don't remember the style of gravy, it was in Thai

Chicken curry at the same restaurant

From Boston, we drove to Newport, Rhode Island before returning to New York. This was displayed at a small shopping/restaurant complex where we went for lunch. I'm pretty sure it was artificial but I didn't touch it, just in case.

Garlic toast and white bean hummus at the Newport bar where we ordered lunch - really tasty!

Clam chowder

BLT burrito with coleslaw - I hadn't imagined it would be so big. I ended up eating the filling and discarding the burrito!


  1. Wow nice pics how you been ?

  2. What fun! Lucky you Sra. That b'fast I can have everyday. :-)

  3. Wow, these are all amazing pictures you have shared here. I am also going to Boston, and do you have any idea in which Boston restaurants, I can get Prawn curry. I would love to try BLT burrito too, if I will get that as this looks yummy. You must had a nice trip dear.

  4. Benihalk, this was a restaurant called Basil, in Newbury Street. The BLT burrito was from a pub in Newport, Rhode Island. It was in a complex called Bowen's Wharf, I think. I don't remember the name of the restaurant, it was a rather dark place with yellow lights and wood benches.

  5. I have been reminding myself i should read your post about eating in US but i have not been reading ot blogging after my trip to US. But today I thought i will read your post. Looks like you had a excelent time with your aunt and family. I love that breakfast she made for you everyday. I always have dill and chives in my freezer next time i am going to make a egg like that.


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