Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Of Chalks And Chopsticks - The Round Up

1. The sabzi had become a bit watery and Nikita had acidly remarked that now she understood why there was a water shortage in Mumbai and everyone had laughed.

2. And then after few more minutes her Kaka was gone. With that, he left some wonderful memories to cherish for Vabhavi and her parents. Few years later they also moved to this big city. And since then whenever her Kaka would come to meet up with them, he never forgot to bring a big pack of samosas.

3. She was so engrossed in grating that she gave a start on hearing the door bell. With bits of carrots all over her, she jumped out to open the door, only to get the shock of her life. Standing on the door step was Dev along with few friends. They came to help grate the carrots, and even got the graters!

4. Doctor asked the boy whether he eats all the vegetables and fruits and does he drink milk or not. The boy answered yes I do, I eat everything mom gives. Doctor was happy and gave him a toy car to play and sent him home.

5. 'You have a lot to explain ...', said Sruthi,wiping her tears.

'Relax babe,let me get you something to comfort you ...'

A few minutes later, ... came out with two bowls of soup...

6. I love coriander, but that is exactly why I scaled mountains, I swam rivers, I pierced forests, I fought terrors and obtained coriander seeds!! Now we have acres and acres of land growing coriander for our kingdom! This Prince is hopelessly out of touch with current events!!

7. As I pushed open the door, my senses were gently assaulted with the tantalizing aromas of spicy daal, fragrant rice and vibrant bell peppers nestled on a bed of moong sprouts.

8. She climbed one of the trees with ease and found that there were more green mangoes on that one. She thought about having them with some salt & red chilli powder and that was enough to motivate her to start picking them and throwing them on to the back pack that she was carrying.

9. Her fingers wallowed in the sensuous touch of the sticky, hard, golden lumps of jaggery as she chopped them into tiny pieces and added them to milky grated coconut to make a filling for her karanjis.

10. As she looked at the last dregs of her tea and idly rotated it watching the small tea leaves swirling around the cardamom peels, she realised that she hated being alone for long.

11. The red and green glass bangles on her thin, rough wrists would make a sweet tinkling sound while she rolled the smooth black nora, grating the poppy seeds by rhythmic regular pressure of her hands.

12. “There is not too much space on the counter to knead the dough,” he says. “Let’s quickly vacuum the floor. Then I can knead it on the floor.”

13. She could overhear the guests appreciating the food she had slaved over all day, crispy Aloo Tikkis, spicy Baingan Bharta, creamy Aloo Dum, hearty Palak Paneer, subtly flavored jeera rice, Vegetable Pulao and cardamom infused Shrikhand.

14. Was she as surprised to know he was no longer a dusty, rural lad but a chef in a fancy restaurant in the country's Capital, much celebrated for his innovativeness? "Simplicity, improvisation, imagination," was his favourite, oft-quoted line.

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  1. Just sent you a mail and found on Buzz that you had posted the roundup. I have read some of them, especially the last five sound very familiar. Just trying to figure out where I read them. :)

    Looks like they are all great entrees.

  2. surely i ll participate in the event when i get time.yummy recipes u visit and comment on my food blog is

  3. Great turnout! Thanks for hosting and the round-up, Sra. The excerpts really do a good job of picking the ones we haven't already read. Cheers!

  4. Thats a lovely round up..will read them all!..

  5. love the idea of this roundup :)

  6. Thanks for hosting Sra.
    As always, love your way of doing the round-ups.

  7. Have read some of to read the rest. Nice turnout.

  8. Lovely round-up Sra, I haven't read many to their places :-) to read more..thanks for being such a gracious and adorable hostess :-) ..
    hugs and smiles

  9. Aah, it is quite a while that I've been treated to some short stories...reading them at my very own pace...
    I had read yours and Srivalli's as the posts appeared so skipping them for just now..
    Good one Sra

  10. Ha! I can't wait to read all of these! Great round up.

  11. Love how you let the food do the talking for the roundup. I am looking forward to reading all these. Thanks, Sra. :)

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