Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dinner At An Irish Pub

Two weeks ago, I went on a short trip to Ireland. Though the first two days were full of work, evening saw us eating out at Irish pubs. We told our hosts we didn't want to go to the Indian restaurant they planned on taking us to and they walked us to Davy Byrnes which was quite close to our hotel. The food was good, I'm sure the drink was better for those who enjoyed it, and everyone kept murmuring knowledgeably about James Joyce and Ulysses till someone said, "Alright, who has actually read Ulysses?" Laughing, he said: "I know the name." Then he continued: "It's a hard book to read, you know." Some others chimed in with similar opinions and we soon gave up claims to much knowledge of Ulysses or James Joyce and got busy ordering.

Here's the photo in original colour:

This is their menu, a tribute to the author

And here's some of the food we ate in Ireland:

Traditional Irish stew, with lamb and potatoes

Fillet of plaice, fried in beer batter

The dark brown bread on the left is Guinness bread. Pure awesomeness, with some butter.

A full Irish breakfast - sausage, poached eggs, toast, potato farl, bacon, black and white pudding (towards the back), mushrooms and tomato

One of the two times that I've liked whiskey. This is whiskey cake. The second time was that evening, when I had my first taste of Irish coffee.


  1. Everything looks delicious. Sounds like you had a good trip.

  2. Liked the James Joyce bit; enjoyed the post and pictures. Lucky you!

  3. I like your honest friend :-) I think i will order the beer batter fish and that super droolie dessert. I know isn't it funny they thing because you are from India you want to go to a indian place for dinner.

  4. That whiskey cake sure looks good.
    It is better for Indians not to eat out at Indian restaurants. They are a let down mostly.

    James Joyce hmm I read a book (fiction) where there was a murder at a museum dedicated to James Joyce that's when I looked him up.

  5. What good food. Loved the look of the hearty stew.

  6. Well meaning friends took me to a Punjabi restaurant for my first dinner in London, when i had just traveled from India :-)
    I am jealous you got to taste authentic Irish food. I want those fish and chips too. And that breakfast and that dessert and that....

  7. I am back to blogging after a so many months and I come here get jealous. Because while I was sitting in the house reading books, you were out having fun in Ireland. The Irish pubbing sounds fun and I would so love to have that whiskey cake right now. :-)
    BTW, it was a good thing you didn't go to an Indian restaurant. I have a friend who went to one while in Ireland. The restaurant served a fusion of Greek, Mediterrarian and Indian fare and not very appetizing at that. At least you got to eat the authentic Irish fare.

  8. So that is a traditional Irish breakfast, which I have heard so much about but never seen quite so lovely a photo. Sounds like some good eats Sra -- and that Guinness bread looks worth searching out. Hope you had some whipped cream on your Irish Coffee! :)

  9. I want to taste the Guinness bread and I am totally in love with the "boose" dessert:) What a lovely trip!

  10. The food looks much better than what I saw in the English pub I went to .....thanks for the pics

  11. Oh what fun! Eating local is the best.

  12. I have nice memories of my one trip to Ireland. In terms of food, I remember: Guinness stew, salmon trout and ice cream with Baileys. No Guinness bread, though: I'll have to go back for that.

  13. I echo bongmom the stew looks like our Indian aloo gravy:) hope you had great fun eating all this:)

  14. I love Ireland and Irish pubs of course!

    Since Susan is not able to host BWW we thought it would be nice to have a place where we can collect BWW culinary pics for her when she comes back. Here is a Flirck group if you want to join:

    Details are on my post too:

    thanks for listening and I hope if you like to idea for Susan too you'll help spread teh word!


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