Thursday, January 25, 2007

Five Things Most People Don't Know About Me

So this is the flip side of me telling the whole world and its sister that I love memes! I get tagged to reveal five things that the world doesn’t know about me – and run the risk of letting the whole world know what an uninteresting person I am. It’s been a few days since Anna of Anna's Cool Finds tagged me for this meme, and every day since then, I’ve been jotting things down whenever I remember, desperately trying to total up five, and think I’ve just about made it.

But first, a diversion - here's a bit of my kitchen:

Ok, back to the five things:

It's been almost eight years since I started blogging. (I updated this on April 9, 2013.)

Not many people know that I have a blog - just some family, and a few friends.

Hardly anyone knows why my blog’s called what it is: Many, many years ago, two cousins and I reconstituted some packet soup, poured it into mugs and took ourselves out to the front verandah. A few sips later, my boy cousin suddenly said, “Wait!” and scurried into the kitchen from the verandah where we were sitting – he refused to tell us what the matter was. Then he scurried back to us and showed us his soup mug – there they were – tiny, curled-up, soft, white worms that could well be mistaken for noodle rings or pasta alphabets or whatever! Well, they were quite dead, of course, but when I was thinking of a name for my blog, I thought of how the worms had well, wormed themselves into our soup, and … it’s not entirely logical that I say my soup came alive when the poor things died, but let me not explain further and make it all prosaic and boring!

Not many people know that I taught English for a short while. That was my very first ‘job.’ I was taking a course in computers when the people that ran the centre there decided they would do well to start a TOEFL course and asked me to teach it. I had just two students, both much older than me, engineers, I think. I was paid Rs 750. It was only for a few weeks.

And (confession time!) not many people know that once in a while, I can’t bring myself to eat a dish that I’ve put on my blog!

I tag Pooja and Coffee for this meme!


  1. AWE!!!! Thats was sweet!!!!! I will take it up soon :)

    Why can't you make yourself eat what you put on the blog????

  2. sra! This was fun reading about you.You do have err..did have!:D

    Thank you for not tagging me,only bcos I have nothing people don't know about me!!I blab a lot!

    Eat what you cook,girlie!;D

  3. Sra.... nice to know more about you through this Meme, Something very similar to my experience here. iwill share it in my Meme. will soon take it up in next week , probably( as i have one or more pending to write, but planning to take up allthose in next week :d ) . thanks for tagging me . :) I think I would love doing it. :))

    Take care

  4. Sra, that was fun.I was too a teacher for sometimes :))..teaching computer lnguages:)).I read the article about food bloggers also,great.

  5. oh, coffee, the blogosphere is out to embarrass me - well, i can't eat some because i don't like the way they turn out, of course!
    Asha, hee hee!
    Thank you, Pooja, will look out for ur memes.
    Maheswari, thanks for reading that article. i taught a bit more too, I taught an MA class for a day when i was doing M Phil!

  6. ha ha ha... sra do tell us which dishes u have not tried ur blog;) really funny....

  7. Sra, this was nice to read, all those skeletons in your closet OMG terrible !!!

    Have you quit the other blog ? Liked the article on Food Bloggers, did some really quit their day job for food blogging ? I have heard people do that for tech blogging but also for food blogs, that's an option :)

  8. What a great meme post! I loved your choices. I was an English teacher too for awhile (ESL in the US and also in Japan). Your post came alive with color! I also enjoyed your published article on food bloggers.

  9. Everywhere in Spain one gets fresh orange juice, squeezed at the time you order it. It usually has pulp.
    One day the pulp was swimming ....little tiny white worms.
    Makes one wonder what else we've eaten - that apparently hasn't killed us...
    Loved the oaty tomatoes!

  10. hi sra
    nice to read what u love..dear..:-))

  11. Nice meme and really enjoyed reading it Sra.. It sure brought a smile in my face..

  12. Sia, more secrets ... aah! will tell you in person! [Giggle]
    Sandeepa, did I quit the other blog? Or did you mean my day job? No, I just used that as a practice blog before I started this, but it has just a few of my published articles. And I'm very much otherwise employed - this is purely a hobby to combine my love of writing and food - though I wouldn't mind getting a book deal and stuff!
    Thank You, Anna! I'm glad they were engaging.
    Katie, thanks for stopping by. I once made pickled whole onions in water (!), and that got infested too! Those worms were really disgusting!
    Swapna, :) I make some dishes thinking I'd love them or because they look/sound attractive but ...
    Thank you Prema, are you still in India?

  13. U remind me of myself when i had just got married. i lost weight as i couldn't stand the thot of my own cooking!u taught english? wow! where are u from?

  14. wow... tiny crawly creatures in soup...makes me wonder what we all might have eaten & survived ;) it was fun reading your Meme

  15. I have done the meme. :)

  16. i know, mallugirl. i once attempted chicken biriyani and the smell put me off non-veg food for months! I'm from AP.
    Mandira, thanks for stopping by! Yes, what all we've eaten, I wonder!
    Coffee, thanks, saw it just now, left a comment!

  17. Thank you for visiting my blog,enjoyed reading some of your posts :)


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