Monday, April 21, 2008

Bloggers' Meet: Reality Bites?

Bloggers' meet? Nope, just us gals relaxing with some lime juice after a day out in the sun on our recent mid-week break!

My Dad and I just had this funny conversation over the phone:

Dad: What’s up?

Me: A group of us food bloggers are meeting up soon. (Okay sports, no clues, no comments on the participants, place, or anything … indulge me, please!)

Dad: (Begins to laugh) Oh, is it just a meeting or is there going to be any cooking there?

Me: Oh, apparently we’re all supposed to make and carry some stuff there, not sure whether it’s meant to be presents for the others or to be consumed there.

Dad: (and me, now both laughing) Watch out! Blogging is fun only as long as you write about food without having to actually cook.

Me: (dissolved in helpless laughter) True. I can’t make any snacks so I’ve asked if I can buy stuff and dole it out … I also have to go for some wedding-related ceremony that morning.

Dad: So take some stuff from the meal there and distribute it among your friends. OR, take something somewhat moist or liquid, so you can pass it off as fresh, just cooked?

(More guffawing from both sides.)

Dad: Beware, you may have to close down your blogs if you actually meet and sample each others’ wares – these things have to be handled carefully!

Phone drops from my hand as I double over with laughter ...


  1. okay so come on whom did you meet and what did you eat ? is this a mystery post or what ?

  2. Are you the one in the center?

  3. that's a hilarious conversation, Sra! Little confusing though!

  4. A big :-D. Thanks for sharing this cute conversation.

  5. Funny!
    So did some of you guys actually meet ? :)

  6. hahah..this is too much sra!..

  7. LOL... Dad knows best... Aren't we all virtual experts? I will be a bit scared to cook for fellow bloggers too... :D

  8. Easier to pass on mystery spices, than one's own cooking! lol!! how true!

  9. Sandeepa, we haven't met yet, and no, it's not a mystery post.
    Suganya, aah ... ;)
    Uma, thanks. Why confusing, though?
    Musy, I couldn't resist it - I went straight from the phone to the computer!
    Nandita, :). No, not yet. I'm hoping they decide on no eats.
    Valli, I knew you'd enjoy this :)
    Sig, it was really too funny - I'm really worried about the eats part.
    Arundathi, hi, not only that, I don't even know how to make snacks - and have never tried, so ... tough days ahead!

  10. He is a wise man, as all Dads are.
    Don't attempt cooking for fellow bloggers....the pressure is tremendous :)
    But you end up having way too much fun.

  11. So did you meet? are you going to meet? and eat?? so many questions!!

  12. :DD

    Are you the one on the left ?????

  13. Meeru bhalegaa raastaaru Sra:D

  14. Yes, it is a *mystery* poat Sra. questions questions...I agree, the pressure to cook sumthing nice .. baap re!!! the cov b/w u and ur dad is so hilarious.. haahhaha!!


  15. lol... i agree, the lovely presentations using photoshop etc "taste" better than the real stuff.....;)

  16. Now I know from whom you got that sense of humor of yours.


  17. Hey nice conversation :)

  18. Now pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me who are the three mystery women:)

  19. boy, your dad's really got a sense of humor gal, or is it you??:!!)

  20. Sra, you can cook - I *know* you can cook; I've made a few of your dishes and more than lived to tell. Now, what's this about not knowing how to make nibbles? ; D

    Sounds like great fun. You never know, you may make at least one friend for life.

  21. Hey Sra, If I make use of all my Photoshop knowledge, I get a clear picture of what you look like :)
    - TBC

  22. TC, I'm trying to persuade everyone to do as they please!
    Miri, not yet. And I'm really not looking forward to all that eating - I need to keep my figure, you see!
    Rachel, keep asking, and I'll keep saying hem and haw
    Satya, thanks andi! :)
    Siri, nothing mystery about it. Thanks. My Dad and I are always laughing about something or the other!
    Swati, thanks :)
    Richa, yes, I'm using a software called Serif, love playing around with it.
    Mamatha, hi, you could be right :)
    Vanamala, :)
    Shankari, those are my friends Susan, Anna and I - it's not a bloggers' group
    Mansi, hi, both of us, but definitely my Dad more than me!
    Oh Susan, I am keen on the meet, just not on the food!
    TBC, I've been wondering about that, you know, whether someone can reverse the effect on their own software - if you ever do that, pl send me a copy, am curious to see how accurate it is!

  23. Are non-bloggers allowed to take a sneak peek at the meet? Please let me know :) at your risk :)

  24. have gone to lengths to make that nice effect on the photo to hide the beautiful women behind sad...!!!
    yeah, and that cruelty to blogs badge is too funny...i have waves of blogger-guilt hitting me now....

  25. Your dad sounds hilarious, Sra! Wish I could have seen you both having that conversation!! :)

  26. hey hey photo endhuku blur chesaru!! mi idhari conversation chadhivina tharuvathaa naku navvu agatam ledhu, rocky ki chebithe!! very right antunnadu!!
    i love your sense of humour girl!!!

  27. Srividya, I'm sure we won't throw you out, and it's just round the corner from your house!!!
    Santhi, ah, next time I'm in your vicinity/u in mine, i'll reveal the "beauty"
    Kalai, I was roaring with laughter, it was v funny
    Padmaja, manamu kalisinapudu naa mukhaaravindaanni elagu meeku choopistanu kada. If I reveal everything now, what's the fun?

  28. So when is the hush-hush meeting..? Oh, I'd be worried abt the cooking bit too :)

  29. LOL, I can't wait to hear what happens at the meet.

  30. That is funny conversation. So what happened next?

  31. Nice one! But you need to spill the details- the mystery is killing us(:-)

  32. no no - dont reveal the secret hush hush meeting. next thing you know, they'll want to know what food we will eat and ask us to take photos! ;) haha!!! Just Kidding!!! Gonna bring the camera, girls!

  33. your dad is quite a cool person. what things you people do in the meeting please let us know.

  34. Stop the teasing!!! I want that picture sharpened and in focus ...pretty please? ;)
    I love this funny post...give me more!

  35. Jyothsna, it's approaching, and thankfully, things have changed and I'm making a curry.
    Cynthia, neither can I ;)
    Gewinnspiele, not over yet!
    Dee & Chai, the mystery's killing me too! :) We're not done yet.
    Arundathi, that's par for the course -- and I'm bringing a mask! :)
    Rennrad, sure, well, bits of it at least.
    Todd & Diane, thanks. I always strive to be humorous, but will probably disappoint you with my latest post. :(