Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Magnetic Attractions

One of my blogger friends, during the course of an online chat, said she found herself in danger of becoming an "event blogger". (That phrase struck me as so funny I had to use it somewhere.) I, on the other hand, would love to be an "event blogger" but often find I have little to contribute, either due to the stuff I don't eat or due to the lethargy that sometimes envelops me even if the event suits my pantry. Also, I told the friend, if I cook for every event that's on, I'll have to sit outside and let all that food occupy the house, which, as many of you already know, is the sad story of my fridge and pantry. So my way of overcoming this is to do a post and hunt for an event to send it to, which I'm sure many of you do too!

It's quite refreshing to participate in an event where you don't have to cook anything - in fact, sometimes those events are the most attractive - no need to think, rouse yourself, get hold of ingredients that aren't already there, stumble into the kitchen ... So when I saw the link to the Fridge Magnets event on Taste of India, I knew it was right up my alley.

I've grown up with fridge magnets, we've always had several at home. So when I got my own fridge, I got some of the folks to get me a couple and they obliged. Then I got lucky and my travel streak started, about five years ago. I got a magnet for every city I visited, maybe even every attraction, and now the first of my two fridge doors is rather well covered with memoirs of my trips. Please wish me luck for the other door too ;)

Yeah, that's the top door of my fridge. Of course, some of them are from friends' travels too, not entirely my own. I don't have too many foodie magnets but I don't miss them either - I do have the kohl rabi (I think it's kohl rabi), and the lemons and chillies hanging on to the magnetic peg, on the left, are quite lifelike. I know there's a Magic Lamp going around the blogosphere promising our blogs good health and good luck. Well, let's hope these lemons and chillies ward off the evil eye to our blogs! ;)

These are my favourites. The ones on the extreme right and left in the top row are the most recent acquisitions, bought in Singapore on a layover en route to India from Japan. The Spouse often complains that I rarely listen to what he says and just say "Hmm ... Hmm ... " so it was only natural that I picked up that one, and the other, about the dust, the humour and self-directed sarcasm struck me as very funny. The others are from a trip to the US five years ago.

I don't remember where I bought this but once in a blue moon, I do refer to this.

I love this magnet for the scene it evokes: company, sunny, vacation, travel and a host of other things I'm not listing here. I also like that the words reflect the things I enjoy the most.

And this! The minute I spied it on the shelf I knew this pithy statement is what frequently defined my feelings and attitude to life. I was about to give it to a friend but suddenly diffident and superstitious, wondered about the appropriateness of gifting black humour, so I kept it for myself. Many of my friends have the same doubts, I know, about life, and the three girls/women there remind me of us. Sig, I just figured out what that grey thing on the right is - it's a grill and they are grilling sausages on it - I've a good mind to send it to the event you're hosting! LOL!

These magnets are off to Veda for her event.


  1. You have such cute magnets Sra... I will need the ones about nothing tasting as good as being thin on my pantry and fridge everytime I raid them looking for a snack.
    Incidentally my husband bought home a few magnets with Dogbert and they are all very funny like - "I believe in Karma because I can do all kinds of bad things to you everyday and think that you deserve it" :)

  2. hi, really cute and lovely fridge magnets.. i love this post.. and i so agree with the scenic beach one, and the black humor superstition too..wonderful entry for the event..

  3. Loving your fridge magnets:-) We collect magnets from cities we visit or just nice quotes so I love your collection, especially "Nothing taste as good as being thin feels":-)
    I am going to tell that to myself from now on:-)
    X M

  4. Very nice post :) We have those magnets too. With a hoard of recipe print outs under them. A hates them though :( I feel they make my home lived in and warm, so they remain!

  5. You have quite a collection there, Sra! I wish you the very best for door no.2 :D
    I *love* the last one!

  6. You have quite a collection there sra! "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels" :) Now that is not true... Everything tastes so good I don't remember what being thin feels like anymore :(
    Oh, and if you drew a grill yourself, I might consider including it in the round up :) I am not as strict as some of the other event hosts you know ;)

  7. Lovely cute ones! I love these kind but when I bought 2 and one came as a gift now I wonder where they all went. When a guest came home with her daughter I cannot say no to child when it started a tantrum for these cuties. And then I stopped getting them :(

  8. Your post is hilarious...
    Love them all....I collect magnets as well..but A has one that is hard to miss, which goes like this: My wife gives me sound advice; 99% sound 1% advice!!

  9. Such cute magnets.....LOL at you actually doing a post and then looking around for an event to send it to :-))

  10. Laavanya, that is so funny. And it's not like you notice the inspirational "thin" magnets everyday ... :(
    Shreya, thank you - those are really nice, aren't they?
    Matin, best of luck - for me, it's become part of the furniture.
    A & N, of course they do! There's no place for recipes under mine!
    TBC, you noticed that request - thanks!
    Sig, trust you to come up with something so converse!
    And yes, I hear you LOUD and CLEAR on the strict hosting, just you wait!
    Ni, now you've given me something to worry about - hopefully mine are all 'adult' magnets and won't attract any pesky kids.
    Rachel, thanks. That's a funny line!
    Jayashree, yeah, that's what I do - the friend I mentioned it to also thought it was a good idea :-D

  11. Lovely magnets sra... I especially liked the one which says.. nothing tastes as good as being thin feels :-)

  12. I too am a magnet freak. collect them everywhere i go... love the husband one...!! :)

  13. You really have quite a collection, Sra! And they're good, love them and your post.
    I have all of two. I made one and my daughter made the other.
    Btw, you don't want to become an "event" blogger believe me. Imagine having to meet all those deadlines on your blog, as well!

