Monday, May 21, 2007

Another Chance

I was attacked by a pang of guilt - is the previous photo for the guessing game all too white and undistinguishable for it to remind people of anything but cashew paste and coconut (despite the title, but hey, isn't that the point? Oh well, no harm in being nice!) So here's the finished product, be good sports and take a few more guesses! I promise, the recipe will be next, God and Blogger willing!


  1. Is this Mango chutney or something??

  2. This is a raw mango pachadi . This time I hope to be right :)

  3. Ramya, Archana, Viji, nope, I've posted the answer, as you can see!
    Asha, coffee, I was just thinking it looked like mashed eggplant myself and there your comments were, waiting to be published! I suppose you've seen my latest post now!