Monday, August 17, 2009

Searching For Sra? You Didn't!

Where is Sra? or at least 'Sra Break' or 'What happened to Sra?' would be the search terms that popped up, I thought, during the unannounced break I took last month. Well, naturally, I'm not too happy that most of you didn't miss me and didn't send me a flood of anxious mails or comments telling me how much you miss me, and would I please tell you I was alright and haven't stopped blogging, but as it turns out, this blogger's job is merely to alive and let laugh, even if you uncaring souls couldn't care less, so I'll just go ahead and do what I'm known for - brightening a bit of your day (now that several of you tell me I do)!

One of the funniest search terms of all time that I saw (last month) was

Caligula roasted alive

I cam (sic) alive somehow (thank God for that!)

All my wild oats (what a letdown, it's actually about oats!)

Is it correct to say I have eaten my soup Yes/No (Yes, you 'eat' your soup, you don't drink it)

Orissa modest chest thumping


  1. didn't miss you? yes i did, but then i knew you were nearer to us!!

    Orissa modest chest thumping?!!!:-D

  2. Someone is actually searching for "his" wild oats??? ROFL.....

  3. I remember you telling me about this when we spoke! I'm still laughing!

  4. OMG Sra...nobody can beat you to it!!...I mean when ppl land in your place because they were searching for their wild sure they get hooked to how can you ask if you were missed or not???

  5. Well, that's the one of the sad things in life. One doesn't always get what one wants! :(

    But you go ahead and do your thing. Brighten up our day. Are you going to tell us about those "wild oats"? ;)

  6. I would have missed you if I had had the time to go thru my feeds this past month!
    But glad that you are back now that I had a little of it!

  7. :P wild oats. Wonder whose he's looking for!

  8. Someone did search for "Orissa modest chest thumping" ....ha ha :)

  9. Hi Sra.

    I would miss you if you REALLY went missing. In blog land, a month is no cause for panic ;)

    I have been gone forever it seems; upon my return the best search term so far is

    "song v.a.c.a.t.i.o.n. in the summertime"

    yep... :)

  10. I knew exactly what you've been up to :-D