  14. You have a lovely collection of magnets. Good luck for door 2.

  15. I also used to bring back magnets for my mom from everywhere... and then the problem began... I had a house of my own... and now even worse... I have 2 houses... some magnets are in Bangalore stuck to my fridge there and a few are with me in Gurgaon :-)

    I love some of the ones you have :-)

    And I think my namesake would be the event blogger.

  16. what a fun post sra...really enjoyed reading it..I liked those posters the best..so apt and nice to read!!!...now why dont' you paint a grill and send it to Sig..hehehh..

    best of luck for the second door, may you get your heart's content on that one too..heheheh..

  17. Are you my twin sister or what? I am exactly like you in terms of magnet. Wow, I was not aware of this event..hope I can make it. Got a few magnets similar to yours!

  18. Cinnamon, thanks. That saying is so true ... or not, as some would testify!
    Arundathi, yeah, it's real cute, the close-ups failed.
    Aparna, yep, too many deadlines in my life!
    Jayasree, thank you so much :)
    Raaga, :-D I'd quite like the readership and fame that goes with event blogging, :) just not practical in my case.
    Valli, knowing myself, I probably will. Thanks for the wishes.
    Pragyan, go ahead and post, I'd love to see them!

  19. To think i didn't notice this when i visited you..:)
    I had a collection but lost it during the move. The best which i have now says"Recipe for a happy kitchen"
    4 cups of love, 5 spoons of hope,
    2 cups of loyalty, 2 spoons of tenderness,
    3 cups of forgiveness, 4 quarts of faith,
    1 cup of friendship, 1 barrel of laughter
    Take love and loyalty, mix it thoroughly with faith, blend it with tenderness, kindness and understanding.
    Add friendship and hope, sprinkle abundantly with laughter, bake it with sunshine and serve generousl y daily.
    Couldn't resist writing a long comment. So if a dish doesn't turn out well i can point them to the fridge magnet...:)

  20. nice ones,..all of them r cute,..i specially liked the ones with quotes,..

  21. event blogger han? wonder what should i call myself;)
    magnets are cute but i agree with Sig. even i cant remember the day when i felt that way... ~sigh~

  22. Hheh... the dust one is classic! Wish I had one of those too! And I love black humour and sarcasm... these fridge magnets are getting better and funnier, dont you think? :)

  23. Lovely collection! I loved the "Dust testing...do not disturb these samples" one :)

  24. your posts always put a smile on my face. Lovely collection sra!

  25. Good collections...even i made similer collections of magnets showpiece etc.m

  26. Wow! Very nice magnets.


  27. Hilarious post... if i Have "nothing taste..feels thin" in my fridge, definetly i will not cook anything at home and make feel thin everyone around :)
    I love the chilies and lemon hanging... u definetly need after showing all ur magnets to us! Great collection Sra!

  28. lemon and chilli to ward off the evil eye sra :D...now i gotta browse ur page with care like how it is hard to walk in hyd esp. in the small lanes..which have lemons and chillies galore!! and 'event blogger'..wonder which smart chick coined such a freakin cool phrase!

    and i love the hubby one..what did 'the spouse' say about it :) and agree with the one with the 3 girls..esp. now when so many things in my life are out of whack!!

  29. Love the magnet collection, SRA! I have a small collection but since I changed my fridge to a supposedly steel one a few months ago, they're kept away as they don't stick! :(

  30. Wow, all of them are so cute Sra, esp the last one and the 'chillie and lemon'..:)


  31. Beautiful collection Sra! Lovely post.

  32. Vidya, :) LOL!
    Notyet, thanks.
    Sia, Sig did put it v well!
    Shyam, yes. I brought back something called "The Lord is My Shepherd" with a cute, woolly lamb against a green and pink meadow, it was religious and cute at the same time, if you know what I mean.
    A&N, yeah, that was brilliant!
    Ms, thank you, thank you
    Vanamala, do you have them on your blog? coming over to check ...
    Paz, thanks. I have to see if we get such stuff here!
    Cham, I never thought of that, you know - that they'd attract the evil eye after the display! LOL!
    Rajitha, The Spouse found it cute, and appropriate, of course!
    Vani, that's news to me that magnets don't work on steel! Did I know that in school, now let me think ...
    Siri, thanks. The chillies and lemon was horrendously expensive, I got it here, some Rs 500, but it was too good to resist.
    Uma, thanks a lot

  33. That is an impressive collection, Sra! I liked the spouse one the best:)

  34. Sra, what a collection. I think I can qualify for this event too :) I don't know how I missed the Kolkata pictures and cholar dal. But I enjoyed reading all of it now!

  35. Lovely post , like reading it a lot ..I can not put magnets on fridge door as my little one is way too much curious and she takes very keen interest in every thing which includes taking out those and playing hide and seek with them LOL...like the quotes too much specially the first one ..
    hugs and smiles

  36. AH, I love the last one. How true is that? I feel so boring, now. I don't have a single magnet on my fridge. Think you could spare one? ;)

  37. Sunshinemom, yeah, it's a cutie, and that's so true in my case! :)
    Mandira, I'm all agog, put them up, then!
    Jaya, yeah, I really like it too! If you have some big Godrej cupboards that she can't reach, you can put them on those too.
    Susan, sure, I'm sure to have doubles from some city or the other!

  38. How fun! I love the one about the dust. Last time my son was here he signed his name.... and waited for me to notice. Mean kid!

  39. Katie, LOL! I think I did that somewhere recently.

  40. Those are some really lovely magnets Sra,....i have a collection from every city that i have visited.... i totally identify with you...owing to my laziness and my schedule, its difficult to contribute to every event, but this magnet event is a great one

  41. Good looking magnets. Good collection dear.